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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Handy Bill Muehlenberg Glossary

Ever bamboozled by the phrases Muehlenberg churns out over and over again?

I've compiled a little glossary to help you along.

Agenda-pushing - Bill's quick way to quickly silence anyone who disagrees with him in the comments section. He simply declares that they are "pushing an agenda" and invites them "to do so elsewhere". Way to debate, Bill!

Christophobia - any law or action that restrains Xtians from impinging upon the rights of others. (Also "anti-Xtian bigotry".)

Creeping sharia - not sure about this one. Seems to be some sort of weed that Bill has terrible trouble with in his garden.

Discrimination - to be unfairly prejudiced against someone, or a group. Of course, this only exists when asserting right to freedom from bigotry against Xtians.

Lobby - any group of non-Xtian people

Militant Homosexual Activist - a gay person who isn't totally ashamed of their sexuality and asserts their right to live their life free from bigotry and hatred from Xtian fundies.

Misotheist - someone who doesn't think Xtians are entitled to act like bigoted fuckwits with impugnity and who doesn't wish to live in a theocracy where Muehlenberg's interpretation of the bible decides on the laws.

Scientism - a word to use to try to make the evidence go away when the findings of science disprove the rantings of Bronze Age Middle Eastern illiterate goatherds that you've convinced yourself are the word of god.

I hope that helps. It's a start at least. Please let me know if you have any other words that should be added to the Muehlenberg glossary and I'll update it!


  1. Hi again. I thought I might politely ask if you plan to read and thoroughly and review Bill's new book, Strained Relations.

  2. Hi Ross,

    Good to hear from you again. I would be delighted to read and review Bill's "book". If Bill, or you, or anyone else wishes to send me a copy I will do just that. Preferably in electronic format. Will I pay good money and line Bill's pockets?

    Nope. I don't give money to fund religious extremists to peddle their nonsense.

    Bill's attitude to homosexuals and homosexuality is made abundantly clear on his website. This is a man who maintains, in the teeth of overwhelming evidence, that homosexuality is a "choice" and that the "only honest homosexuals" are the disturbed religious variety who claim to be "cured" after "praying away the gay".

    Let's be honest, expecting Bill's "book" to be anything other than a hate-fuelled evidence-free propaganda rant to satisfy his own ego is rather like giving Hitler the benefit of the doubt were a previously-undiscovered book about Jews unearthed and published.

    Nevertheless, if you send me a copy I'll read it and publish a review on this blog.