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Sunday, 22 December 2013

People Bill Muehlenberg hates

Let’s compile a list:
  • Gays
  • Muslims
  • Atheists
  • Liberals
  • Liberal Christians
  • Anyone who disagrees with him

Basically, that covers anyone who isn’t actually Bill Muehlenberg, or anyone who doesn’t share his exact bigoted right-wing worldview.

It’s interesting that Muehlenberg’s family is never anywhere to be seen. I’ll bet that the Muehlenberg household is set up so that nobody else is allowed a say in anything and has to conform to Bill’s patriarchal ideal. It’s been well-publicised that he advocates using physical violence against children as a parenting method, so presumably he is speaking from personal experience. Did he beat his three sons to ‘punish’ them for ‘sins’?

Isn’t it weird that in this day and age there’s no trace of any of Muehlenberg’s three sons on social media anywhere. They certainly aren’t friends with their father on Facebook. I suspect Bill prefers it that way. He’d rather his sons were entirely silent and invisible lest one of them should hold, or worse still, express an opinion he doesn’t agree with. And where is his subservient wife?

As anyone who’s studied the scientific research will know, the more sons you have, the greater the probability that one of the younger ones will be gay. What a frightening prospect for Muehlenberg’s youngest son if that proved to be the case. He would know for certain that his father would ostracise him, and probably worse out of ‘punishment’. Muehlenberg never admits that he is wrong, less still even the possibility that such a thing could occur; so he’d sacrifice his son rather than his lifetime’s devotion to superstitious bigotry. We can only hope that Muehlenberg’s sons don’t become just another statistic, as they would certain find no support from their father if they don’t turn out exactly like him.

The more one analyses the modus operandi of Bill Muehlenberg the more the image of a deeply disturbed man emerges, one who is obsessed with belittling others and campaigning to oppress them.

Muehlenberg lets the cat out of the bag with Tolerance Can Be So Intolerable. Yes, we know you rabidly hate gay people, Bill. You don’t have to remind the world on a daily basis. Except that you make money from spreading lies and encouraging hatred towards a minority...
The homosexual activists are... the world leaders in... rambling on about tolerance while showing not one iota of tolerance to anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda. The terms ‘gaystapo’ or ‘pink mafia’ were not coined without reason after all.
Yes, Bill. Those terms were coined by bigots like you who bitterly resent the move in the West to treat its LGBTI citizens like human beings. We know you’d much rather it was like Uganda where anyone who deviates from your view of what humans should be is murdered or imprisoned. Gay people complain (rightly) when they are refused goods and services. Muehlenberg claims this is intolerance. Muehlenberg thinks gay people have no right to exist. He interprets that as an expression of his religious freedom, and nothing to do with bigotry and intolerance.

Draw your own conclusions.

As ever, Bill is welcome to come here and defend his actions.

Here’s yet another comment he chose to censor:

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The true face of evil - gloating Xtian bigots

With the Australian High Court declaring unconstitutional the same-sex marriages in ACT, over thirty gay couples face having their marriages annulled.

This is how Muehlenberg greets the news:
Let the champagne corks fly if you will, but this is a victory to savour and celebrate big time.

Yes, big time. Of course, if someone said that to him about the enactment of laws preventing Xtians from persecuting gay people, he would accuse them of bigotry, but as always it's double standards when it comes to the religious.

Contributor Des Connors gloats:
What maybe even better news is a report in today’s Australian:-
“INDIAN SUPREME COURT outlaws Gay sex.”
It seems they have resurrected a law introduced by the British in the 1860′s.
 The penalty for breaking this law is up to a decade in prison.

and thus reveals the true ugly nature of the deep-rooted Xtian bigotry against gay people. What Xtians really want to see is laws that punish people for being gay with prison sentences or preferably execution. It's why so many right-wing American Xtian nutters were involved in persuading Uganda to pass such grotesque laws.

So whilst Muehlenberg spends most of his working life posting up articles in which he expresses horror and outrage that Xtian bakers are being sued for refusing to supply goods to gay customers, what he really wants to see is laws passed that will entitle the state to imprison or murder its gay citizens.

It's why he's gloating about the high court's decision, why he considers things in Russia to look "better and better", and why he's happy for contributors to rejoice in India re-criminalising homosexuality.

Decide for yourself who the real bigot is, and who the real menace to society is, and who really has the deepest-seated pathological hatred against their fellow citizens for no other reason but a facet of their personality they did not choose, cannot change, and harms nobody.

The Ex-Heterosexual Myth

Muehlenberg likes to trot out his "ex-homosexual" myth, like it's a trump card.

His "reasoning" is that if some people used to be gay, but now have a straight relationship, it can only mean that homosexuality is a "choice" and therefore all gay people can change.

You'll notice at once he's very quiet about applying this "logic" the other way round. There are countless examples (I've known many myself) of people who have straight relationships and even marry opposite-sex partners, only to years later, often after a prolonged period of torture, come out as gay and find real contentment and happiness in gay relationships. I'd be willing to bet the traffic going from straight relationships to gay is substantially busier than that going the other way.

Yet nobody (or at any rate, nobody sane) would claim that "ex-heterosexuals" "give lie to the myth" that people are "born that way". Nobody sane would suggest that anybody could therefore choose to be straight, and that heterosexuality is a mere matter of choice.

Anybody sane would see it for what it is: unfortunate people being pressured to live a lie for fear of the consequences (upsetting their religious parents etc). Just as nobody who doesn't have an extremist religious agenda to push would be in the least surprised that gay people, facing rejection from religious friends and family, may attempt a straight relationship and claim they are "ex-gay". Their behaviour may have changed, but you'd have to believe in bullshit like miracles to think their orientation had changed. They're just gay men living a lie. Hopefully for their sake their partners have low sex drives, as intimacy will be rare and oft avoided.

So please, Muehlenberg, put away your "trump card" - it's impressing nobody, and you just continue to embarrass yourself as to how little you know about human sexuality. Some people really are just gay - and it's time you and your fellow religious bullies just got over it. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gay Man Saves Muehlenberg's Life

OK so this hasn't literally just happened - but the thing is, it probably will.

