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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Muehlenberg's Poison and his Poisonous Followers

In his latest tirade against gay people, Bill's article The Tolerance Brigade Strikes Again has, to date, attracted no fewer than 24 comments (and those are the ones from bigots who agree with him, of course...) all spitting bile about those nasty gays who should be strangled at birth.

His preceding article, A Review of Key Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers. By John Goldingay, is a book review. It's attracted a whopping 3 comments. A few articles further back, On the Relevance of Jeremiah, Part Two has attracted 5 comments, 2 of which are responses from Bill!

What does this show? The people who vent their spleens on Bill's site and in positions of power aren't remotely interested in theology or reading - they're only interested in whipping up bigotry and intolerance towards homosexuals and other popular hate-targets. Their "faith" is just a convenient excuse for the primary motivating factors in their lives - hatred and intolerance.

Bill knows full well that he makes most of his money from maintaining a constant stream of vile, homophobic rants; which is why there's more on that subject (on a supposedly Xtian blog) than on any other. Bit of theology, perhaps? Not when it has the bigots turning off in their droves...

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