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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Three strikes and you're out...

From the same article, When the Hate Pours In, I just noticed this gem from David Skinner, talking about posting on Pink News:

I also have contributed to the Pink News in the UK and not surprisingly have been banned many times.

If you read the link he provides he gets an uncensored run!

Bill's policy on Culturewatch is "three strikes you're out". This means that you have three attempts to agree with Bill, and if you still have the audacity to disagree, you're banned from Culturewatch for life. See my blog posts on Culturewatch censorship for proof that it's not "abuse" but disagreement that leads to a Billy ban, since you're clearly "a troublemaker" and "not searching after the truth".

What hypocrites these idiots are.

Here's another gem from Skinner, possibly the most common abuse directed at gay people:

The condition of homosexuality is essentially a rage against nature, reason, justice, the truth and a shaking of the fist against God. Forget your sensitive artistic homosexuals who translate their love into paedophilia, let us concentrate on the violence of sadomasochism, murders within the so-called homosexual community, serial murders, suicide, the brutality of Ernst Rohem, the architect of Hitler’s storm troopers and that of sexually perverted Roman Emperors, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Christians.

And to think decent, reasonable, adjusted, educated and intelligent people could possibly tell these lovely people to go fuck themselves and their narcissistic delusions.

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