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Monday, 26 July 2010

Bill Muehlenberg and "the truth"

Another of Bill Muehlenberg's cheap shots is to smugly say that he's only willing to give "genuine truth seekers" the time of day if the comment on his articles.

This means that anyone who disagrees with Bill's opinion will be censored, moderated, or given Bill's customary "last word" treatment.

Therefore anyone who doesn't agree with Bill isn't genuinely seeking the truth!

And Bill claims not to be a bigot and a theocratic bully! Hypocrites so often can't see their own hypocrisy, and Bill is no exception.

Agree with Bill on his website, or you're out on your ear and just a time waster.


  1. Its really sad that you made a whole website to put down this man...

  2. Yes, Sara, really sad to expose a dangerous bigot who has dedicated his life to the oppression of others...