Teen genius Jack Andraka has developed an accurate, quick and inexpensive method to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer. He'd done all that by the time he was 15.

Oh, and Andkara is also gay. He's out and proud.

Andkara's brilliant medical research and methodology will save countless lives, including many Christians'. If Bill Muehlenberg is consistent, when faced with illness, he will turn down any diagnostic tests developed by Andkara and take his chances with cancer instead, perhaps praying for a cure and seeing how far that gets him. But of course, he won't be consistent here, just as he isn't consistent in using a computer (the science of computing was invented by Alan Turing - a gay atheist) or indeed the internet (invented by Tim Berners Lee - an atheist).

The cognitive dissonance of Muehlenberg and others like them is such that they can block out inconvenient facts that don't support their bigoted worldview, even extending to the tools they use to spread their poison.

Interestingly, Andraka was recently honoured by the Vatican as a good teen role model! Even the Catholic Church is beginning to learn (better late than never) that gay people aren't evil but worthy of treating with respect. The more time passes and education reaches even the religious, the more Bill Muehlenberg increasingly rants on his own, becoming nastier and nastier and more and more fantastical in his denouncements of his fellow human beings who happen to be gay.

The truth is, Jack Andraka is worth a million Muehlenbergs. Before his sixteenth birthday, Andraka had contributed to the human race in incredible fashion, keeping families together longer and improving the health of the human population. Who knows what else he might go on to achieve in his lifetime? Whereas Muehelberg has spent his lifetime on his knees; not doing something worthwhile like giving good head, but grovelling to a non-existent deity. By the time he dies, within twenty years probably, what will he have contributed to humanity? What will be his legacy other than a million articles attacking gay people and a book of lies he spent twenty years on that nobody has read?

Who most to admire: Andraka or Muehlenberg? Who is the better role model for children? A no-brainer.

In his latest hate-fuelled rant, Time To Stop Promoting This Deathstyle (see what he did there? Not only does he dismiss being gay as a "lifestyle" but he uses scare-mongering tactics to pretend that being gay will lead to an early death) Muehlenberg shuffles his usual cards around. He comes to the conclusion that as some young gay men are promiscuous, and are HIV positive, then nobody should be allowed to be gay, and all gay men are the same.

Where is there an article on CultureWatch where Bill decries promiscuity amongst straight young people? I don't have any issue with that - it's none of my business. But you'd think that if Bill is appalled by all sex outside of marriage he would spend at least some of his time and energy attacking young people, especially Christians, who sleep around a lot.

Back to congitive dissonance. He doesn't attack such people because he's only interested in attacking gay people. That's essentially what his "ministry" is. If the vast majority of gay people lead lives like saints, it wouldn't make the blindest bit of difference to Bill Muehlenberg. He's so steeped in hatred and bigotry towards his fellow human beings who happen to be gay he's incapable of articulating anything else.

So when gay man Jack Andraka saves Muehlenberg's life, the real tragedy is that the irony will be lost on Muehlenberg.

It's a shame Andraka's test will work on Xtian fundies; but whereas scientists work for philanthropic reasons, religiotards like Muehlenberg are only interested in their own glory and pushing their own cancerous worldview. It's why people increasingly respect science and abhor religion, and why Muehlenberg screams even louder for attention.

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Biggest Lie Muehlenberg Tells About Gay People... and Why he Tells It

Bill Muehlenberg's latest homophobic article peddles once again the biggest lie he tells against gay people - Objects of Extreme Hate: Ex-Homosexuals.

Yes, Bill is once again peddling the lie that people can switch sexualities. Though of course, with these folk, it's only ever a switch from homosexual to heterosexual that's possible, never of course the other way round.

If Bill stopped to think about it for a minute, claiming that sexuality is a choice, as he does, he should be able to stop what he's doing and be gay for five minutes and see how he likes it. No, Bill? Is that not how it works? But I thought you said sexuality was a choice?

As usual, the religious bigots want to have it both ways.
That the militant homosexual lobby is expert at hatred and spewing forth venomous bile at anyone who dares to differ is of course well known
says Bill, who is of course well known for the courtesy and friendliness with which he speaks to those who disagree with him, and the decent and reasonable language he uses about people he disagrees with. He'd never stoop to name-calling like 'homonazis' or 'homofascists', would he? Oh, wait...

Here's the whopping great lie Bill once again tells:
The fact that so many have fully left the homosexual lifestyle obviously gives lie to the myth that homosexuals cannot change. I know many of these folks personally. They were deeply into the homosexual lifestyle, but have now been set gloriously free... 
Let's quote Alan Chambers again about the victims of Exodus International. Chambers was the man who was deeply into "reparative" "therapy", the abusive Christian quackery that claims to "pray away the gay". Chambers was for decades involved with the now-discredited and defunct Exodus International, the biggest money-spinner of the whole fraudulent ex-gay industry:
The majority of [ex-gay people] that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning 99.9% of them, have not experienced a change in their orientation…The vast majority of people that I know do still experience some level of same-sex attraction.
Whilst it's perfectly possible for gay people to live a lie and engage in sham straight relationships - the majority of gay people do before coming out - it doesn't meant their orientation has changed, it only means they have to suppress it by living a lie. I commented to this effect on Bill's article. Here's the evidence:

Was it a foul-mouthed, evidence-free rant? No. I simply presented an awkward fact that blows out of the water Bill's whole argument that gay people can just magically "change" into straight people.

Do you think he posted the comment? Or do you think he censored it? Well done, you win a cigar.

The reason Bill Muehlenberg simply can't post comments like that is because they expose his bigotry and deep-rooted hatred of gay people. If Muehlenberg can persuade himself, and worse still, others, that gay people can be changed, then they can justify their bigotry to themselves. Muehlenberg, as we know, doesn't react well to being corrected or shown where he is wrong. He reacts very, very badly to anyone disagreeing with him about anything.

The sad truth is that Bill Muehlenberg has devoted his whole meaningless life to a constant campaign of hatred against gay people. For him to accept that sexuality is an immutable trait that can't be changed is to be forced to accept that he has waged a bitter and bigoted crusade against people for a facet of their personality they couldn't possibly change. To acknowledge such a truth would be to force him to look at himself truthfully.

