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Friday, 16 December 2011

Bill finally gets to use his Christopher Hitchens obituary

With unseemly haste Bill has tapped out an article on the death of Christopher Hitchens, an intellectual giant and in a different league to petty theocratic bullies like Muehlenberg and bloggers like myself.

Or could it be that he wrote it after the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer came in June 2010? Surely Bill wouldn't be so cynical? Interestingly, in the second comment after the article Bill claims to have written it just now, which I suppose is possible, given the prolific rate at which extreme-right diatribes appear on his blog.

The point is that Bill tries to pass it off as a fair and balanced obituary, and he almost succeeds in describing Christopher Hitchens as a human being, but when you get to the last few paragraphs the real Bill comes out in force.

So now the author of God is Not Great is standing before a great God, and will have to give an account of himself. He will be missed, and it is hoped that in the end he renounced his pride and admitted that he was not in fact the centre of the universe.

What absolute drivel is this, Bill? When did Hitchens claim to be the centre of the universe? Why does not believing in your deity make that true?

The reality is the opposite, of course, but it's not like Bill to twist the truth upside down. Hitchens thought of himself as a mere mortal, who would become entirely extinct at the moment of his death. He did not expect to outlive his brain. He knew the reality that he was a member of an evolved species, a primate, and that his origins in every respect were humble.

The believing Christian (or other religionist) on the other hand believes that their god created the entire universe specifically with their existence in mind, and cares what they do and what they think, and will punish or reward them accordingly.

Sorry, Bill. Atheists just don't have the arrogance to buy into such bullshit.

The universe is indifferent to our fates.

More tastefully yet, Muehlenberg speculates about what his angry god will do now that Hitchens "must make an account of himself".

But we can still pray for the other atheists – both well known and not well known – that they will not die and face a Christless eternity. We can pray for Dawkins and others that they will see the light, as so many countless of millions of others have over the centuries.

Thus proving Hitchens right. Hitchens often said that the religionists aren't content with believing in their little god. "They won't be happy until you believe it too." How right he was.

Muehlenberg writes with the arrogance of certainty, that his version of a particular deity is the definite "truth" and that anyone who doesn't share his barking mad views is "the enemy" and "not seeking after truth".

That's also a strong indicator of a bully.

Christopher Hitchens fought for freedom of speech and the intellect and engaged in rational debates. Muehlenberg is a censorious propaganda peddler. The irony is, that even if there was a god, and it turned out to be the Xtian one, it would be far more likely to think favourably of the intellectual heavyweight of Hitchens than it ever would of a creepy little bully like Bill.

EDIT: An update. Bill has just commented, "one thing is certain: Hitchens is no longer an atheist."
And to think Bill calls atheists arrogant! Way to gloat over a greater man's death, whilst smugly, and without a shred of shame (let alone evidence) suggest he now knows that Bill was right all along, if only Hitch had listened.

Bill sums up in just a few words why religion is so truly loathsome, poisonous, intolerant of dissent, childish in thought and for idiots.

I await without holding my breath a steady stream of Xtians dissociating themselves from Bill's comments.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

So exactly how is belief in Christianity supposed to make gays straight, Bill?

Bill’s latest tirade against gay people is about as nasty as he gets. After the Australian Labor party considers legalising gay marriage, Bill accuses them of being “aligned with the powers of darkness”. He sounds every bit like his theology – something from the Dark Ages.

“It has decided that the most important thing this nation needs is homosexual marriage, and to hell with ordinary Australians and workers who dare to stand in their way,”
he rails. Actually, no, Bill. There’s nothing ordinary about you, you deranged bigot.

Bill points out the deep theological reasons as to why equality should be denied gay people:

There are not only huge political and social ramifications concerning all this, but spiritual ones as well. The Bible makes it quite clear what this is all about:
Proverbs 14:34 – Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.
Proverbs 29:2 – When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan.

Oh, well there you go then. A couple of cherrypicked bible passages that prove what Australians really want is for Bill and his fellow-nutjobs to wield political power...

