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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Boo-hoo, those poor picked on Xtian fundies...

Poor little Bill. He's just published a self-pitying article, "When the Hate Pours In".

Oh what a cruel and unreasonable world where somebody devotes their life to spreading lies and hatred about minorities only for some nasty, spiteful godless heathens to point your bigotry out to you.

Serial homophobe and deranged schizophrenic David Skinner gives Bill his full support:

I have contributed to the Pink News in the UK and not surprisingly have been banned many times. I also have a store of filth and hatred directed at me personally. I don’t keep this as some kind of unforgiving grudge, but it is vital that we document everything and thus are able to use it as evidence, when necessary.

Skinner helpfully provides a link to the original article on a gay news website:

There, if you're minded, you can find the following nauseating ravings from the fingers of Mr Skinner:

“Why did Garry Frisch and Kevin Greening commit suicide if the homosexual lifestyle was such a load of fun?”

“You are religious and you worship yourself and the orgasm. ”

“Finally, Simon, what is wrong with hatred? What right have you tell me what I must like and what I must not like? Where are my human rights? What stiff -necked and bulging eyed arrogance! Or must I only like what you like?”

” Above all I have a deep and smouldering hatred of those who would treat children as goods and services and lead them into a life of disease, degradation and an early grave, like Gary Frisch and Kevin Greening. For that I am prepared to take up arms, just as our parents did against Naziism which had its roots in the homosexual, Ernst Roehm.”

“Your beliefs surrounding homosexuality have not a shred of scientific evidence.”

“Why, Simon, should the views of a minority group, such as the homosexuals be allowed to oppress the majority with threats of public humiliation, loss of job, physical violence, police oppression and the possibility of seven years in prison, simply for saying “Don’t pervert our children ?”

“What homosexuals really rage against is not Christians, Muslims, Hindus or those of no religious persuasion, but their own conscience, for deep down they know that homosexuality goes against the created order.”

This is a man who, let us not forget, has also said, of Xtians and gay people:

“We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.”


Sorry, I gave way to slack-jawed bewilderment that anyone could be as stupid as Bill and Skinner to genuinely think their bigotry and campaign to eradicate homosexuality could be met with anything other than warmth and kisses.

Pink News contributor Zia Petra puts it perfectly:People suffering from homophobia want it both ways, they want to be able to name-call and insult and they want people to lie down and accept it!

Exactly right! And when governments take away their "rights" to dictate to others who they can be, who they can spend their lives with and what they do in the privacy of their own homes, they cry loudly that they are being oppressed and their freedoms taken away.

Just like those good decent rednecks whose human rights to lynch blacks was cruelly taken from them by oppressive governments.

What makes me so fucking nauseous about the likes of Skinner and Bill is that they want so badly to erase all trace of any minority who doesn't adhere to their worldview from the face of the planet.

They're Nazi scum.

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