This is the sort of quote Bill loves to see and will readily publish, from Franklin Wood:
Dear Bill, homosexuals can obviously reform themselves if they have the will power and support.
You'll notice that Wood supplies no evidence, just blind, ignorant assertion, which is precisely what Muehlenberg claims his critics always do. Funny how he doesn't mind when it's someone who supports his bigoted worldview.

The comment suggests that all gay people need to do is try harder to be straight. It's believing this sort of idiocy that the religious right engage in in order to justify to themselves their hatred of gay people. They have, in their warped minds, brought their hatred and intolerance on themselves, since all gay people have to do is pull their socks up and stop ruining it for all the good straight folk.

Muehlenberg will hide behind his self-deceit and his bigotry whilst the world around him changes. Since educated people now realise that homosexuality is an immutable and harmless trait, western countries have gradually stopped persecuting their gay citizens and extended equal rights to them, which is the sort of civilising progress that keeps Muehlenberg and other bigots awake at night.

If Muehlenberg had his way, homosexuality would be a criminal offence punishable by death. After all, as gay people "choose" to be gay, and could easily be "converted" to be straight, then there's just no excuse for it, is there?

Face up to your bigotry, Bill, and stop peddling evil lies against your fellow humans.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

So what should we do with all the 'homonazis', Bill?

Over the last few days, Bill Muehlenberg has been going into overdrive with his anti-gay agenda.

I've already posted about his homophobic videos on Youtube and the censorship he has indulged in, marking as "spam" any comments that don't agree with his agenda of denying rights to gay people. He has now blocked me altogether from posting, since I had been responding to some other commentators. Muehlenberg is so concerned that people will hear the truth about him that this is his response:

For someone who bleats about free speech being shut down and Xtians targeted, he wins the gold star for hypocrisy. It's interesting too that in his videos he talks about 'homosexuals' and 'homosexual marriage' and saves his mud-slinging ad hominems like 'homonazi' and 'homofascist' for his written articles, perhaps in a failed attempt to sound reasonable and not motivated by hate?

He's also doing his nut because 'reparative' 'therapy', the crank Christian voodoo that claims (and fails) to 'convert' gay people into straight people is in the process of being outlawed. The quack 'therapy' is abusive to gay people and has led to despair and suicide in those who have fallen victim to the peddlers of this fraud.

In "Labor/Green Hatred and Intolerance" (a justified title, of course: refusing to allow Christians to torture and persecute gay people is motivated by hatred and intolerance of Christians - obviously!) Bill states,
The New South Wales Labor Party and the Greens have combined to demonstrate their full commitment to promoting the homosexual agenda and standing against any Christian institutions which dare to resist it. They have shown their contempt for the people of NSW as they work together to push the radical homosexualist game plan throughout the state.
OMG! What have the homonazis been up to now, Billy? Do tell us! Are they creating concentration camps for Christians? Are they trying to turn Christians into atheists? Are they forcing all men to have bum sex?
They have supported a motion to leave people trapped in unwanted same-sex attraction, and are working together to target Christian schools which seek to run according to their own faith-based beliefs and values.

Oh. That's it? So much for 'homonazis', I thought for a minute something unreasonable was going down.

Since Exodus International admitted its thirty-year history was bunk, and apologised for the huge amount of damage it had cause in the lives of gay people, the evil quackery of "reparative" "therapy" has been exposed for what it is - a racket run by quacks that abuse the vulnerable.

Muehlenberg quotes:
Greens MP Jamie Parker spoke strongly against the homophobic practice.“Mr Parker said: ‘Ex-gay therapy is incredibly harmful and shamefully homophobic and it must be rejected and called out. Homosexual relationships must be equal not just before the law but also in the esteem and respect we afford them in our communities and our own interpersonal relationships. We must stand up strongly against the damaging prejudices that are inherent in therapies like this. It’s not good enough to look the other way – we need end it and speak out against it loudly and unequivocally.”

To which Bill's response is:
Wow, one almost feels like offering up the ol’ Sieg Heil after a rant like that. Spoken like true fascists alright.

It's hard to fathom how Bill's mind works. He sees fascism and intolerance in everything, apart from where it actually lies, in his own behaviour.
The simple truth is many thousands of homosexuals who have wanted such help have successfully gotten what they were looking for: a way out of a dead-end and harmful lifestyle, and genuine freedom to be who they were meant to be as men and women.

Bill's "simple truth" is of course, anything but. It's no more impossible for a gay person to have straight sex than it is for a Jewish or Muslim person to eat bacon. But what certainly hasn't changed after "therapy" is a gay person's orientation. They may marry a member of the opposite sex to keep religious bullies and bigots like Muehlenberg happy, but how fulfilling a marriage must it be if the husband has to fantasise he's with a man in order to have sex with his wife? A recipe for disaster? It so often is. Anyone interested in the subject should read the works of Dr Mel White, a gay Christian who's been through it all.

Don't take my word for it though. This is what Alan Chambers, for years the president of Exodus International, the leading authority on "ex-gay" quackery had to say about the success of his decades in the field:
The majority of people that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning 99.9% of them have not experienced a change in their orientation or have gotten to a place where they could say that they could  never be tempted or are not tempted in some way or experience some level of same-sex attraction.

Muehlenberg is never one for letting the facts get in the way of pushing his agenda though. He regularly trots out the myth of the "ex-gays" (they may be with members of the opposite sex but their orientation hasn't miraculously changed) as his trump card:
But that is just unacceptable to the Green brownshirts, or reds, or whatever colour they really are. They know that the reality of so many ex-homosexuals gives lie to their entire campaign. It proves all their baloney about people being born that way and unable to change is just that – so much PC baloney.

Yet when the vast majority of gay people say they didn't choose their sexuality and could no more change it than they could change the colour of their skin, Muehlenberg is happy to dismiss them as "liars", because they don't fit in to his neat worldview, just as he conveniently ignores the testimony of those like Alan Chambers who know a damned sight more than he does about the "ex-gay" racket. Yes, those LGBT people tortured, executed, brutally murdered, forced from their homes and careers, rejected by their families in intolerant and always religious countries have "chosen" such a fate, and could just as easily have "chosen" to be straight. Whatever you say, Bill. Whatever lame lie fits your tiny worldview.

