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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bill Muehlenberg: "Nice Guy", apparently (according to Bill...)

Sorry for not updating this blog for a while. It's not for a moment to suggest that Muehlenberg has ceased his relentless quest to be the world's biggest tit; it's more that I haven't had time as I've been working flat out on a performance piece about religious fundamentalism. Bill's Culturewatch is such a mine of pure gold research.
 I couldn't let this one pass without comment though, in a recent article "Witnessing Social Suicide" (lovely polite title, Bill). Bill spent a day trying to persuade Australian government officials that if gays are allowed to marry THE WORLD WILL LITERALLY END IN A BIG EXPLOSION IT'LL BE COMPLETE CHAOS AND THE TRAINS WILL STOP RUNNING AND WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Bill is rightly acknowledged as a world leader in homophobia and loony religious fundamentalism, but he wasn't the only one speaking out against the PINK MENACE LURKING UNDER THE BED.

There were other representatives defending a retention of the current definition of marriage and denying the same to gay people. Bill is all bemused by the different ways in which they were treated:

 "When another group of pro-marriage speakers appeared after us, they received nothing of the hostility that we did. Why is it that I seem to bring out the hostility and heat in so many? I always thought I was a pretty nice guy!"

Bill is at a loss to explain how anyone could find him arrogant, argumentative, bullying, unreasonable, unpleasant and deeply offensive. He ACTUALLY THINKS he's a nice guy! This is a man who runs a website dedicated to spewing bile and hate against anyone who disagrees with him, but most especially gay people, and his every waking moment doing his utmost to make life as difficult as possible for them because his aim is to make sure non-fundamentalist Christians have no say in society, or better still cease to exist. 1% of his time is possibly spent disseminating the word of the Judean prophet he claims to follow. The rest is hate, hate, hate.

Pop over to his website and politely, restrainedly disagree with him on a minor point. Stand back and watch for the hostile and aggressive reaction.

Yet he actually claims to think he's a nice guy! Bill is deluded about a lot of things: that his religion is true, that sexuality is a choice, that the world and universe are only a few thousand years old, that evolution is a conspiracy theory dreamt up by liberals, that creationism is sound science, that you can't be good without believing in fairytales (only his fairytales, naturally), that all left-wing people are evil, that reparative therapy is harmless and effective: but possibly his most bewildering and staggeringly huge delusion is that he is a "nice guy".

Please, do tell Bill, exactly who has ever told you that you are "nice"? No, not including your invisible friend...


  1. I`m know Bill would say it too, God loves you. Please give a call to Jesus to show you.

  2. Hi Johannes,

    What makes you qualified to say what Bill would say? Being a good person is not predicated upon supernatural beliefs. You and Bill may share the same mythological persuasions, but that says nothing about your inherent goodness. If you disagree with what I write about Bill I'd suggest that's a better starting point for a discussion, since I don't share your superstitious worldview and therefore give it no undue credit.


  3. You must have more faith than me, you, that there is no salvation and there is no hell, and me, there is salvation through Jesus Christ and there is heaven and there is hell. Did you try giving Jesus a call, just ask Him to reveal Himself to you as you don`t believe in Him.
    Being good doesn`t get you saved, not even being fair or being a good mate, the Bible says that the only way to salvation is through Jesus. Now what did you want to discuss, ah yes, that I disagree with your article claiming Bill says the trains will stop running if we legalise same-sex marriage. Johannes

  4. Um, OK. Thanks Johannes...

    Evidence? Debating points?

    Oh, and Xtian theology is reprehensible and immoral. Don't fall for it. Free yourself from the shackles.

    I tried Jesus, but it rang out engaged.

  5. mmm, obviously you had the wrong number, start in Genesis....
    you will find all your evidence in the good book!!
    God Bless

  6. I agree that Bill does use some strong language, but I do think it is actually an expression of love. You see, one day we will all stand before God and give an account of our life. Everybody now has an opportunity to turn from sin and be reconciled with God.

