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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bill Muehlenberg's Censorship and Lies

Bill Muehlenberg's recent blog post, Anzacs and Political Correctness, attempted to put his own spin on Xtian Jim Wallace's recantation for a crass homophobic and Islamophobic remark on Twitter.

Wallace, Muehlenberh insists, only recanted because he was forced into it by pressure from the "gaystapo".

Here's what Muehlenberg says is his position on free speech:

Instead of living in a democracy where various points of view can be freely heard, we are instead living in a PC state where it is becoming increasingly risky to dare say anything that will rock the PC agendas. The homosexual lobby is clearly the most Stalinist in this regard. They will tolerate absolutely no dissent from their radical agenda.

He then goes on to shout down anyone who dissents from his radical Xtian agenda in his comments. Some, he doesn't even post. Here's the reason Muehlenberg cites:

Indeed, you will not see most of the activist comments here, either because they are too nasty and hate filled, lacking in any argument of substance, or they refuse to give their full names as my commenting rules require.

Here's something I found on Twitter, from a poster called Lawrence Meckan, who wrote a long, eloquent, balanced and polite challenge Muehlenberg. As usual, whenever anyone dares to tell the truth on his Culture Watch site, Muehlenberg censors and deletes the post, rather than risks having his foolish arguments blown out of the water by rationalists.

This proves that Bill Muehlenberg is nothing more than a liar and a propagandist, who censors his critics and refuses to engage in reasoned argument. It doesn't serve his agenda, after all.

Here's how he dismisses an earlier comment of Lawrence's:

It is not really worth replying to you, let alone even posting your comments.

What haughty arrogance! Anyone who reads Lawrence's "awaiting moderation" comment in the photo above will clearly see for themselves that there's a devastating and highly articulate challenge to Muehlenberg's usual bigoted rant.

And therein lies the problem. On his own website, where Muehlenber is god, he gets to just suppress and distort and censor anything that doesn't fit with his pathetic delusion and agenda.

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