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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Muehlenberg Moans About MSM Censorship

Bill's moaning that the mainstream media has the temerity to publish opinions which he personally disagrees with, and what's more they don't always publish opinions which he subscribes to (you know, for balance, like all gayness must stop because bum sex makes baby jesus cry).

Does Bill practice what he preaches? We all know he's always crying about those nasty secularists (sane people) posting comments on his website that he finds disagreeable. He's forced to censor them for reasons of decency, right? I mean we couldn't have foul language reaching the delicate Xtian ears of David "there can't be both Xtians and gays; one of us must go" Skinner, or Mark "middle-aged virgin" Rabich, could we?

Bill wouldn't just censor a polite comment that happens to raise an awkward issue he would rather avoid, because it would make his whole argument crumble?

Would he?

Would he be such a hypocrite?

You may notice in the comments that "Angela" (who's on the sane side) "calls his bluff" (to use a favoured Billism) and points out that he flagrantly lies in his article. He claims the New York Times failed to cover a story, and Angela duly supplied a link.

Bill responds in a bizarre fashion, by publishing Angela's comment and then changing the goalposts so that he can go off on an insane rant at her, during which he claims that he meant the printed version of the newspaper, and obviously not the online version (which he doesn't make remotely clear in the article) and thus claims a victory for himself. He tells Angela to "go to the back of the class". This guy is just insane. Does he ever listen to himself?

This is precisely why you can never reason with Bill, and any attempt to will fail. If he doesn't like what you say, he'll change the argument, bully you, or censor you altogether. You cannot reason with somebody who doesn't understand what reason is.

As for Bill's censorship of science facts that don't support his agenda, he's the same hypocritical religionist, claiming evolution doesn't exist and the earth is only a few thousand years old, but happy to use computers, take antibiotics, drink fresh water and all the other modern luxuries an actual scientific understanding of the world has brought about. Yet if he was right and had his way, we'd all be pastoral nomads in Iron Age Judea. Bill's welcome to fuck off and live in a mud hut, but don't try to drag the rest of us with you, there's a good fellow.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Three strikes and you're out...

From the same article, When the Hate Pours In, I just noticed this gem from David Skinner, talking about posting on Pink News:

I also have contributed to the Pink News in the UK and not surprisingly have been banned many times.

If you read the link he provides he gets an uncensored run!

Bill's policy on Culturewatch is "three strikes you're out". This means that you have three attempts to agree with Bill, and if you still have the audacity to disagree, you're banned from Culturewatch for life. See my blog posts on Culturewatch censorship for proof that it's not "abuse" but disagreement that leads to a Billy ban, since you're clearly "a troublemaker" and "not searching after the truth".

What hypocrites these idiots are.

Here's another gem from Skinner, possibly the most common abuse directed at gay people:

The condition of homosexuality is essentially a rage against nature, reason, justice, the truth and a shaking of the fist against God. Forget your sensitive artistic homosexuals who translate their love into paedophilia, let us concentrate on the violence of sadomasochism, murders within the so-called homosexual community, serial murders, suicide, the brutality of Ernst Rohem, the architect of Hitler’s storm troopers and that of sexually perverted Roman Emperors, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Christians.

And to think decent, reasonable, adjusted, educated and intelligent people could possibly tell these lovely people to go fuck themselves and their narcissistic delusions.

Boo-hoo, those poor picked on Xtian fundies...

Poor little Bill. He's just published a self-pitying article, "When the Hate Pours In".

Oh what a cruel and unreasonable world where somebody devotes their life to spreading lies and hatred about minorities only for some nasty, spiteful godless heathens to point your bigotry out to you.

Serial homophobe and deranged schizophrenic David Skinner gives Bill his full support:

I have contributed to the Pink News in the UK and not surprisingly have been banned many times. I also have a store of filth and hatred directed at me personally. I don’t keep this as some kind of unforgiving grudge, but it is vital that we document everything and thus are able to use it as evidence, when necessary.

Skinner helpfully provides a link to the original article on a gay news website:

There, if you're minded, you can find the following nauseating ravings from the fingers of Mr Skinner:

“Why did Garry Frisch and Kevin Greening commit suicide if the homosexual lifestyle was such a load of fun?”

“You are religious and you worship yourself and the orgasm. ”

“Finally, Simon, what is wrong with hatred? What right have you tell me what I must like and what I must not like? Where are my human rights? What stiff -necked and bulging eyed arrogance! Or must I only like what you like?”

” Above all I have a deep and smouldering hatred of those who would treat children as goods and services and lead them into a life of disease, degradation and an early grave, like Gary Frisch and Kevin Greening. For that I am prepared to take up arms, just as our parents did against Naziism which had its roots in the homosexual, Ernst Roehm.”

“Your beliefs surrounding homosexuality have not a shred of scientific evidence.”