    And as for evidence, just look around you, do you really believe that nothing turned into people? That is really what atheism is saying: nothing + time = people , plus of course everything else in the universe.

    You need faith to believe in God, but I think the atheist needs a whole lot more. The difference is that Christian faith is rational. Why don't you turn to God while you still have time?

  7. LOL! Why don't you turn to education while you still have time?

    If you really want to pursue the truth to the objections you have about the atheist proposition, read these:

    If you still want to believe in your religion afterwards, you can. But you can't cling to nonsensical arguments to defend it.

  8. I am familiar with both books, though I have not read a universe from nothing. You should read the New York times review of A Universe From Nothing, it highlights a very important disparity between what a lot of popular scientists call 'nothing', and 'nothing actually is, or is not rather. There is a lot of further reading on the issue. Also, the idea that the literal 6 day creation is necessary to Christianity is quite new. If you are actually interested in knowing, there is plenty of information around showing that evolution does not necessarily conflict with christianity. Check out
    Taking cues on philosophy from scientists is a sensible as taking cues on science from religion. As for Bill Muehlenberg, I fail to see you actually addressing any of his points factually. Perhaps you should read his book? That would give you a years worth of material which would surely be easy to prove as false or misleading...

  9. Hi Will, thanks for the links. My point is that Bill Muehlenberg maintains a literal view of the bible, and it is his views that I am attacking here, not those of thinking and moderate Christians.

    If you don't believe me, try heading over to Bill's site and arguing for scientific truth. But don't say I didn't warn you!

    Personally I think scientific knowledge is the only knowledge worth anything.

    1. Dear Against Religious Bigotry

      You are worth more than anything to our Heavenly Father, but you obviously do not know this to be true. The true word of God can only be understood literally, how else could mere men understand our Holy God's Word? The writer of this blog writes about Bill not replying to comments or allowing for them to appear, well it seems Bill is not the only one to do this. Science is limited in the revelations it uncovers because finite man is in control of any evidence based findings made and this does not even come close to the evidence or our infinite God who reveals himself in Scripture by His Holy Spirit.

      The apostle Peter warns of the false prophets, teachers and scoffers that are among us, who will introduce destructive heresies, even deny our sovereign Lord who bought them - bringing swift destruction on themselves. The day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.

      Now which human scientist could do these amazing things or create something out of nothing and who in history has ever raised a man from death to life? Truth is, scientists can only create anything out of what has already been created by our almighty God and Father in Heaven. Only the living Lord, died and was raised to life, so that all who believe in him may also live with him eternally. Now why not search for this truth which is within your grasp or are you afraid of what you may discover? May God bless you abundantly with new life in him. Shalom

  10. Well then when you only like to believe in science, why not believe in the greatest scientist ever...who is our great Creator God who invented science?! Can you make a flower grow or a bird sing or fly across the air or be carried by the wind? No! So why do we pretend here to know everything when we have not a clue what we are talking about?

    While sitting in church listening to a sermon about the grace of God, the Holy Spirit filled me and took the blinders from my eyes to enable me to see Jesus for who he is. We can read the Bible over and over again but unless the Holy Spirit reveals the Jesus of the Gospels to us, we live a spiritually impoverished life. It is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone that we can ever come near to knowing the mystery of God's word.

    Try humbling yourself before our Almighty God and Savior Jesus Christ who lived, died and rose again that those who believe may live for eternity with him. Only then may our arguments make some sense and show a bit of integrity, we may even meet with Bill at the foot of cross where Jesus died before he was resurrected to new life. Shalom

  11. Hi Sandra, sorry for the delay in posting your comments. Keeping this blog is not my full-time job; I don't check back on a daily basis.

    Much of your religious-speak is simply Mumbo-jumbo to me, I'm afraid. No, I can't create a flower myself, but the existence and growth of flowers can be explained naturalistically without recourse to the supernatural.

    You seem to think Bill is a decent guy just because he believes the same supernatural claims that you believe. Please explain why Bill holding Christian beliefs automatically makes him moral, and automatically makes his morals superior to those of non-believers. We'll take it from there.