Bill's not finished yet being angry at those gays though:
The other example of bigotry and intolerance from NSW also has to do with the homosexual agenda being used as a trump card over everyone else, in this case Christian schools: “NSW Labor will throw its support behind a push to abolish controversial laws that allow private schools to expel or discriminate against gay or transgender students.
So does Bill think such schools should be able to expel pupils just for being gay? You bet, and much more besides:
Christian schools can no longer uphold their own beliefs and practices, but must bow down to those of the homosexualists... So if a student breaks the rules of a Christian school by living a known sinful lifestyle, the school can do zilch about it. The Labor/Green tyrants might as well tell the schools if they have students committing other blatant sins, be it fornication, adultery, theft, or lying, the school has no right whatsoever to discipline them in any way, or see them removed from their schools... All they seem to want is a totalist homosexual state.

Um, no Bill. Nobody wants a "totalist homosexual state", whatever that even is. But when Bill supports measures to get rid of children from schools, to deny them an education, to have them expelled for something they can't help, had no choice in, and which is normal and legitimate, he is exposing the frightening nature of his homophobic and truly fascist agenda.

I have asked the question before on this blog as to what Muehlenberg would ideally like to see. All he ever does is throw his toys out of the pram because 1) gay people exist and ii) most western countries are starting to treat their gay citizens with dignity and respect. These two things terrify Muehlenberg.

Whilst he has regularly spoken out in favour of the Russian policy, where gay people are legally evicted from their homes just for being gay, where they lose their jobs if their employer finds out they're gay, and where the police turn a giant blind eye to the vigilante torture and murder of countless LGBT people: if this is what Muehlenberg views as an expression of good against "evil" why doesn't he come out and say it?

Why doesn't Muehlenberg actually come out and say what he thinks should be the fate of gay people in a world in which he had political power?

Muehlenberg won't be honest about this because he knows if he is he will leave himself open to be arrested for hate crimes. That's how dangerous his opinions are, and why this blog exists to expose them.

Don't believe me? Head over to CultureWatch and ask him. I'll bet you he'll either censor you or evade the question.

Muehlenberg attacks gay people with the paedophilia slur. Yet again.

In Perversion Promotion: Paedophilia Comes Out of the Closet, Bill returns to his favourite scare tactic of lumping homosexuality and paedophilia together. In all the lowest of Bill's low arguments, this is the most vile, and is clearly his effort to whip up hatred and intolerance against the LGBT community.
After years of bullying, intimidation and activist pressure by the militant homosexual lobby, the American Psychiatric Association caved in, and took homosexuality off its list of mental disorders (DSM) in 1973. Of course we all knew that this was bad news for many reasons. 
So according to Bill, gay people should still be considered mentally ill and incarcerated either in prisons or in psychiatric wards. How tolerant and sweet he is. And according to Bill the APA took homosexuality off their list of mental disorders, not because they realised they had been wrong owing to an accumulation of evidence, but because they were 'bullied'. Just think through how nonsensical Muehlenberg's whole argument is. How on earth does he imagine that this bullying took place and rendered results? No wonder he doesn't back up his ridiculous assertion.
We knew it would just be a matter of time before the social engineers at the APA would cave in to paedophilia. And that has now occurred.

Oh, absolutely Bill. Paedophilia is now completely socially acceptable. I walked past loads of adults having sex with kids this morning.
The newest (fifth) edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders now informs us that there is a ‘paedophile orientation,’ just as there is now a ‘homosexual orientation’. The rest of course will be history. If you are born that way and can’t help it, we will then move to legalisation, protection, promotion and endorsement of the paedophile lifestyle, just as was done with homosexuality. There we saw the law move from prohibition to permission to promotion. Thanks to the homosexual activists, the job of the child lovers has been made so much easier. We all owe the homosexual militants our eternal gratitude.
Is there anything Bill won't blame on gay people? I'd love to know what happened in his sad little life that has made him so homophobic. Did a gay person once push in line in front of him? Did he have a gay brother whom his parents loved more? He doesn't tell us the root of his homophobia because he knows that, unlike a person's sexuality, a pathological hatred of minorities is something that can respond to therapy.

A laugh at the goons who post on CultureWatch

Muehlenberg allows his contributors a free hand. They regularly reveal their stupidity and bigotry, generally two traits that co-exist. 

Commentator Daryl Snowden asks:
On the matter of re-orientation therapy, if we can accept that human beings generally can and do change their behaviours, habits, addictions, compulsions and obsessions, then why can’t we accept that some homosexuals, if not all, can change their preferences and convert to heterosexuality?  
Thus instantly falling into the fallacy of thinking that sexuality is just a 'habit'. What these people want to think, and what Muehlenberg truly believes, is that there simply isn't an excuse or a reason why anyone should be gay. Because they manage to persuade themselves of that they persuade themselves that their intolerance and hatred of gay people is acceptable.

Leigh D Stebbins is all Christian love and compassion:
...if it is immoral and unnatural then it is a Sin, nothing more and nothing less a Sin spelt with a Capital S and if Sin is abnormal behavior so is every deviant practice under Heaven yet the APA is saying or trying to say all deviant behaviors are normal. Give me a break.
Charming company Muel keeps. And whilst some people continue to suggest that Bill Muehlenberg really just wants the best for gay people, the fact that he allows this comment to be posted from Chris Dark give lie to that:
It was inevitable that more filth would emerge from the drains. And what about people like me, who do not like gays and lesbians, or paedophiles, and have added their voice to protest-forums and petitions over the past years? I can’t help my behaviour either….I was born this way, so I demand tolerance and acceptance for my “orientation”.
Except no, Chris. Being a cunt is a choice. Note how Dark lumps gays, lesbians and paedophiles together, as if they're all much of a muchness? Nobody likes those who abuse children, you know, like Catholic priests: but hating people simply because they are attracted to members of the same sex is inexcusable bigotry, as is suggesting they are morally equivalent to child rapists. At least Dark manages to be honest that he hates gay people, unlike Muehlenberg, who pretends he loves them so much he just wants them to be straight.

