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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Muehlenberg Moans About MSM Censorship

Bill's moaning that the mainstream media has the temerity to publish opinions which he personally disagrees with, and what's more they don't always publish opinions which he subscribes to (you know, for balance, like all gayness must stop because bum sex makes baby jesus cry).

Does Bill practice what he preaches? We all know he's always crying about those nasty secularists (sane people) posting comments on his website that he finds disagreeable. He's forced to censor them for reasons of decency, right? I mean we couldn't have foul language reaching the delicate Xtian ears of David "there can't be both Xtians and gays; one of us must go" Skinner, or Mark "middle-aged virgin" Rabich, could we?

Bill wouldn't just censor a polite comment that happens to raise an awkward issue he would rather avoid, because it would make his whole argument crumble?

Would he?

Would he be such a hypocrite?

You may notice in the comments that "Angela" (who's on the sane side) "calls his bluff" (to use a favoured Billism) and points out that he flagrantly lies in his article. He claims the New York Times failed to cover a story, and Angela duly supplied a link.

Bill responds in a bizarre fashion, by publishing Angela's comment and then changing the goalposts so that he can go off on an insane rant at her, during which he claims that he meant the printed version of the newspaper, and obviously not the online version (which he doesn't make remotely clear in the article) and thus claims a victory for himself. He tells Angela to "go to the back of the class". This guy is just insane. Does he ever listen to himself?

This is precisely why you can never reason with Bill, and any attempt to will fail. If he doesn't like what you say, he'll change the argument, bully you, or censor you altogether. You cannot reason with somebody who doesn't understand what reason is.

As for Bill's censorship of science facts that don't support his agenda, he's the same hypocritical religionist, claiming evolution doesn't exist and the earth is only a few thousand years old, but happy to use computers, take antibiotics, drink fresh water and all the other modern luxuries an actual scientific understanding of the world has brought about. Yet if he was right and had his way, we'd all be pastoral nomads in Iron Age Judea. Bill's welcome to fuck off and live in a mud hut, but don't try to drag the rest of us with you, there's a good fellow.

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