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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bill admits what we all long suspected!

Muehlenberg spends his free time on gay websites!

He's admitted it in the article (absurdly titled, even by Billy's standards) Let's Kill In The Name of Tolerance.

And as I mentioned, these comments come both from the YouTube site, and from homosexual websites. Most people would never have seen such sites – but I have.

I can just imagine the scene in the Muehlenberg household. Bill thinks his wife's gone to bed so he quickly logs onto gay websites to tug one off. He just has time to put his dusty old cock back in his pants before his wife catches him red-handed.

"But, but I'm only doing it for research, dear, honest! And look at the language some of them use."

She lets it go that time; but the next time she finds him balls deep in a guy in their bed.

"It's just research, dear, for my latest article on Culturewatch."

Bill's favoured acolyte David "paranoid schizophrenic" Skinner is a regular presence on gay websites and blogs too.

It's not hatred that eats these guys up, it's self-hatred. It's the only explanation for this level of obsession.

Just get yourself a rent boy and have a good fuck, Bill. It worked for Ted Haggard. Well, after a fashion. And leave everyone else to get on with their personal life in peace.

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