“Why, Simon, should the views of a minority group, such as the homosexuals be allowed to oppress the majority with threats of public humiliation, loss of job, physical violence, police oppression and the possibility of seven years in prison, simply for saying “Don’t pervert our children ?”

“What homosexuals really rage against is not Christians, Muslims, Hindus or those of no religious persuasion, but their own conscience, for deep down they know that homosexuality goes against the created order.”

This is a man who, let us not forget, has also said, of Xtians and gay people:

“We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.”


Sorry, I gave way to slack-jawed bewilderment that anyone could be as stupid as Bill and Skinner to genuinely think their bigotry and campaign to eradicate homosexuality could be met with anything other than warmth and kisses.

Pink News contributor Zia Petra puts it perfectly:People suffering from homophobia want it both ways, they want to be able to name-call and insult and they want people to lie down and accept it!

Exactly right! And when governments take away their "rights" to dictate to others who they can be, who they can spend their lives with and what they do in the privacy of their own homes, they cry loudly that they are being oppressed and their freedoms taken away.

Just like those good decent rednecks whose human rights to lynch blacks was cruelly taken from them by oppressive governments.

What makes me so fucking nauseous about the likes of Skinner and Bill is that they want so badly to erase all trace of any minority who doesn't adhere to their worldview from the face of the planet.

They're Nazi scum.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

More Lies and Hypocrisy from Bill Muehlenberg

Bill's "What to do with the truth" article has amassed so far 68 comments. That's because he's (after a quiet few articles on theology) whipped up his homophobic hate to new levels.

The article labels anyone who believes in equality for gay people "the gaystapo", and states as "truth" the offensive fallacy that gay people "choose" to be attracted to members of the same sex and could easily become straight if they wanted to, all they need to do is become Xtian. PERHAPS YOU CAN GIVE DETAILS, BILL?

I wasn't going to write about this article until I saw how many comments, most of them vile, bigoted rants by Muehlenberg's deluded cronies, until I had a message from David Eggs, who commented on the article:

What do you make of the inconvenient truth that professional bodies of counsellors and psychotherapists claim that “reparative therapy” is ineffectual at best and dangerous at worst?

You probably guessed Bill's reply:

As I fully document in my book, several “professional” bodies have been steamrolled and bullied by the militant homosexual lobby into changing their tune on this.

Sure, that's right, Bill. Professional bodies are regularly bullied into submitting to pressure groups; it's nothing to do with the truth of homosexuality being innate, harmless, not a problem and nothing that can be changed. But then Bill prefers to believe in "liberal conspiracy" for anyone who disagrees.

David asked Bill how many copies of his book he had sold. Bill's pompous reply was:

Exactly how many books have you sold lately?

David tells me he replied stating that he works in education and has co-authored several books with a wide readership.

Unsurprisingly, Bill censored this comment!

Bill HATES it when someone gets one over on him. Far better to silence them and pretend to his cronies that he had the last word. Bill is so insufferably arrogant.

Despite Bill name-calling everyone who disagrees with him, he then pulls the standard religious "poor me" card by wailing that people write nasty comments on his nasty blog. He fully expects to write his hate-fuelled shit with impugnity. When he's called up on his bullshit he takes offence and claims his religious freedom is under threat. Bill Muehlenberg is a prize moral coward and bully. The religionists always want the best of both worlds.

The truth is that Bill isn't content to live and let live with any gay person, atheist, Muslim, or any form of non-Christian. He and his inner circle alone know the truth, and until everyone converts to his specific intolerant, evolution-denying, narrow theocratic world view, he'll continue to throw out hate, insult everyone who disagrees with him, and then cry foul and weep into his soup when he receives the same in return.

Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 and it's bigoted business as usual over on Culturewatch...

Well we're now into 2012 and Bill's homophobic crusade continues unabated.

Over on his blog Xtian fundies continue to froth at the mouth about those damned gays. There's 46 comments on his latest homophobic rant. That's over ten times more (a paltry 4) on his previous article that was nothing to do with gay-bashing.

Good of the Xtians to show us where their priorities lie.

As usual, Bill is devoid of details about just how Xtian beliefs can stop people from being gay. He sticks with mumbo-jumbo about jeebus "turning lives around big time". Come on, Bill. We're all ears - what's your Xtian cure for homosexuality?

As for his policy, it's a strict three strikes and you're out. That means you have three goes at agreeing entirely with Bill or you're banned from his website for life. Troublemakers (people who disagree with Bill) will be censored. Bill's all for freedom of speech of course. Ah, wait, no. He's still a resounding fucking hypocrite.

Bill hates name calling too. Except, of course, when it's he who's doing it. "Gaystapo" is his favoured term of abuse for people who believe in equal rights for gay people. There's a word for that. Oh yes: hypocrite.

So, new year, but same old same old. Bill Muehlenberg is still a bigoted, hate-fuelled hypocrite with idiotic views about reality.