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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Muehlenberg claims gay people ought not exist.

In a recent article Real Acceptance? Bill Muehlenberg states the following:

Homosexuals like everyone else need to be loved. But they also need to be told the truth. Indeed, if you do not tell a sinner the truth about his condition, you do not really love him. And the most loving thing a Christian can tell a homosexual is that they do not have to be homosexual.

There are many thousands of homosexuals the world over who have left their lifestyle and have found new life in Christ. That is the good news that they desperately need to hear, not that they are born that way and must stay that way.

Bill is essentially saying that homosexuality is an "illness" that can be "cured" by belief in his brand of juju.

Does anyone find this anything other than genocidal, sinister, deluded and barking mad?

Is Ross going to defend Muehlenberg on this one?

Hitler had much the same idea. Round up all the gays and send them to the gas chambers, thus ridding the world of homosexuals and making it pure. Did it work for the Nazis? Why does Muehlenberg think such ideology should be embraced?

Thank goodness gay people are willing to live alongside the deluded worshippers of the Nazarene carpenter. With Skinner's edict that "we cannot both exist - one of us has to go" and Muehlenberg's idea that homosexuality must be wiped from the face of the earth (for entirely loving reasons, of course) there's nothing but hatred, violence, intolerance and bigotry coming from the fundie Xtians.

No wonder decent people are leaving churches in their droves. Not every juju worshipper is a malicious cunt like Muehlenberg.

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