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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bill in his own words...

After polite atheist Jamie Sargeson has spent the last few days running rings around Bill and oh-so-nicely tearing Bill's "arguments" to shreds, an embarrassed and clearly flustered Muehlenberg has finally banned the nice young man from posting on his blog.

His reason?

I will spend all the time in the world with those who are genuine, and are asking honest questions, and are sincerely seeking truth. But those who come here just to stroke their egos, to play their little head games, or to argue for argument’s sake I will not spend any time with.

Which basically means:

Agree with me or I'll censor you because this blog is an ego trip for me and I'm not remotely interested in engaging in honest debate or open discussion. All I want to do is peddle my propaganda and lies. And it's my blog so ner-ner-ne-ner-ner.

And yet Bill expects people to take him seriously! He's a fucking joke. No wonder he avoids public debates. He's appalled by the idea anyone could disagree with him and terrified of anyone proving him wrong. He's an intellectually dishonest coward, as Jamie Sargeson has now discovered.


  1. Are you still trying to get his website shut down?

  2. I've mixed feelings. He peddles such poisonous and dangerous BS I wouldn't exactly weep if the plug was pulled. Then again, it's very entertaining.

    I especially enjoy posting a sane comment over there. It's like poking a stick in a hornet's nest.

  3. Jamie Sargeson3 April 2012 at 03:11

    Came across this blog while narcissistically googling myself, haha. Thought you might be interested in my final comment that I posted at the end of that argument (which he chose not to publish):

    "People might accept my theory of mutual self interest because it is in their self interest to do so! As to the nature of conciousness, you all seem to be saying that it must stem from a non material soul (a claim for which there is no factual basis). I hypothesised earlier that the brain might be considered a complex biological computer and conciousness the driving algorithm. Think of somebody who suffers a non fatal brain injury and has their personality irrevocably changed as a result. Has the nature of their non material soul been somehow changed? Imagine if humans some day manage to create an artificial intelligence – would this conciousness also be reliant on a non material soul?

    Regarding the apparent bleakness of my world view, this article may help you understand how in fact this view can be incredibly liberating -

    I have been honest in the questions I ask and genuine in my attempts to seek truth. My integrity is all that guides me. As for treating life as a game, perhaps if you didn't take things so seriously you wouldn't come across as such a hateful and unhappy person in your repeated attempts to insult and demean me and my beliefs..."

  4. Jamie Sargeson3 April 2012 at 03:15

    Oh yeah, great blog by the way, your posts accurately and hilariously expose Muehlenberg for what he is

  5. Many thanks Jamie. I'm quite happy to end Muehlenberg's pathetic censorship and publish your full comment here. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    Like you, I have tried to politely "discuss" with Bill in times past. After it was clear I was winnig the argument, he refused me a right of reply then claimed to his chums that I had fled from the discussion out of fear!

    And that's why I started this blog, to expose him for the liar, fraud and bully he is. Your comment only adds ammunition to that claim so thanks again for posting!

  6. PS I posted this on "Muehlenberg the LIAR" but it's in condensed form the language Bill used when replying to you. It's amazing that he can't see what an aggressive, intolerant and condescending fool he is:

    "Any decent wife would give you a good kick in the backside for that sort of foolishness... if everything is simply absurd, then so too are your comments... respectfully, we now all know why you are not married. And can I submit, as long as you hold to such patently ‘absurd’ and unhelpful views, you never will be... might have a case of false modesty here... I would not be too pleased with yourself for embracing this dead-end belief system... with your rather subhuman views on love, you will never find any close loving relationship... you really have nothing to be proud about here, or anything worth sharing here... your beliefs seem to be more of a silly ego trip than anything else... it is a bit hard for us to take you seriously here. Your openness to truth will be determined by how soon you jettison this futile and self-destructing worldview... the moral poverty and bankruptcy of your position is getting more obvious with each passing comment... your hubris is showing up again I am afraid... For heaven’s sake, you have only been on the planet for two lousy decades. Wait til some real issues creep into your life. I don’t think your hollow worldview will get you very far them... your ego seems to be showing here a bit. A little more humility... You can admit that you are not the centre of the universe [where does Jamie claim he is, Bill?]... not give us this silliness..."