Never one for understatement, Muehlenberg calls an article, "Hurtling Towards Gomorrah" with all the melodrama of a drag queen on pride day.

In the article, Muehlenberg laments,
The sin of sodomy is still occurring of course, as are other blatant cases of immorality and rebellion against God.
Unbelievable, isn't it? Despite Muehlenberg dedicating his whole entire life to writing abusive articles against gay people, there are still some people who are gay! It really is hard to credit, after all, as Muehlenberg explains,
this behaviour [homosexuality] is the epitome of sinful, fallen man’s propensity to gross evil and defiance of God.

Yes, there's nothing that upsets Bill's non-existent deity more than two men or two women loving one another, sharing a mortgage, nursing one another through sicknesses, sharing holidays and memories and expressing their love for one another in manifold ways. It's perfectly reasonable for Muehlenberg to describe this as "gross evil" and expect that nobody will call him a bigot and a fool.
This website obviously is full of examples of our racing toward Gomorrah. We seem to be on the same path to self-destruction as these cities were. And I have certainly not been the only one warning about this. Many other voices have issued clarion calls, although most seem to fall on deaf ears.
It doesn't seem to occur to Muehlenberg that his shrill warnings that if gay people continue to exist that "god" will have to make an appearance to sort it all out are falling on "deaf ears" because most people think he's crazy and don't share his obsession with homosexuals and the awful things they get up to, like kissing, cuddling, baking cakes, holding down jobs and raising kids.

None of that is important, as far as Muehlenberg is concerned. What really matters is a story from a book of fables in which the person held up to be the good, moral one, Lot, offers up his daughters to be gang-banged by a group of men, rather than let them shag his guests, who are angels. The fact that there's zero evidence that these cities ever actually existed, and that the story views women as the property of men who can be given away to be raped with impunity, seems not to worry Muehleberg and his ilk. As he goes on:
“As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah” awaiting the coming judgement of God. There appears no going back but rather an acceptance and legalizing of that which is an abomination to God.
So Bill has decided that homosexuality is inexcusable, and therefore homosexuals should stop giving Bill sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns by doing the decent thing and ceasing to exist, otherwise, as Paul Wilson wonders,
Given that the world is ripe already for judgement I wonder how much further the world can continue to decline and rebel against a Holy and righteous God. Its one thing for mankind to participate in vile affections so that they might receive in “themselves” that recompence of their error, with God giving them over to a reprobate mind so that even while they have the knowledge of the judgement of God that their sin is worthy of death, they continue; but surely it is another even worse when we see a movement of mankind towards the destruction not only of their own selves but of “others” the innocent children.
Erm, what?
Mark Rabich, the 40-something virgin, who has never been intimate with anybody and is more than likely to die untouched, asks:
What evidence is there that people are ‘born homosexual’ as you claim?
The glorious hypocrisy of the religionist asking for evidence!!! You show them the evidence for the age of the earth, the size of the universe, for evolution and they turn a giant, cognitive-dissonance blinded eye. Yet when it comes to something that doesn't fit their worldview, they demand evidence. When it comes to their worldview, talking snakes, gods leaping down from the sky, women made from a rib, floods that cover the whole surface of the planet - all these things of course require NO EVIDENCE.

          Surely your thinking needs significant scientific evidence to back it up?

Oh, the irony. Oh, the hypocrisy. As for the evidence, presumably you'll put it in the same box as the evidence for evolution and mark it "pretend this doesn't exist"?
After all, everybody has a mother and father, so the fundamental assumption of your thinking goes against the life experience of 100% of people on the planet, including yourself. Your own life testifies against you! How do you justify this disregard for straightforward facts about human sexuality? You are the one with the completely unscientific viewpoint, aren’t you?
Um, what? Anyone convinced by this? I can't be bothered reading the rest of his nonsense. Rabich is crying out to get laid. If he manages that he'd give up his silly religion and never comment on Bill's site again.

Mike Marshall thinks he's being clever:
If 20 gays and 20 lesbians were the last people on earth, then they would change to save mankind from extinction. Yet here in Australia today, gays are told by the government that they cannot change to save THEMSELVES! Society doesn’t kill gays because as you’ve said before “San Francisco has the same suicide rates…”. Living the gay lifestyle kills them, as they’ve lived a lifestyle of rejecting themselves biologicly, amongst other things.Young gays will keep killing themselves because LGBT does not ever want to publicly admit that gays can change.
Riiiiiight, so gay people kill themselves because other gay people aren't admitting that yet more gay people can allegdly switch sexualities, according to barking mad religionists. Makes perfect sense.

Dameon McManus has an even better knockdown argument:
I think this is OK: If a happily married man and woman are under threat of the marriage ending because one of them decides to come out, then the gay police will have to force them to retreat. After all they are heterosexual and cannot change their sexual orientation according to the gay science.
Think about that…… Now try that argument against the homo militants and see how far it gets you.
Um, I think most people would assume the gay partner in the marriage had been gay all along and living a lie? It's unlikely that they had just switched sexuality because that doesn't happen - which is kind of the whole point?

CultureWatch is a glorious blog for exposing the stupidity, bigotry and ignorance of the extremist Christians like Muehlenberg.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Bill Muehlenberg's hypocrisy goes off the scale!

In his article "Running on Lies and Hatred", Muehlenberg whinges that the "militant homosexual lobby" (whatever that is):
...refuse to engage in proper debate (you know, dealing in facts, evidence, proper reasoning and logic) but instead rely almost exclusively on ad hominem attacks (call your opponents every foul and disgusting name under the sun) and simply lie a lot.  
So after moaning about people who disagree with him calling him by a "disgusting name" he then calls them the "gaystapo" - a grotesque slur he throws out very often.

Does he even see the hypocrisy?
And they do that by dishing out a never-ending supply of intimidation, hatred, bullying, provocation, and invective. They seek to wear you down by non-stop abuse and nasty bullying.

