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Friday, 22 October 2010

Muehlenberg blames “homosexual lifestyle” for gay teen suicides...

…and claims that there’s really no such thing as homophobia, and that homophobic bullying does not exist.

That’s right, check it out here and leave him a comment:

It doesn’t seem to matter to Bill that almost all the gay teen suicides in America have explicitly stated that homophobic bullying drove them to take their own lives. No, he’s happy to airily wave his hand from the other side of the world and claim that homophobia doesn’t exist, and it’s the “inherently dangerous lifestyle choice” that is responsible for the deaths of these youngsters.

What Bill Muehlenberg is claiming is that homosexuals who commit suicide have brought it on themselves for “choosing” to be gay in the first place. If only they embraced Jesus and became a right-wing bigot like him, then all would be fine and dandy.

The irony is that Bill is always banging on about “Christianophobia”, which he claims really exists; though of course homophobia does not. What “Christianophobia” means is unclear, but it seems to be Western governments’ measures to protect gay people and non-Xtians from bullying and bigotry from the likes of fundies like Muehlenberg. He sees it as his god-given right to be a bigoted bully.

As proof of this sheer hypocrisy, look no further than his rant entitled “Even More Anti-Christian Bigotry”:

Bill is asked some direct questions in the comments from sane people like Maurice Colbourne:

You really think that people like that no longer have any homosexual desires?
You really think human sexuality is so malleable that it’s a simple matter of choice?
Could you, Bill, decide, just for five minutes, to be attracted to a member of the same sex? Is that a choice within your control?
If not for you, then what makes you think that gay people can switch sexualities on a whim?

None of these questions is answered by Bill, who has just decided, against all evidence, that homosexuality is:
1. A choice
2. Caused by father not loving son enough
3. Not something anyone is born with or inherent
4. Not something that should be tolerated under any circumstances

Maurice Colbourne doesn’t appear again in the comments, so perhaps this is evidence of Bill Muehlenberg’s customary censorship of views and opinions he doesn’t like (i.e. that don’t conform to his bigoted worldview).

Poisonous toads like Bill Muehlenberg cause real damage to people’s lives with their prurient obsession with what other consenting adults do with their genitals, which is why I maintain this blog. By suggesting that gay teens who have tragically cut short their lives as a response to bullying is their own fault because of a conscious choice they made to be gay, Muehlenberg reveals just what a nasty and deranged character he really is. His audience of twisted, repressed weirdoes lap it up.

I’m all for freedom of speech, but unless Muehlenberg is prepared to deal in reality and listen to facts, I think it’s high time his blog is shut down before another youngster struggling with their sexuality is driven to take their own life to escape the hatred and vitriol of twats like Muehlenberg.


  1. Maurice Colbourne23 November 2010 at 23:43

    Just seen this. It's actually even worse than this! I posted another response to Bill, telling him about how my family basically disowned me for several years after I came out to them, and how I had a really tough time.

    There was no name calling, no abuse - just a clear statement of my history in the hope that even someone as singleminded as him could see how egregiously wrong they are, and how insulting it is to say that homosexuality is a choice.

    Guess what? He didn't publish my comment. I was censored out of existence. He just DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

    Sadly, I have to conclude he is nothing other than a prize bigot and a megalomaniac.

    Maurice Colbourne.

  2. Thanks Maurice. Your experience is far from unique!

    Most importantly, Bigoted Bill Muehlenberg doesn't want his rabid little fans to hear the truth either. He's a peddler of lies and propaganda. A thoroughly disgusting, self-important and stupid man.

    Thanks for dropping by.