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Sunday, 15 January 2012

More Lies and Hypocrisy from Bill Muehlenberg

Bill's "What to do with the truth" article has amassed so far 68 comments. That's because he's (after a quiet few articles on theology) whipped up his homophobic hate to new levels.

The article labels anyone who believes in equality for gay people "the gaystapo", and states as "truth" the offensive fallacy that gay people "choose" to be attracted to members of the same sex and could easily become straight if they wanted to, all they need to do is become Xtian. PERHAPS YOU CAN GIVE DETAILS, BILL?

I wasn't going to write about this article until I saw how many comments, most of them vile, bigoted rants by Muehlenberg's deluded cronies, until I had a message from David Eggs, who commented on the article:

What do you make of the inconvenient truth that professional bodies of counsellors and psychotherapists claim that “reparative therapy” is ineffectual at best and dangerous at worst?

You probably guessed Bill's reply:

As I fully document in my book, several “professional” bodies have been steamrolled and bullied by the militant homosexual lobby into changing their tune on this.

Sure, that's right, Bill. Professional bodies are regularly bullied into submitting to pressure groups; it's nothing to do with the truth of homosexuality being innate, harmless, not a problem and nothing that can be changed. But then Bill prefers to believe in "liberal conspiracy" for anyone who disagrees.

David asked Bill how many copies of his book he had sold. Bill's pompous reply was:

Exactly how many books have you sold lately?

David tells me he replied stating that he works in education and has co-authored several books with a wide readership.

Unsurprisingly, Bill censored this comment!

Bill HATES it when someone gets one over on him. Far better to silence them and pretend to his cronies that he had the last word. Bill is so insufferably arrogant.

Despite Bill name-calling everyone who disagrees with him, he then pulls the standard religious "poor me" card by wailing that people write nasty comments on his nasty blog. He fully expects to write his hate-fuelled shit with impugnity. When he's called up on his bullshit he takes offence and claims his religious freedom is under threat. Bill Muehlenberg is a prize moral coward and bully. The religionists always want the best of both worlds.

The truth is that Bill isn't content to live and let live with any gay person, atheist, Muslim, or any form of non-Christian. He and his inner circle alone know the truth, and until everyone converts to his specific intolerant, evolution-denying, narrow theocratic world view, he'll continue to throw out hate, insult everyone who disagrees with him, and then cry foul and weep into his soup when he receives the same in return.


  1. Spot on, Billy just can't stand the fact that nobody is really buying his books, nobody is paying any attention to it, and we should, coz it's got footnotes and everything!

    1. Thanks Bruce. I love your blog, BTW.

      I know, and to think Bill went to all the trouble of putting into his book 76 footnotes and quoting at length from militant homosexuals too. And still there's no shockwaves from the MSM. Sometimes life really is a bitch :-)