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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bill Muehlenberg’s most sinister article yet?

Muehlenberg shuffles the same cards over and over again, creating identikit articles over on his Culturewatch website. Often he sees the comments dry up when he posts about obscure Xtian apologists who even the faithful have never heard of; so to win back his fans and receive a deluge of comments, he’ll quickly follow these up with a juicy piece of bigotry, most often homophobia.

This is all part and parcel of the Modus Operandi of Bill Muehlenberg, and I’ve mentioned before about the priorities of his fans. Look how many comments homophobic articles get in comparison to ones to do with, um, theology. Bill knows that gay-bashing is his bread and butter, which is why it’s the agenda he keeps pushing.

Some of his regular posters, notably David Skinner, are even more frothing at the mouth about those damned gays than even Bill, and manage to turn everything into a rant about the evils of the “gay agenda”; which seems to amount to all of society’s ills being a direct result of Xtians not being allowed to persecute gays any more.

Bill’s latest homophobic article is the most telling yet though about the scale of his hatred towards anybody who doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace his Xtian agenda. It’s an attack on the Lady Gaga song, that seems certain to become a gay anthem, “Born This Way”, in which the provocative and eccentric artist lends credence to the truth that gay people can no more choose their sexuality than straight people.

The title of Bill’s article is “I Was Born to Change”.

Wow. How sinister. His point is not that he doesn’t accept that sexuality is not a matter of choice (which he doesn’t when it comes to homosexuality but does when it comes to heterosexuality!) but that gay people ought to be compelled to “change”. He should come right out and say that he lends his support to NARTH and other organizations seeking to “convert” homosexuals. He isn’t prepared to live and let live. In his mind, gay people are an abomination and not even entitled to share the planet with him.

What gives him this god complex and delusions of grandeur isn’t clear.
Look at the post from former Likely Lads’ star Rodney Bewes (assuming it’s one in the same) that he allows to stand: “It’s time this whole homosexual fraud was shut down.”

What does that even mean, Rodney? Do tell.

What can be noted about Bill’s clarion call for homophobic abuse and the genocide of homosexuals is that it contains a logical fallacy (only one, I hear you cry!) Under a pseudonym, I posted a very polite message under the article pointing it out. You can see the message I posted in the picture, because I took a screengrab, knowing full well that it would “await moderation” for a while before being deleted (if nothing else, Bill is predictable).

Bill puts all his weight behind believing the tiny minority of “ex”-gays – people who formerly identified as gay who have gone on to have a heterosexual relationship, as “proof” that those pesky gays could be straight like the rest of us if only they wanted to.

What he omits to point out is that only a tiny minority of “ex”-gay people, already part of a tiny minority of the minority of gay people who go on to live a heterosexual lifestyle, who claim that they no longer have any same sex attraction. The reality is that they’re still, in essence, gay, but happen to (for whatever reason) live heterosexually.

There’s also the undisputed fact that the overwhelming majority of gay people claim not to have made a conscious choice to be gay. Why should this surprise anyone? When did heterosexual people choose between homosexuality and heterosexuality? The whole argument is absurd.

Gay people can have straight sex, there’s no denying that. But look at all the failed marriages when gay people try to live as heterosexuals and live a lie. Nobody, and no unlucky spouse, deserves that.

Bill’s whole stupid argument is a bit like claiming it’s literally impossible for a Jewish person to eat a bacon sandwich. It’s not impossible, it’s just unlikely if they identify as Jewish that they’ll eat pork.

Which is precisely why a polite comment pointing out the glaring fallacy of his whole point is quickly censored into oblivion.

Commandment Number One of Culturewatch:


(*or be censored, howled down, told to “push your agenda elsewhere” or “set up your own website)

It says something about the stupidity of Bill Muehlenberg’s regulars that they don’t notice the stupidity of Bill’s arguments and happily go along with anything that agrees with their worldview.

A worldview in which homosexual people must convert or be sent to Auschwitz-like camps.

This is why deeply evil men like Bill Muehlenberg must be exposed for the ignorant, bigoted bullies that they are.

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