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Friday, 17 February 2012

Muehlenberg the LIAR

In his latest hate-fuelled nonsense, Standing Up To The Crusading Secularists (you know, those evil people who don't want religious nutjobs to run countries or be given all their own way to persecute the infidel) Muehlenberg trots out the same tired lie that the subtitle of Charles Darwin's On The Origin Of Species belies evil racism that directly led to eugenics.

At least, credit where it's due, liar Muehlenberg gets the title of Darwin's book right this time. As I have documented previously on this blog, he has consistently peddled the lie that it's titled "On the Origin of the Species", in other words, the human race. Again, because it would serve his propaganda purposes better if the lie was true. Shame it's just a lie.

Here's what one of his godbots has to say about Darwin's tome:

...the sub title of the Origin of the Species, reveals a dark truth about the book, since it basically shows up the philosophy of Hitler since it talks about the preservation of the favoured races, which Hitler tried to do with great efficiency.

to which Muehlenberg instantly replies:

Yes very good point Ian. Since poor Richard [Dawkins] did not even know the name of the title of the greatest sacred text for the misotheists, let me share it here for everyone. It certainly is a chilling title indeed:

The Origin of Species: By Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (Charles Darwin, 1859)

There are actually three lies in there. The first is that his godbot commentator has a good point - he doesn't - On The Origin of Species contains not a single analysis about the human race, merely a tantalising reference that had to wait for Darwin's The Descent of Man to be revealed. The second is that the subtitle is "chilling". The third is that Richard Dawkins didn't know the full title. He was on the spot in a live broadcast and the full 21 words momentarily slipped his mind but he made a very accurate summation.

Being generous, you could say that perhaps dear old Billie is just being an ignorant fuckwit. He clearly hasn't read any of Darwin's work, least of all his seminal tome, as he clearly demonstrates he lacks the intelligence and scientific understanding to take it in. But the point is that Bill has been called up about this lie plenty of times before, but he continues to peddle it because it suits his agenda of making anyone who accepts the fact of evolution seem to be comparable to Hitler.

I politely posted FOUR TIMES, using different names, different writing styles and over the course of 24 hrs on Culturewatch, pointing out that Bill was "mistaken" (lying, actually) about the subtitle of Darwin's book. All of them "awaited moderation" before disappearing into the ether.

Here's your proof:

Why is it vitally important for Bill to hide the truth from his godbot readers?

Was the comment angry, hate-fuelled, disrespectful? No - instead it contained a quality that Bill simply couldn't possibly allow his readers to see - THE TRUTH! To post that would be to demolish his whole silly position, so he hides behind a lie and hopes his ill-educated followers don't spot it.

Bill is quite happy to lie when it serves his agenda, which is fine, but considering he bangs on and on about "the importance of getting the truth out there" - to deliberatly bury the truth and instead promote a clear LIE, reveals Bill Muehlenberg out to be what I have always claimed - A HYPOCRITE.

Instead, Bill has spent his time lambasting a polite non-believer called Jamie Sargeson who has risen above Bill's bile and posted several times about why he thinks the truth claims of Xtianity are BS. In return for this, Bill writes back with his usual aggressive patronising tone to anyone who dares to disagree with him. Here are some choice quotes:

Any decent wife would give you a good kick in the backside for that sort of foolishness... if everything is simply absurd, then so too are your comments... respectfully, we now all know why you are not married. And can I submit, as long as you hold to such patently ‘absurd’ and unhelpful views, you never will be... might have a case of false modesty here... I would not be too pleased with yourself for embracing this dead-end belief system... with your rather subhuman views on love, you will never find any close loving relationship... you really have nothing to be proud about here, or anything worth sharing here... your beliefs seem to be more of a silly ego trip than anything else... it is a bit hard for us to take you seriously here. Your openness to truth will be determined by how soon you jettison this futile and self-destructing worldview... the moral poverty and bankruptcy of your position is getting more obvious with each passing comment... your hubris is showing up again I am afraid... For heaven’s sake, you have only been on the planet for two lousy decades. Wait til some real issues creep into your life. I don’t think your hollow worldview will get you very far them... your ego seems to be showing here a bit. A little more humility... You can admit that you are not the centre of the universe [where does Jamie claim he is, Bill?]... not give us this silliness...

Every word Bill writes drip with unduly condescending arrogance. But of course he hates mud-slinging and abuse, right? Unless it's him doing it. But then he is a prize hypocrite.

With every post Bill makes his beloved beliefs seem more and more ugly, arrogant, extremist and foolish. No wonder the only regulars he attracts to his "ministry" are nasty little shits like middle-aged virgin Marc Rabich and paranoid schizophrenic David Skinner. Does Bill never stop to wonder why he doesn't attract young blood to his way of thinking?

Keep up the good work, Bill. You are doing more to hasten the demise of your idiotic death cult than a thousand Richard Dawkinses could do!

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