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Monday, 18 June 2012

The Hypocrisy of Muehlenberg Reaches New Heights

Sometimes Bill Muehlenberg is so hypocritical the only reasonable response is to be astounded either at his balls-out audacity in believing that nobody will notice; or wonder if he's so mired in bitterness, anger and hatred against gay people that he's simply blinded to his own staggering hypocrisy.

What's he done to reveal his hypocrisy?

Take the contrast between two recent articles he's penned on the question: should people give money to charities whose ethos they disagree with?

Here's Bill's take on the matter in his article Homosexual Haters Against The Salvation Army:

No matter how wonderful and charitable and philanthropic and helpful a group or person may be, if they do not fully grovel before the homosexual militants, they will be targeted and treated with utter contempt and disgust by the bullies at the “tolerance” brigade. These thugs excel in intimidation, harassment, bullying and hate. And even such enormously dedicated charity groups like the Salvation Army will be treated like dirt if they do not bow the knee to the new homosexual tyranny. In November of last year the gaystapo declared war on the Salvos for daring to say marriage was between a man and a woman.

OMG! Sounds awful! What happened?

Turns out a gay blogger called Bil Browning wrote this on his internet blog:

If you care about gay rights, you’ll skip their bucket in favor of a charity that doesn’t actively discriminate against the LGBT community.

Pop star Darren Hayes waded in, similarly suggesting that LGBT and people sympathetic to LGBT rights should think twice before donating to the Salvation Army. Nothing more than that. 

Yet from Hayes and Browning encouraging people to think twice before donating to the Salvos Muehlenberg concludes:

Well there you have it folks. The homosexual jackboots want to see the Salvation Army closed down for its crimes against humanity... What a miserable hate-filled bunch they really are.

Really? Who is trying to "close down" the Salvation Army, Bill? What "crimes"? What are you even talking about?

Leaving aside Bill's hysterical (in both senses of the word) conclusion, let's look at another article of Bill's posted only two days previously called Do You Know Where Your Money Is Going?

I'll quote directly from Bill:

We are not to waste our money, nor should we be giving our money away to bad or harmful causes.Yet sadly this is happening all the time. Undiscerning Christians are giving money to all sorts of questionable groups and dubious causes. And sometimes the group and cause may be good in themselves, but there is still misuse of money. For example, Amnesty International has been quite open about its support of pro-abortion activities around the world. So organisations or charities which may have basically good purposes – eg., feed the poor, stand up for human rights – may have other activities which they are involved in which should not be getting the money of believers. Believers really do need to be discerning and wise here, and make sure they are not funding unbiblical and/or sinful activities.

In a long rambling article Bill has a pop at various charities for not entirely subscribing to his militant Xtian agenda and then concludes:

One day we will all stand before our Lord to give an account of our Christian life. And that will include what sort of stewards we were of the finances he provided us with. In this area – like so many others – good intentions alone are not enough. Good intentions can often lead to very bad and even quite sinful outcomes. So please be careful, wise and discerning in what you do with your money.

So, according to Bill Muehlenberg, gay people not donating money to the homophobic Salvation Army is evidence that they are "militant", "hate-filled" "bigoted" and trying to "close down" the charity in question. Because of this he feels justified in slinging abuse like "gaystapo" and "homosexual jackboots" around.

Yet at the same time it's perfectly acceptable for him to tell  Xtians to not donate to certain charities that don't "bend the knee" to his agenda. This is evidence that he is being "careful, wise and discerning", and not at all acting like the "militant Xtapo" with his hate-filled ways who is clearly trying to "close down" Doctors Without Borders, YWCA, Oxfam and World Vision!

It's proof of Muehlenberg's nauseating hypocrisy, and also of his sheer hatred of gay people that he will condemn them with the foulest abusive language for behaving in exactlty the same way he is behaving and even encouraging other Xtians to behave!

Can anyone believe the hypocrisy of this guy?

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