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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

An Open Invitation To Mark Rabich

Bill's virginal favourite Mark Rabich comments of this blog that:

I’ve been aware of some of that stuff for ages, but in my experience most of them don’t even have the courage of their convictions enough to use their real name. That says enough right there. What a waste of time it would be to engage with these haters online. They could have someone rise from the dead in front of them and they would not believe! And when faced with an (intellectual) battle, they send a sock puppet or a remote control robot instead.
You tell me what kind of person you would rather have influencing culture – ones who want to have a civil debate and discuss evidence to get closer and closer at truth, or ones resorting to obsessive personal-attack websites hiding behind anonymous web-identities and promoting hateful speech and even death threats?
Death threats! Are you such a paranoid Xtian that you perceive people taking the piss out of you and your nasty beliefs as "death threats". Perhaps you can, for clarity Rabich, point out a "death" threat, or a threat of physical violence of any kind, on this blog.

As for your assertion that you can offer an "intellectual battle", come and discuss with us, Mark! In complete contrast to your buddy Bill I promise I won't censor you. If your reasons for believing are so watertight, let's have them!

Are you on?


  1. It's not paranoia. It's the truth.

  2. Well, you're anonymous on this are you not? In other words, a homosexualist shadowy figure hiding behind shim's anonymous invectives. And you definitely are the bigot here - why do you hate Christians so much? Is it because they stand for a moral society and disprove of sickos like you?

    1. That's a rather unfair accusation. The author has never stated that he does not like Christians or Christianity he just wishes to critique Mr. Mulenberg's particular discourse and arguments. Just because Christians say they stand for a moral society does not mean what they stand for is a moral society and in a democracy moral are best not forced onto people who do not want them. Morality has to be informed rather than coerced. Just because you think a certain set of practices will produce a moral society does not make it infallible and attempts to critique and improve should be welcomed and debated not rejected. The author here has never said he does not want a moral society he has merely stated strong disagreement more with Mr. Mulenberg's tactics and discourse.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Again, so much invective and so little fact. In what way am I a "sicko"? In what way am I a "bigot"? Where is your evidence that I hate Xtians? (Or have you perhaps answered your own question?)

    Of course it's far easier to rant and rave and call nasty names when people don't share your worldview rather than engage in rational debate, isn't it?