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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Muehlenberg equates homosexuality with paedophilia. Again.

Muehlenberg is your typical right-winger: high on self-righteous indignation, hubris and hate: low on intelligence, balance and reason.

In his latest article, Time For More Sexual Perversion, he once again whips his readers into a frenzy of concern by correlating homosexuality with paedophilia. His argument is that as soon as society starts tolerating homosexuality, it will tolerate paedophilia, bestiality, and his pet favourite, polyamory.

Apparently he’s developed his thesis of hatred towards gay people into book-length form. One has to marvel at the publisher that will touch such a toxic rant. I’m guessing it won’t be a best-seller or in the windows of many bookshops, but at least it’s the crowning achievement of Muehlenberg’s long career in wanting to subject homosexuals to his version of Xtian theocracy.

Muehlenberg even denies that there is such a thing as intrinsic homosexuality. The only “honest” homosexuals, as far as he sees it, are unsurprisingly the “ex”-gays, the poor unfortunates who have endured “conversion therapy” where witchdoctors “pray away the gay”. He’s quite happy to believe that they have converted sexuality, but not happy to believe any homosexual who points out that they did not choose their sexuality. Such are the blinkers that descend when the rot of religion takes hold of the mind.

He claims that “homosexual activists” (which is, in Bill’s deluded and paranoid world, any openly and unashamedly homosexual person who wishes to live their lives without reference to Bronze Age myths)
“successfully bullied and intimidates the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 to pull homosexuality off its list.”
To Bill, this is the only reasonable explanation. Ask yourself whether it’s credible that an institution like the APA would allow itself to be “bullied” into anything, let alone reassessing the natural and harmless nature of homosexuality. It is unthinkable to Bill that, as they have assessed homosexuality over the years, they have realised that it isn’t a psychiatric disorder, and have removed it. They sure could do with putting “religious nutters” in their own category, though.

But Muehlenberg, as ever, isn’t interested in facts. He knows damned well that his demagoguery will wash over his gullible readers. If they’re stupid enough to believe any religion, then they’ll be stupid enough to not question his vile, hate-fuelled rants. It’s exactly what they want to hear. After all, Muehlenberg screams hate at gay people more than he writes about anything else, most especially theology. His main source of income is foaming-at-the-mouth homophobia.

Think about that for a moment.

There is no live and let live in Muehlenberg’s world, yet he’s the one always crying foul whenever anyone tackles his idiocies. Everyone must bend to fit his narrow view of humanity, and that’s what makes him such a sinister, deluded and ignorant fool.
How many gay friends does he have? Ask him this question on his Culturewatch gay-hate site. You won’t get an answer. He can’t befriend any, or he’d lose all credibility amongst his bigoted followers. After all, homophobia pays his salary.

He’s the moral equivalent of an executioner. With all the gay teens being bullied into suicide by religious zealots like Muehlenberg, this is no exaggeration.