Bill is utterly bamboozled as to why he’s pissing in the wind about gay marriage, though. As he writes:

Where are the Christians who have faithfully stood up about this? I have been telling Christians for months now they must contact their local MPs before this Labor conference. Yet I would be very surprised indeed if even 5 per cent of them did. We are so engrossed in our own selfishness and trivial pursuits that we are fully happy to see the entire nation be destroyed around us.

Note, “the entire nation destroyed”. Hmm, yes, I’m sure that the day after Australia legalises gay marriage the whole continent will be nothing other than a burnt cinder. Never shy of gross hyperbole, our Bill.

Our apathy and indifference is ... killing the church.

Hurray! About time too...

And don’t get me started about all the so-called Christians who actually support Labor, the Greens, and the radical homosexual agenda. The truth is, we have traitors in our midst, even in the pulpits. One pastor after another has sold his soul in order to be popular, receive the praises of men, and not rock the boat.

Yes, how dare these tolerant Christians not agree with Bill’s agenda and hate campaigns. Splitters! But wait, all is not lost:

Fortunately not everyone is living in gross, sinful compromise and rebellion. A pro-marriage rally was held this morning in Sydney to side against the evil at the Labor conference.

Note the word “evil”. In Bill’s twisted mind, anyone who tolerates, loves, or is quite comfortable with gay people is “evil”. Think about that for a moment. Bill doesn’t just think they’re wrong, he genuinely thinks they’re evil. And he scratches his head and wonders why people call him bigoted...

There should have been tens of thousands of Christians there – even hundreds of thousands. If Hillsong alone sent its flock there, it would have been massive. So where were they? Why do the bulk of believers seem to not give a rip about any of this?

NO BILL, THEY DON’T! Only you and a handful of other backward, intolerant theocrats do. The world’s moved on. Nobody else thinks gay people should be burnt at the stake any more. It’s a non-issue. That’s why your wretched book isn’t exactly flying off the shelves...

As if Bill couldn’t make himself out to be any more of a hateful idiot, he posts the following (unedited) comment by a contributor:

Michael Sutherland 4.12.11 / 7pm
I too am a christian and I used to believe that same as you, but just last year my own son, Jeremiah, took his life because he was gay and knew that none of his friends or me and my wife would accept him.
I have since then changed my position on the issue, I would have much rathered I have my son with me today and for him to be able to face gods judgement and have a chance to repent, than for him to have taken his own life and go straight into satans lair.
I’m sorry to see that you all feel that love is a bad thing. There isn’t much of it left in the world and I say we should promote as much love as possible, whether that be heterosexual love or homosexual love. You say that it will harm our children to know that it’s okay to be gay, in fact the opposite is true.
I hope that everyone here takes a good look at what they’re saying and how they speak to their own children. For me it was too late, but it’s not too late for you. Only God can pass judgement on others, it is not up to us to do so.
Michael Sutherland

Does anything leap out at you there as being an ad hominem against Bill? An attack on him personally? No, I thought not. It’s a measured, persuasive and deeply sad message.

Here’s how Bill chooses to respond:

Thanks Michael
We can all sympathise and pray for this, as it is a difficult matter indeed. But it is quite remiss of you to take a personal tragedy and seek to get political mileage out of it, to push an agenda, or to seek to lay a guilt trip on those who disagree with you.

WOW! Where the hell does Bill get that from? What political mileage? What “agenda”? What “guilt trip”?

It gets better. He instantly goes on to doubt Michael is even telling the truth:

I and my readers know nothing of your situation so of course we cannot comment on it. No one begrudges your concerns over what happened, but I for one must still call your bluff.

I.e., come on fellow bigots, back me up! And what the hell is he even talking about any more? Call his bluff? Nobody begrudges him mourning his dead gay son? Sheesh, how nice of him.

The biblical truth on homosexuality did not result in this sad situation.
Of course, Bill was there when the young man killed himself because of his guilt over his sexuality, so he’s entirely justified in making this assertion and carrying it off as fact.
So don’t seek to make us somehow responsible.

