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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Proof Bill Muehlenberg is a liar

Bill Muehlenberg styles himself as someone concerned with “truth”. Most of his articles cite his attempts to get across “the truth”, which he thinks is somehow being stifled by various liberal and secularist agendas.

As will be obvious to anyone familiar with Muehlenberg’s self-righteous and hot-headed style, he doesn’t like being corrected when he is factually wrong, and rarely if ever retracts his many factual errors. Indeed, his chosen method of dealing with inconvenient truths is to censor those who point them out to him.
Here is proof.

In a recent article, entitled "Darwin, the Nazis, Euthanasia, and Christianity", Bill decided to resurrect the old canard of blaming Nazism and the “pro-euthanasia movement” on Darwin’s theory of evolution:

Putting aside for one moment the fact that Bill’s article is all mindless assertion, zero evidence, and the usual religiously-minded complete failure to understand what science is, he commits the egregious error of incorrectly titling Darwin’s book, calling it “Origin of the Species” instead of “On the Origin of Species”. It’s a common error made by many fatuously ignorant people who rail against evolution without even attempting to understand it. They want it to be “the” species, because all they are concerned about is human evolution, so choosing their own title for the book serves their devious purposes.

I politely pointed out the error to Bill on a few occasions, such as this one:

Yep, you guessed it, my comment remained “in moderation” until being deleted altogether. Bill didn’t correct his mistake because he knows full well that his readership, are, like him, too stupid and biased to notice that he can’t even correctly name the book he’s blaming for causing Nazism!

Well I don’t know about you but I’m convinced!

Bill is a liar, an ignoramus and a propagandist, who will continue to allow spurious lies to stand even when they have been pointed out to him and corrected. On previous occasions I have pointed out typos to him, and lo and behold, the next time I checked the article, amendments had been made. On this occasion Bill would rather hide behind lies to push his agenda.

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