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Friday, 3 February 2012

Muehlenberg's "Victim card" hysteria

I read many of Muehlenberg's articles in order to keep this blog, but, credit where it's due, he still sometimes manages to surprise me with the extraordinary depths of delusion his mind can reach.

This is a priceless gem from his article Yet More Scenes From the Passing Madness, in which, as you'll probably guess, anyone who doesn't agree with his theocratic extremist ideology is "mad" or pimping an "agenda".

He once again calls atheists, rationalists, secularists and humanists "god-haters". His mind is so impoverished by superstition that he genuinely can't understand why anyone wouldn't follow his crazy beliefs, and such a paranoid delusional that we must all "hate" a non-existent deity. No, Bill, we hate the way you try to force your ideology on everyone else.

Bill's articles are always brimming with hatred for non Xtians, and full of such witless slurs against whole groups of people. Yet if someone were to call him or his Xtian buddies "crazy", or "humanist-hating" or the like, he cries foul and claims he's being bullied.

Take this extraordinary outburst and the most ridiculous instance yet of Muehlenberg playing the victim card. Contributor Eric Pickles writes:

Do you really wonder why you are loathed and a laughing stock when you make false comparisons like that?

which is as personal as he gets. Here's Muehlenberg's response:

I know all too well about your side’s loathing. The hate mail and death threats from you guys are a daily occurrence for me. So much for all your whining about tolerance and acceptance.

What fucking planet is Muehlenberg on? Pickles called him "loathed" - a statement of fact (and well earned, Bill) and calls him a "laughing stock". Where, oh, where, Billy boy, does Pickles THREATEN TO KILL YOU?

Muehlenberg's mind is so paranoid and delusional he ACTUALLY EQUATES SOMEONE DISAGREEING WITH HIM AS A DEATH THREAT!!!

Pickles then disappears completely from the comment thread, so one can only assume he was at the receiving end of more "Muehlenberg censorship", or realised from the initial response that trying to reason with Bill is about as useful way of spending your time as trying to melt diamonds in a pan of boiling water.

Muehlenberg regularly gives out slurs, defames whole sections of society and resorts to name-calling. Then he plays the victim card when he receives the same in return.

There's a simple explanation for this.

Muehlenberg is a HYPOCRITE.

He's also a bigoted cunt. I'm not being hypocritical because I don't expect Bill to like me or what I say about him. He's earned the attacks.

If he keeps on giving it out, he should learn to take it.

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