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Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 and it's bigoted business as usual over on Culturewatch...

Well we're now into 2012 and Bill's homophobic crusade continues unabated.

Over on his blog Xtian fundies continue to froth at the mouth about those damned gays. There's 46 comments on his latest homophobic rant. That's over ten times more (a paltry 4) on his previous article that was nothing to do with gay-bashing.

Good of the Xtians to show us where their priorities lie.

As usual, Bill is devoid of details about just how Xtian beliefs can stop people from being gay. He sticks with mumbo-jumbo about jeebus "turning lives around big time". Come on, Bill. We're all ears - what's your Xtian cure for homosexuality?

As for his policy, it's a strict three strikes and you're out. That means you have three goes at agreeing entirely with Bill or you're banned from his website for life. Troublemakers (people who disagree with Bill) will be censored. Bill's all for freedom of speech of course. Ah, wait, no. He's still a resounding fucking hypocrite.

Bill hates name calling too. Except, of course, when it's he who's doing it. "Gaystapo" is his favoured term of abuse for people who believe in equal rights for gay people. There's a word for that. Oh yes: hypocrite.

So, new year, but same old same old. Bill Muehlenberg is still a bigoted, hate-fuelled hypocrite with idiotic views about reality.

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