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Friday, 2 November 2012

Muehlenberg Stumped

Angry bigot Bill Muehlenberg rants in 'Another Week, Another Batch Of Acceptance And Diversity' that Xtians are having their freedoms removed because they're no longer allowed to legally discriminate against gays.

He is appalled that an Xtian couple who turned a married gay couple away from their B&B have been found guilty of discrimination.

I asked him if he thinks it would be acceptable if B&B owners turned him away simply for being Xtian. It would amount to the same thing. Here's a screenshot of my comment:

Now Bill claims he only "censors" comments that are rude or abusive.

What is rude and abusive about that?


No answer indeed!

Muehlenberg is a liar, a hypocrite, a bigot and a bully. He's also a coward, since he's not prepared to justify his unconscionable beliefs.


  1. Ah, his first point about comments is that he reserves the right to edit or refuse comments. What part of that don't you understand?
    It seems that liar, hypocrite, bigot and bully is the one that looks back at you in the mirror.
    I pray you see the error of your ways and you turn your passionate hatred into passionate good.
    Jesus loves you.

  2. Hello Peter. That point isn't lost on me, thank you. But if you study what Muehlenberg actually says in his comments, he maintains that the only comments he refuses to publish are abusive ones. This is patently untrue. His little disclaimer on the side of his website is his way of legitimising censorship because he doesn't like his views being challenged.

    Why do you think he refused to publish the above comment? Would you care to have a go at a riposte?

    Standing up to bullies is not in itself bullying. Which of my ways are in "error"? You think Muehlenberg is right because he believes in the bible, or is your partisanship based on anything more substantial?

  3. Lol, you're an imbecile, I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Bill states that he moderates according to his whims and wants, because his is a personal blog containing personal opinions (just like yours?). He also states that if you don't like it then you should go and create your own blog - which is what you have done. So if you feel disempowered and without gonadic umpf to promote your views just as you like, welcome to the world of Christians who are everywhere demonised and ridiculed by idiots like you for holding a moral view of reality. Get stuffed! (you probably are?)

    1. I agree with the author of this site. This comment is just a personal attack on the author of the site for no other reason than to give voice to your prejudice against LGBTs - I assume that's what you meant by "you probably are?" Christians are not ridiculed and demonised for holding a moral view of the worlds - some are strongly criticised for demonising and ridiculing LGBT people by attempting to prevent them achieving equal rights, undermining their contributions to society, trying to seek the right to openly discriminate and exclude them from parts of social and economic life in the name of religious freedom and in some cases spreading lies and misinformation about them. None of that constitutes holding a moral view of reality - it constitutes bigotry and irrational prejudice.

  4. Thanks Dan, you clearly haven't read or understood my comments. Thanks for showing the true Xtian colours: vicious, intolerant and sanctimonious. So much for your "moral view of morality". What a nice person your beliefs make you!

    Of course you could try engaging in the facts and having some honest debate and argument, rather than just attacking me for disagreeing with Bill Muehlenberg?