This from a man who spends his life maintaining a gay-hate blog. Does he even see the hypocrisy?
These guys of course are not interested in debate and proper argument. They are interested in only one thing: shutting us down altogether.
This from a man who doesn't think LGBT people should have any rights, or even be allowed to exist. Does he even see the hypocrisy?

He then talks about his gay-hating videos on Youtube, which I posted about recently (see below for examples of his censorship). He says of the negative comments:
One serial pester and hyper-troll I have had to delete as spam already, but all the others I have allowed to remain.
Oooh, that's me he's talking about. Having presented "facts, evidence, proper reasoning and logic", you know, the kind of thing Muehlenberg whinges those who dare to disagree with him can't and won't supply, his response has been to mark all of my comments as "spam" and delete them. See the recent blog posts for evidence of his censorship and need to shut down free speech and honest debate. As I have repeatedly said, I only maintain this blog because Muehlenberg censors comments, denies the right of reply and closes down free speech and honest debate wherever and whenever he can.

Does he even see the hypocrisy?

He is welcome to come here and engage in debate if he so wishes. He won't, because he can't censor or control what those who disagree with him will say.

To repeat what Muehlenberg has said:
These guys of course are not interested in debate and proper argument. They are interested in only one thing: shutting us down altogether.
Does he even see the hypocrisy?
Forget the facts and data – just throw out ugly and demonic slurs and heap plenty of dirt on your opponents. And then just shout “lies” when in fact the only ones actually lying are those who cannot bear to face the facts.
Amazingly, Muehlenberg isn't talking about himself there. Does he even see the hypocrisy?

So having released two videos on a public site in which he spreads lies, bigotry and intolerance towards gay people, and seeks to deny gay people the same rights that he enjoys, he then moans:

With all this hatred, bullying and abuse thrown at you, it is pretty daunting to say the least. 
Does he really expect to bully and abuse people and that nobody will disagree with him or point out his foolishness? What does he expect? All non-Xtian nutters to say, "You know what, you're dead right Bill. Let's get those nasty homos." Stop attacking gay people all the time, Bill, and you won't receive hostile comments. I'll even stop maintaining this blog. Keep attacking gay people and seeking to deny them rights, and reasonable people will fight you over it. Simples.

He ends with yet more arrogant bigotry:
Many of these folk had a Christian upbringing, but have since rejected it to enjoy and wallow in their sin. 
Yeah, what gay people really need is theocratic nonsense. What Bill's saying here is that he'll stop attacking gay people just as soon as they agree he's been right all along and stop, you know, being gay, which is something the bigot Muehlenberg dismisses as "wallowing in sin". Such an angry, intolerant and foolish man is hardly a ringing endorsement of Christianity, is he?

If you want to leave a comment and see if it gets treated as "spam", have a go:

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Further Proof Muehlenberg is a Censoring Hypocrite

As if further proof were even needed, Muehlenberg shows yet again that he will censor anyone who disagrees with him, stifle debate and shut down free speech.

He has removed almost all of my comments from his gay-hate anti-equality video:

This includes the comment in my previous post pointing out that he was engaging in such censorship. Having replied to a "Jane Munro" (a bit of investigation reveals her to be an uneducated gun-toting redneck - just the sort of person Muehlenberg admires) Muehlenberg has deleted all of my posts, effectively denying any right of reply.

Here are some further screen grabs of my posts, before Muehlenberg decided to censor them:

And finally, Jane Munro's licence to shoot. I wonder if she's taken out any of 'dem pesky gays yet?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Muehlenberg is now censoring his Youtube Gay Hate videos

I posted a few responses to people on Bill's Youtube homophobic crusade (the short version is found here):

I had a terse discussion with Jane Munro, who on another video had described gay people as "evil".

Within days, all but one of my comments had been deleted. I looked into this, and apparently on Youtube the owner of a video is allowed to delete comments they don't like.

So once again, Bill Muehlenberg is revealing himself to be obsessed with censorship and only concerned with pushing his homophobic agenda. He will allow no other point of view to even appear in the public domain. After the countless examples of censorship and stifling of free, honest and open debate on his Culturewatch blog, he has now extended his disdain for other people's free speech to his antigay videos.

It's breathtaking hypocrisy that sees Muehlenberg regularly whining that "liberals" and "lefties" constantly censor him and stifle free speech. He proves again and again that he is the worse offender of the lot when it comes to censorship.

Here's a little challenge to Jackboot Bill: I've posted another comment on his hate campaign video, exposing his censorship. A screenshot is below. Let's see how long it lasts:

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Billy is a Movie Star!

Bill "special rights to homosexuals" Muehlenberg is a big movie star now!

He's spent a load of money getting a video on Youtube in which he puts all his charisma into attacking gay people. Apparently if you say anything bad about gay people and suggest they shouldn't marry, then your church will be closed down and you'll be put in gaol.

How odd that, if that's true, Muehlenberg is still a free citizen! Could it be that - perish the thought - he's lying? Could it be that his rant is merely an evidence-free piece of homophobic propaganda?

Check out our Uncle Billy's big movie debut though. He's released a long, rambling 21 minute video, in which even people who agree with him will be wanting to gouge out their eyes than hear his inane, droning voice by the time it ends. For the Tarantino generation, there's an edited highlights - only seven minutes.

To think Billy could have spent the money he's used on the video on - I don't know - his family? But his anti-gay agenda comes before everything, as we know.

The edited highlights:

The longer, even more tedious version:

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Anonymous Posters, and what this blog is for

I frequently receive comments from Christians who never leave their name. It's difficult to tell whether it's the same "Anonymous" on each occasion. Most of them castigate me for not leaving my name on this blog and "hiding in the anonymity of internet shadows". They apparently don't see the irony, nor recognise that they are hypocrites.

It doesn't make any difference what my name is. The only reason the Christians want to know is so that they can hector me in my private life for exposing the lies and bigotry of one of their fold. It's not a game I'm willing to play.

