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Friday, 21 December 2012

Muehlenberg Blames Connecticut Massacre on... atheism and evolution

"We still need to discover more about the details of all this", Bill Muehlenberg claims in "Another Mass Shooting", as the bodies of over a score of infants lie cold in a morgue. There's only one thing he's sure about:

Entire generations now in the West have been raised on a steady diet of various things, all of which would logically seem to lead to this very behaviour. 
We have had pounded into our heads the idea that there is no God; that there are no moral absolutes; that everything is relative and a matter of personal taste; that we are all just here as an accident of evolutionary processes... We have insisted that one can never judge another person’s behaviour or activity, and we must embrace any and all lifestyles and actions. 
We have insisted that all religious beliefs be banned from the public arena, and that anyone who dares to stand for biblical truth must be denounced as a wowser, a bigot, and an intolerant twit imposing his morals on others.

Bill's muddled rant seems not to understand, as most rabid right-wingers don't, that the US has always enjoyed a separation of church and state, and that nobody has insisted on religious beliefs being "banned from the public arena". This is merely how he chooses to interpret the defence of that separation.

In a few sentences he blames everything he hates for the massacre in Connecticut, the fact that some people are gay and most in society "tolerate" it and don't disown gay friends and family; the fact that educated humans are outgrowing religious belief; and the fact that evolution is the bedrock of the biological sciences. According to Bill, unless everyone subscribes to his fundamentalist Xtian wingnuttery, massacre is the only possible end result.

What absolute baloney.

He then goes on to suggest that the only way to tackle gun crime is...


Do countries with strong gun control laws have lower murder rates? Only if you cherry-pick the data.

Bill, that is an outright lie. Let's look at some stats, in the polite comment I posted which picks apart his idiotic assertions:

Do you think he posted it?

Of course not, because Bill wants everyone to think his infantile "arguments" are beyond criticism.

As he boasts when tackling a dissenter he chooses to publish:

Always great to see how the secular left “argues”. Not a scrap of evidence, facts, data, reason, rational discussion, or informed debate; just heaps of mud-slinging, name-calling and ugly ad hominems. But thanks again for demonstrating to the whole world how your side has no intellectual leg to stand on, relying instead simply on nasty abuse, hate and intolerance.

Would that be because if anyone on the secular left posts a polite comment pointing out with cold facts how gravely mistaken you are that you ignore them, refuse to post them, and refuse to engage in debate, whilst brazenly lying that "the other side" present "not a scrap of evidence"?

Yes, yes it would. Bill Muehlenberg runs a million miles from honest debate because he simply will not engage with anyone who disagrees with him and presents valid arguments. Perhaps because he knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on?

Or perhaps some of his buddies would like to suggest why my comment was never published and why Bill ignored and evaded? If it's not because he's a liar and a fraud - then why?

A day after I posted my comment Bill posted saying:

I notice once again that no evidence has been presented as to why my data and facts are wrong. 

This is why I keep this blog - to expose Bill Muehlenberg as the shameless liar he is.

To date none of his buddies have offered any defence of Muehlenberg's lies and idiotic reasoning. The comment so far is as vacuous as usual.