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Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Truth Is Such a Threat to Bill Muehlenberg

Bill's whole worldview depends on twisting the truth to make it conform to his dogma, and his dogma insists that gay people are a nuisance who shouldn't exist. They're not part of his invisible friend's "plans" for humanity, apparently.

In a recent article entitled  Hijacking Good Causes To Promote Radical Agendas Bill shows up his ugly paranoid mind for what it really is. He seriously argues that the moves to prevent anti-gay bullying is motivated entirely by demonic forces wanting to push the "homosexual agenda". What is the "homosexual agenda" Bill? As far as I can tell it's the not unreasonable request to equal rights and the right to a life free from harrassment and bullying. But no, Bill suggests that young vulnerable gay people should be left to the mercy of the bullies, because to confront homophobic bullying is to give off the entirely unacceptable view that it's "OK to be gay", and we wouldn't want young people thinking that, now would we? Far better for them to be driven to suicide.

That's why Bill has to hide behind lies, propaganda and distortion to prop up his silly ideology. Inject a bit of truth and the whole stinking edifice falls down.

Here's a comment I posted on Bill's Culturewatch site about the lunatic "ex-gay" "therapy" that Bill and his cronies are such fans of:

All the points are simple ripostes to Bill's earlier assertions.

Unsurprisingly, the comment, under a pseudonym, wasn't posted. It contains far too much truth, and Bill wouldn't want his readers exposed to anything that counters his lies and propaganda. He's no interest in debating the facts or inconvenient truths. He's only interested in pushing his lies.

For an excellent summation of the whole sorry money-making institution of "ex-gay" "therapy" see the film This Is What Love In Action Looks Like.

The director asked the religious right who still propagate this nonsense to put forward their views on film, with the legally-binding promise that they could veto their parts in the film if they weren't happy.

All of them refused.

It's very difficult to hide behind lies and fraud when honest people call you up on it.

Is it just me or are fewer and fewer comments appearing on Bill's blog? Maybe he invents these people himself just to look more popular? I like to think blogs like this contribute to people seeing through the religious right and the appalling charlatans like Bill Muehlenberg, and see them for the self-interested bullies they really are.

The censorship and dishonesty is because they know the truth isn't on their side, and they are shit-scared people are beginning to see through them.

Reasons to celebrate: not many people give a damn about Bill Muehlenberg's lies. The day he stops hurting people, I'll stop keeping this blog and exposing him.


  1. What are you exposing? Would you like to comment on some of Bill's other articles, like those where he comments on books of the Bible or critises the church?

  2. Here's my comment on Bill's blog:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Having once been a teacher for quite a number of years, I can tell you one thing: anti-gay bullying is the one form of bullying that some pupils actually think that they have a RIGHT to get away with, and which SOME parents – although, thank God, the number is decreasing – are actually prepared to condone. Hence the need to make it 100% plain to all pupils that it’s every bit as unacceptable as any other kind of bullying and will not be tolerated.

    And by the way, the last thing that gay teenagers need is to be offered deceitful “ex-gay” propaganda.

    1. Hi Will,

      Nice try, but Billy really can't deal with the truth being posted on his site. I notice that your temperate and factual posting never saw the light of day. It doesn't surprise me!

      Bill advocates complete hatred and intolerance towards gay people. It's his form of self-identity.

  3. Hi Ross,

    I don't really care how many angels Muehlenberg thinks can dance on a pinhead. His religious beliefs are none of my business or my concern (until he starts advocating teaching his nonsense to children in place of science or ethics).

    Those beliefs aren't really of much interest to Bill either. He posts far more articles railing against the dreaded "militant homosexuals" than anything else. The churchy stuff is just a prop for his real agenda, which is to write bigoted hate-fuelled articles about gay people. If you took those artcicles out of culturewatch what would be left?