Let's be clear about a few things. Bill Muehlenberg's career is attacking gay people, atheists, Muslims, left-wing people - everyone he hates. He makes money from his hate blog. He has written a book peddling lies about gay people and daily makes attacks upon whole sections of society. This therefore makes it fair game to hold up his views to scrutiny and justifiable contempt and ridicule. This is not a blog attacking Xtianity, however easy that would be, it's a blog attacking the views of Bill Muehlenberg. So Xtians taking it personally must be a bit stupid. I don't make any money from this blog, nor is it what I do for a living. I maintain this blog to expose the lies and bigotry of someone who makes a living spreading lies and bigotry. Big difference.

Bill Muehlenberg publically lobbies for political power to exclude people he doesn't like (especially gays, but also atheists, Muslims and liberals) from public discourse. I am not doing any political lobbying through this blog, nor am I trying to exclude anyone from holding any position in society. Big difference.

I never intended to keep this blog. I started off making a few polite comments on Muehlenberg's blog and was instantly banned for the crime of pointing out where his reasoning was unsound. His parting shot was that I should start my own blog if I wanted to "push" my "agenda". In the only time I ever took Muehlenberg's advice, I did precisely that. If he won't debate - what alternative is there? Why should his lies, bigotry and political crusade against minorities go unchallenged? Bill Muehlenberg is more than welcome to come to this blog and comment and defend himself. He also knows my email address. He is free to drop me a line and ask to meet and talk at any time. The reverse most certainly isn't true. Big difference.

What I think it boils down to is that Xtians don't like having the views of one of their spokespeople held up to scrutiny and ridicule. Reading this blog exposes some ugly home truths that they don't want to be forced to confront. They still expect to live in a world where religious opinions can't be challenged and are given a free pass simply because they are religious. Times have changed.

The fact of the matter is that this blog receives anywhere between a few hundred to fifteen hundred hits a month from countries all over the world. It is a resource that discredits Bill Muehlenberg and his unjustified, bullying attacks on minorities. Anyone can look through the archives and find countless examples of his lies, censorship and abuse.

So the Xtians who anonymously comment may like to think about what it really is about this blog that makes them so angry and uncomfortable.

Please don't waste my time and yours with any more whinging "you're just as bad" comments. If you hate minorities and campaign for their extermination you can expect your views to be fairly and vigorously challenged.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Childish Arrogance of Muehlenberg

I haven't posted for a while but I've continued to keep an eye on Bill's angry hate blog Culturewatch. You can get the measure of a man by his words. Bill recently said this:
The truth is, there are people who are God’s enemies. They should be, in a sense, our enemies as well.
He's talking about anyone who isn't a right-wing Xtian fundamentalist. You know, like him. Because obviously Bill Muehlenberg is "saved" and his god is really, really pleased with him. But anyone who doesn't think exactly like Bill?
they are heading for a lost eternity
You can see at once the childish thinking. Anyone who doesn't think exactly like me is wrong and should be punished for not being exactly like me. It explains why right-wing people are often arrogant and judgemental with irrational beliefs like "intelligent design" and religion, with an strong cognitive dissonance to ignore reality, such as scientific truth.

But Bill comforts himself thinking that everyone who disagrees with him will be punished for eternity by the god he's convinced is exactly like him. This includes Xtians who aren't as foaming-at-the-mouth irate as loveable old Bill. He hates their guts too:
The amount of unbiblical thinking most Christians are engaged in is really quite appalling. One suspects that large swathes of the Christian community have never even opened the book they claim is so vital to their faith. 
Really, Bill? Tell us what happens when you chat to fellow Xtian folk.
...when you quote Scripture to them, or share with them some biblical truths, many of them will actually take offence and get angry with you. Go figure! 
Go figure indeed! You can't possibly mean that you piss people off with your arrogance, priggishness and obsession with the gays?
I get this happening to me all the time. I expect non-believers to treat me this way of course. But the real shocker is when so many who claim to be believers treat me this way. 
Wow! It really is a shocker! Even your fellow Xtians think you're a cunt. Extraordinary. Perhaps you should learn from this and be less of a cunt?
But this is not true just of me. Jesus of course had the same problem.
No. Instead you compare yourself to Jesus. Such humility.
As an example, I am often rebuked for pointing out sinful activities or clearly evil people doing clearly evil things. I am told I must not judge and I dare not look down on anyone or anything.
It's called living in a society, Bill. Everyone's different. Not many people want to be an arrogant, judgemental prick like you. Most people are happy to live and let live.
Well, Scripture takes a different approach to these matters. The Bible is never shy about calling a spade a spade...
That's a borderline racist phrase, but OK... Bill goes on to say that his deity "laughs at the wicked". He claims to know this from a bit he's cherry-picked from the bibble. He goes on to quote a fellow right-wing nutter in an attempt to justify his rabid hatred of everyone different to himself:
To ‘hate’ them is to desire with equal ardour that, if they stubbornly refuse to repent and believe, they will incur God’s judgment.
Right, so it's fine to hate the gays, Muslims, atheists, left-wing Xtians, Jews, feminists, Hindus etc. Your god hates them too, so you're essentially doing god's work by hating everyone who doesn't think exactly like you. So it's all alright then. He quotes from the same bedfellow nutter:
It might sound ‘unloving’ to say God laughs at the wicked. Well, is it any more ‘unloving’ than sending the wicked to hell? God’s love is offered to all….and received only by some. God’s justice is handed down to those who reject the Lord’s love and grace. If God wants to laugh at those who oppose Him, who are we to question the Almighty?
Exactly, Bill. Don't think about what you're doing or question the fact that virtually everyone you meet, including your fellow Xtians, think you're an utter cunt. It must just mean that you're more virtuous than everyone around you. So you go right ahead being a cunt and angrily denouncing everybody else. How many converts have you won in this way?
He loves and seeks out the sinner. So should we. But he will not tolerate rank rebellion and opposition to himself. Neither should we.
If Bill is really interested in "saving" the "sinner", do you really think the best way to go about it is to maintain a hate-blog and ministry that daily denounces minorities? How many gay people, Muslims or atheists have read his work and thought, "Shit, he's right. I'm going to hell. Best repent and get with the lord?" I'd guess zero. Does Bill care about this? No. He couldn't give a shit about anyone who doesn't already agree with him. He's not in it for "saving souls". His whole ministry is just an ego trip for him.

