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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why this blog?

Well, put purely and simply, this is a rationalist, secular response to the rabid and bigoted bleatings of Bill Muehlenberg, an American who emigrated to Australia because they just weren't conservative and "Christian" enough in America for his liking. He keeps a blog called Culture Watch in which he frequently posts the most hate-fuelling rants against anyone he sees who stands in his way of his view of how people should live their lives.

The existence of homosexuals, pro-choicers, liberals, and pretty much anyone else who doesn't believe living by the literal interpretation of the bible is a good or sensible idea, is, to Bill, proof that Christians are being persecuted. Giving equal rights to all people is, to his warped religious mind, sinful and sure to end in the destruction of civilization. If anyone publishes any dissenting comment on his website, Bill may publish it, but only to threaten the dissenter with hell fire, throw straw man arguments at them, use ad hominem attacks, and then round up by sanctimoniously offering to pray for them. If the dissenter attempts to respond, Bill doesn't publish, thus conning his credulous followers into believing that he has scared the dissenter away with their tail between their legs through the awesome might of Bill's intellect, the devastating impact of his moral compass, and the intimidating amount of facial hair.

Yes, there are plenty of religious bigots in the world, so it does seem unfair of me to pick on Bill, but as I've had the personal experience, he's most in my mind. I won't be updating this blog too often, as I have other things to do besides mock this nasty little bully, but maybe if it takes off I'll encompass more religious bigotry, which I'll oppose whenever and wherever I come across it.

Right, weapons drawn, here we go.

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