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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bill Muehlenberg FINALLY admits he's a homophobe and lets his chums call them "fags"

After years of trying to persuade everyone that he has nothing but love and compassion for gay people and just wants to introduce them to his buddy Jeebus - Bill's finally showed his true colours in his article Homophobes Unite: We Were Born That Way

Bill's argument is basically that if homosexuality can be genetically determined then so can homophobia. This is the equivalent of saying if red hair is genetically determined then so is an irrational and all-consuming hatred of red-heads. Or black skin and black people.

Don't believe even Billy could be so stupid? In his own words:

OK, but then this argument must cut both ways. All those people out there who are adamantly opposed to homosexuality can also be considered to be driven by their genes.

There you have it, folks, as dear Bill himself would say.

If I am biologically predetermined to be the way I am, then surely the activists need to just learn to accept me for who I am and stop being so intolerant and narrow-minded.

No, Bill. There really is no excuse for acting like a smug self-satisfied cunt your whole life.

After a further thousand or so further idiotic words "shoring up" his "argument" you then get to the comments. David "paranoid schizohrenic" Skinner makes a clumsy analogy to smoking and invokes the word "fagphobia" in a clear reference to the derogatory term of abuse "fag" or "faggot" aimed at homosexual men. Two further commentors gleefully pick up on this, and the word changes to "fagophobia".

Yes, here are supposed Xtians happily throwing around a term of abuse.

It's about time Bill stopped pretending he was all about biblical literalism and converting gay people through "prayer" or whatever bullshit it is he stands for (he's very low on specifics in this area, unsurprisingly) and just come out and say that he hates gay people and makes a living from invoking fury amongst the pious about the gays and their unashamed behaviour.

He's no better than Fred "god hates fags" Phelps, and he's finally made this abundantly clear.

Of course, it's only the "other side" who engages in name-calling. Isn't that right Bill?

What a hypocrite.


  1. The attempt at satire by Brother Billy Babes reminds me of racist humour by a comedian with a hand up a dummys bum.

    Just coz the dummy says it doesn't excuse the underlying message from the guy on the other end of the hand.

    Love this line:
    There really is no excuse for acting like a smug self-satisfied cunt your whole life

  2. Would smug self-self satisfied cunt be a less demeaning term than fag? I'm sure all those homophobes out there could make the change. Or is that strictly reserved for people who's opinion you don't agree with?

  3. That's a great analogy, Bruce. They're essentially saying, "Don't blame me for being forced to hate gays, take it up with my invisible chum called god, he started it."

    Anonymous (it's very telling that you hide behind anonymity), I don't think smug self-satisfied cunt is a worse term than fag because I'm not targeting a facet of Bill's personality he's unable to change. The term is abusive but not bigoted. Since I've never claimed to love Bill and have only ever admitted loathing for the man, I am being entirely honest. Unlike Bill, who engages in hypocricy in dealing with "the other side". I'm quite happy to call a spade a spade, and a smug self-satisfied cunt a smug, self-satisfied cunt.

    I've reread your last two sentences several times but they make no sense at all. Try again?

  4. What a rubbish blog.
    You don't even have the backbone to identify who you are.
    Who is the real coward dickhead?
    certainly not bill muehlenberg.
    You are the gutless coward,
    Paul Browne

  5. Hello Paul,

    What always impresses me about you Xtians is how erudite and witty you are, and how you match this with watertight argument.

    What exactly are you objecting to? I guess that you pine for the good old days when you bully boys could just string up or burn to death anyone who disagrees with you. It must be very hard to cope with educated people calling you out on your bullshit all the time.

    This blog exists because Muehlenberg refuses to debate with anyone who disagrees with him or posts the truth on his blog.

    Do you want to try again and articulate (assuming that's not too much of a stretch for you) what you are objecting to here?