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Friday, 24 July 2009

Bill Muehlenberg on Peter Tatchell.

Bill Muehlenberg's view on homosexuality, which he writes about ad nauseum on his blog, is that it's a lifestyle choice and homosexuals ought, for the sake of Christians like him who just can't tolerate living with people who get on with their lives without his say so, to "become" heterosexuals and good Christians whilst they're at it. Indeed, the very presence of homosexuals in society is enough to get Bill thumping his pulpit in disgust until his chin quivers and his face contorts and he lets out a stream of anguish. Oooooooooooohhhh, that felt good.

He starts off one (of over 150) articiles on homosexuality in the following way:

It is nice to get a bit of honesty on the issue of homosexuality. It does not come our way very often in the mainstream media. And when this honesty comes from homosexual activists, it is even more refreshing. Indeed, when heterosexuals tell the truth about homosexuality, they are dismissed as homophobes.

So many canards in only one paragraph, and with instant ad hominems - the obvious inference that all homosexuals are liars - and with the usual automatic assumption that he's in the right (which is soooo obvious he never bothers to back it up) your eyes glaze over in this land of the non sequitur. And poor, victimised, martyred Bill wonders why it is that "I have been saying similar things for years, and have been howled down by the homosexual lobby as bigoted, intolerant and homophobic." Surely not, Bill? What have you done to deserve that? Those nasty people not agreeing with you?

However he really does think he's onto something big here, and goes on to say:

A very revealing case of homosexual honesty comes from Peter Tatchell, an Australian-born, British-based homosexual activist, who spills the beans on the “gay gene”... Indeed, he is honest enough to admit that the jury is still out on the science of all this...
Spill the beans! Yes, that's right, Bill believes that homosexuality is one big conspiracy. He's such a loony he actually believes that millions of people have nothing better to do that be gay for their lives with the express intention of upsetting nutjobs like Bill Muehlenberg! Talk about a persecution complex!

Anyone who's ever read any of Bill's work will not be surprised to learn that he simply contorts Tatchell's words to mean the opposite of what he said because Bill doesn't understand the science behind genetic determinism.

Bill is such a simple-minded prick he actually believes that if a "gay gene" can't be isolated, it proves his position that he thinks it's just a choice, and gays could equally well choose to be heterosexual if only they weren't so stubborn. If he knew anything about genetics he'd know that the genome is more of a recipe than a blueprint, with different parts influencing others at different times during an organism's life. Like a pack of cards, you can't usually isolate one bit that does one thing and another bit that does another thing, without the whole genome crashing down around your ears. There are dozens of different genes interacting for things as simple as eye-colour and skin tone. The genes that control aging are incredibly intertwined. Thinking that there should be a "gay gene" is as stupid as thinking that there's an "aging" gene and if we all had it removed we'd live forever. But then, logic is not Bill's strong suit.

But if he persists in saying that it's all a choice, then other people will continue to tell him that he's a vile, deluded, ignorant, bigoted fuckwit.

There's a deeper reason why he spectacularly fails to understand the genetics behind this issue, and that is that he has a problem with "evolution" and Darwin in particular, but I will save that for another exposure of the idiotic wailings of this foolish man.

But with homosexuality being right at the top of his list of topics for his blog - by a country mile - does anyone else think the lady doth protest too much? He doesn't like to see gay people getting on with their lives because he never had the courage, perhaps? There's none so bitter and homophobic as a deeply repressed homosexual. If he can't enjoy his life - nobody else can! That would be a good motto for this man.

Keep spreading the hate and the lies, Bill. I'm sure Jesus loves you for it.

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