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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bill's Selective "Truth" on the "homosexual agenda"

Bill is outraged today at an article in English right-wing tabloid The Daily Mail, that someone has obviously sent him to ruffle his feathers. The Mail, whose wartime editor, Lord Rothermere, was close personal friends with Hitler and Oswald Mosley (you get the idea) regularly runs stories almost as fanciful as Bill's blogs about those awful gays and their "agenda".

The story that Bill hones in on is about a ludicrously deranged old Christian harridan who wrote to her council to complain about a gay pride march in "her" town. The intemperate language she used brought her letter to the attention of the police, and two officers knocked on her door to warn her about "incitement to hatred". The next obvious step for this self-righteous old bint was to cry foul, and to say she can't even express her Christian feelings any more, even though blaming homosexuals for the end of every empire is as crazy as any horse shit you'd find in, well, the bible I suppose.

Bill bashed out a blog condemning the "homosexual agenda" and pouring scorn on the whole country of Britain for going along with it, as if countries make decisions.

On the internet page of this newspaper, scores of comments were posted supporting the mad old bint.

The paper ran another story that day, about a trainee police officer who was out drinking with mates and was set upon by a gang of youths who beat him near to death. Why? The officer is gay, and had been in a gay bar. This young man, 22, is in hospital with head injuries, fighting for his life as I type, another victim of a vicious homophobic attack. There were barely a handful of comments on the Daily Mail's site about the story. Muehlenberg did not reference it.

Nor did Muehlenberg reference the fact that gay rights organization Stonewall agreed that the action of the police in visiting the nasty old bitch in the first story was over the top.

It's amazing to witness how Muehlenberg just leaves facts out when they're inconvenient to his worldview. After all, it's what Jesus would have wanted. Bullying and lying for Jesus? In the way only Bill Muehlenberg knows how.

Coming soon:

Bill on the age of the earth. Apparently he's been praying to god to answer that one for him.
Bill on evolution. He has "problems with macroevolution". Perhaps he can enlighten us where the whole of science is going wrong.
The Culture of Censorship: Bill Muehlenberg and the gagging of his critics.

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