Of course, when like Bill you’ve given yourself licence to “do god’s work” you’re no longer responsible for your actions. How dare Michael suggest that vile bullies like Bill and his blog of hate are responsible even in part for driving young gay people to suicide.

If a loved one of mine embraced this lifestyle I would of course still love him or her, but I would also tell them the truth about this dangerous, high-risk and unhealthy lifestyle. You say you “did not accept him”. Again, I know nothing of your situation, so it is unfair to expect me to say anything on this, but one can accept and love a person while not approving of a dangerous lifestyle. I can love a drug addict or alcoholic while strongly disproving of the actions which are killing these people.

Bill loves the false comparison. To him, homosexuality is just another “addiction” or “behaviour” – he refuses to accept – despite the overwhelming scientific evidence (sure, what would those cranks know – they believe in evolution and insist on telling us that the world’s more than 6,000 years old, right?) that sexuality is an innate, immutable trait. If Bill’s right, then he could presumably choose to be gay for a while. Perhaps every other Tuesday. That make sense to anyone?

And here’s the root of why religionists like Bill are so idiotic when it comes to human sexuality. Bill insists on asserting that gays can be “healed” through “Christ” BUT NEVER, EVER GIVES ANY DETAIL AS TO HOW HE EXPECTS THIS MIRACUOUS TRANSFORMATION TO OCCUR!

Why not? Because he can’t. If he and his fellow gay-haters could publish a “recipe” (three hail marys after dinner, say) that would guarantee a change in sexuality then they might – might – be taken seriously on this subject. But they know it’s just bullshit and assertion, they have no facts to offer, no objective understanding of what sexuality even is.

Ex-gay “therapy”, which Bill roundly supports, has been shown to be fraudulent, useless, damaging, unnecessary and cruel. Every respectable psychiatric association in the West condemns it. It’s basically superstitious juju and about as effective as prayer. I.e. A total fucking waste of time.

Bill constantly asserts that “thousands of homosexuals have left the ‘lifestyle’” as if that’s a trump card – as if to deny that some people who have enjoyed gay relationships and have gone on to have straight relationships are traitors or liars. What Bill doesn’t understand, and refuses to understand, is that there is a fluidity of human sexuality. Somebody can be 70% gay, or 60% straight, which may mean that they have relationships with members of both sexes.

Bill never mentions that many gays repress their sexuality, enter into unhappy and doomed marriages until they can’t live a lie any longer. Such people are inconvenient to his propaganda.

Bill rounds out addressing a man grieving for his dead son with the following hectoring words:

none of us need to buy your unbiblical and unhelpful change of direction here.

Nice, Bill. What a lovely person you are.

The icing on the cake is a contribution by Bill’s longstanding admirer, Mark Rabich, who is as deranged, hateful and bigoted as Bill, and has also admitted that he’s in his 40s and has never had sex. This appears to be something he’s proud of. Yet he feels an authority on the subject of human sexuality and bullies others about what’s normal and what isn’t. Mark, you’ve had only your hand. I pity you. You know nothing. Go out and get laid. Put the bible down and get a life.

Rabich tells the grieving man,

attacking Bill and others will not salve your conscience, it will likely only make matters worse.

Note that he just asserts that Bill is “attacked”. And Bill doesn’t even bother to correct 40-something year old virgin Rabich about it!

No, Bill’s quite happy to let this ridiculous lie stand. After all, it aids his purpose if he can paint himself as the victim, a card he always plays. “Poor old me, writing a blog attacking gay people and atheists – can you believe it – people criticise me for it?”

Pull your head out of your arse, Muehlenberg. If you have some evidence that shows sexuality isn’t innate and that there’s a magic spell by which your crappy god can change innate human sexuality then STOP ASSERTING BULLSHIT and SHOW US THE EVIDENCE.
You can’t, because you’re a charlatan, as well as a nasty, cruel, bigoted and intolerant piece of shit.