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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

One of us must go...

I tried posting again on Bill's website recently. As Richie Craze, I'm long since banned for speaking the truth, but I tried again as Dursley McLinden (which was the name of a very beautiful young British actor who sadly died of AIDS aged only 30).

I commented on Bill's article More MSM Activism after some bigoted old bint called Minge Fingers or something had posted saying that the sight of two men kissing made her want to vomit out her guts. I posted saying that it said more about her bigotry than about gay couples. Here was Bill's quick as a flash and typically ill-thought through response:

You'll note that I made a further post pointing out to Bill that as I don't find straight couples in the least nauseating then a tu quoque argument was fallacious. I also pointed out that most heterosexuals don't feel nauseous seeing gay people either.

Predictably, Bill didn't allow me to point out his stupidity and bigotry.

However, he allowed regular nutjob contributer David Skinner (whose email address, incidentally, is to state, of gay people and straight Xtians, "We cannot both exist. One of us has to go."

Yeah, Skinner and Mewlenberg, Hitler had much the same idea. How are you planning the genocide of gay people (for the good of "the children", of course)?

I responded again:

If any of Bill's defenders such as Ross would care to point out quite how I overstepped the mark, other than telling the truth, and why those two comments should have been censored, please do let's hear the other side justify such censorship. Please let's hear the other side justify Skinner's call for violence against all gay people.


Here's yet another posting "awaiting moderation":

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