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Friday, 16 July 2010

More CultureWatch censorship!

Well it seems that dear old Bill Muehlenberg really is running scared.

I've already written at length how he habitually censors anyone who challenges his views (the DEFINITION of a bigot) on his xtian fundie website Culture Watch. Now it seems he's not content with that.

All the essays on this blog are also uploaded to Myspace and Facebook. Bill has got wind of that, and managed to have the Facebook fan page dedicated to challenging his bigoted theocratic views deleted.

Enjoy your shallow victory, Bill. I will be re-establishing a page on Facebook with a group called CultureWatch Watch, in which I will re-upload all the content you can find on this blog, and redouble my efforts to expose Bill Muehlenberg for the bigot, coward, bully and totalitarian that he is.

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