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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The poisoned Beardie Weirdie blames it all on atheists and gays... quelle surprise!

According to Bill Muehlenberg, the Colorado massacre at a Batman movie was undertaken by James Holmes because he had been studying neuroscience. Yes, this man is a killer, according to Bill, because Bill surmises (without a shred of evidence) that he holds an "evolutionary and naturalistic worldview".

Right, so that would be the worldview that led to modern science and medicine? The worldview that created vaccinations for children and rid the developed world of centuries worth of malignant and previously-fatal illnesses? The worldview that massively reduced infant mortality to near zero and provided longer, healthier lives for most citizens? The worldview that led to an understanding of human psychology and started to treat the mentally ill with compassion and help them, rather than treating them as if they're possessed by devils or deformed as a punishment from some fictional god?

Thanks, Bill, but I'll bin your god-fearing quackery and stick to the modern scientific world all the same, thanks.

If people like Muehlenberg had their way we'd return to the days when the mentally ill were put to death or cast out of society. He thinks it preferable that we cower and god-bother rather than figure out what reality is and treat illness and understand natural disaster.

In line with his cheap shot about (essentially) blaming the massacre on "atheism" (and conveniently ignoring the fact that the biggest killer of recent years Breivik was a committed Xtian) I'm willing to wager if Bill was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's or Parkinsons, he wouldn't just say "I don't believe in your material, evolutionary and naturalistic world where brain and mind are the same thing - you can lump your medication I'll stick to prayer" - he'd be first in line for treatment and find ways to conveniently ignore or explain away his hypocrisy through cognitive dissonance. After all, Tim Berners Lee who invented the internet isn't a practicing Xtian and Bill would no doubt put him in the atheist camp. Bill is happy enough to ignore that Xtianity has got him (and all its followers) precisely nowhere and enjoy all the benefits of science instead!

In an aricle "Statutory Marriage: Object-Lovers Unite!" (what a witty pun, Bill, you really are wasted not pursuing [intentional] comedy) Bill reports on a woman with objectum sexuality who has fallen in love with the Statue Of Liberty. Bill is quick to pounce on this woman's misfortune to suggest that her sexual love for the Statue of Liberty is the equivalence of homosexual love, and the fact that she can't legally marry the Statue of Liberty is no less unjust than the fact that in most countries gay people still can't marry.

He ends with this rather bizarre line:

Objectphiliacs of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but your rather kinky chains!

So of course, the emotional love, support, encouragement and physical affection that gay couples show one another: the shared financial burden, the home building, the nurturing of family - everything that goes to make a committed gay adult relationship in Bill's eyes simply doesn't exist. No, according to Bill, two men or two women loving each other is the same as them loving a cardboard box.

He's made the same pathetic, stupid and bigoted point many times before on his blog, and it illustrates how he doesn't even see gay people as human. Resident twat David Skinner comments that the woman's relationship ticks all the boxes to be recognised as valid, including being "consensual". What an idiotic thing to say. How exactly, Skinner, does the Statue Of Liberty consent or return the woman's love? Naturally Bill is too thick to notice this, blinded by his need to see gay people as inanimate objects worthy of being shunned.

Of course, many may comment on the homoeroticism of Bill and many of his ilk worshipping until they cream their pants a non-existent sky fairy or his allegeded human (and also male) "son". Bill expects us not only to tolerate his erotic love for SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST but expects us to think he's a better person as a consequence!

As usual, Bill wants it all on his own terms. "Think exactly like me or I'll treat you as if you're not human and have no rights," could be Bill's motto. Whilst he tosses himself off onto the sticky pages of his picture book bible. What a reprehensible excuse for a human being BM is.