Bill often claims that it's only people who disagree with him (sane, rational people) who go in for name-calling. Google "Bill Muehlenberg homofascists" and see how many hits come up. He's now coined "Brown Shirts" to refer to gay people too. Given the tens of thousands of gay people exterminated by the Nazis during WWII you would think that even Bill would consider such language offensive and insensitive? It gets worse:
...allowing sodomites to “marry” is the most pressing issue of our time.
In the same article:
either they support sodomite marriage or they should look for another political party
Sodomite marriage. No doubt this is Muehlenberg "calling a spade a spade". You have to pity someone so pathetic he's willing to reduce gay relationships to the sexual act. Nobody rational would call straight marriage "monastery position marriage". That he thinks gay relationships are entirely about sex reveals a lot about his warped, twisted, poisonous little mind. But fear not, because Muehlenberg has revealed when he intends to stop being an utter cunt:
when everyone is fully convicted and living the way God wants them to, then I will stop!
Let people decide for themselves the best way to live their own lives, you arrogant fool.

I will stop writing this blog when Muehlenberg stops political lobbying to fulfil his aims of demonizing minorities, blocking their rights and encouraging their laws that will justify silencing them, by whatever draconian methods. Bill is a big supporter of Putin's Russia, where gay people are silenced, tortured, murdered and forbidden from engaging in public debate. Let's not forget that this is exactly what Bill Muehlenberg and Xtians like him want to see in the West.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Muehlenberg Jerks Off Over Tony Abbott

Bill Muehlenberg has been creaming his pants over the election victory of Catholic conservative Tony Abbott, replacing the Labour led pro-equal marriage Kevin Rudd. So it looks like Bill's adopted country will remain more socially conservative than much of northern Europe. That's not much surprise, it has often been the case. Labour had six years to introduce equal marriage and didn't bother. Now it will have to wait until next time they're voted in.

Bill claims:
Kevin Rudd... talked about himself incessantly, while not even once congratulating Tony Abbott.
This is an outright lie. As I document time and time again on this blog, Muehlenberg is very happy to lie to serve his agenda. Almost all the news stories covering this mention that Kevin Rudd has congratulated Tony Abbott on his election victory. Here are just three:

Bill's disciples must be stupid, and lazy enough to not bother checking the facts for themselves.
His real gloating is saved for the issue of equal marriage, which will of course happen in Australia one day, and sooner rather than later. Not wanting to call it "equal marriage" or even "same sex marriage", Bill coins a new term to describe it:

Kevin’s promise to ram sodomite marriage down our throats

Get that? Sodomite marriage. Oh, the Xtian love just pours out of this guy. The politeness, the willingness to adopt reasoned debate. I thought it was just "the other side" that resorted to name-calling, Bill?

He reduces gay love and relationships to the act of anal sex, and in a single stroke, like so many other male theocrats, ignores the existence of lesbians altogether. Bill's bigoted attitude and offensive rhetoric is precisely why equal marriage has become a necessity, and why most countries in the West are seeking to offer its LGBT citizens the same level of protection and acknowledge the equal status of their relationships.

This from simpering Dawn McGregor:
I have always had problems using the illegitimate expression “g.. marriage”. Thank you for supplying a better alternative.

I'd suggest you have other problems too, Dawn my love.

Bill's nauseating gloating continues in a further article, "More On The Abbott Victory, in which he says:
A hostile, and now very upset lamestream media, and the new Labor opposition will not cut Abbott and the Coalition any slack whatsoever. They, like so many others devastated at what Australia decided last night, are proving to be real whiners and sore losers.

Hmmm. Just like Bill and his cronies when Obama was re-elected? What's that word that starts with h and ends with ypocrisy? As ever, Bill is full of it.

But if he really wants to live in a world where gay people are treated like criminals for even existing then I suggests he moves to Russia or Africa. The pendulum has swung, and it won't swing back. It's only a matter of time before Australia adopts equal marriage. So it's time for you to leave, Bill. I'll come and wave you off at the pier.

Still a wall of silence from Ross McPhee as to what he "admires" about homophobe-in-chief Muehlenberg. I'm a patient man.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Embrace Xtianity - Or Else!

It would be a full-time job reporting on and exposing every single lie that Bill Muehlenberg propagates. With every week that passes there’s another glut of rabid anti-gay propaganda and vicious, hate-fuelled rhetoric. I have to pick and choose which ones to comment on as there are simply too many to cover them all.

 Embrace Homosexualism – Or Else! is probably Muehlenberg’s most excessive attack on LGBT people for a long time. He falls back once again on his tried and tested false comparison of being gay with being a junkie. If a drug addict can become clean, surely a gay person can stop being gay? Yep, that’s basically his position. He’s throwing his toys out of the pram because various US states are banning so-called “reparative” “therapy” for minors – the abusive and ineffective brainwashing that parents can force their gay children to go through in failed attempts to turn them “straight” through a process of xtian voodoo.

Unsurprisingly, “reparative” “therapy” has been proven time and time again to be wholly ineffectual at best and to have devastatingly negative consequences for its victims at worst. With Exodus International, the largest peddlers of anti-gay lies and hypocrisy ever establishing, collapsing beneath the weight of its own hypocrisy and fraudulence, “reparative” “therapy” in the Western world is being exposed for what it is: a money-making racket that targets vulnerable young gay people with false promises of change.

Since Bill Muehlenberg has no problem with the torture and abuse of gay people (that much is evident for his overwhelming support for the situation in Russia where gay murders, vigilante killings and suicides are at an all-time high; and where someone can lose their job or house simply for being gay – all these are wonderful developments as far as Muehlenberg is concerned) he’s happier with the status quo where “reparative” “therapy” can be forced on gay minors and a money-making system of torture and abuse remains in place. Any acknowledgement that such barbaric cruelty is unacceptable sends him frothing at the mouth with anger.

Bill posts a comment from an individual who is clearly understandably frustrated at all the abuse Bill throws out, and responds in kind telling Bill to go fuck himself. Bill allows this to be seen so that he can add:
I always appreciate it when the other side comes along and illustrates the very points I was seeking to make: no arguments, no evidence, no debate, no nothing – just plenty of hatred, intolerance, mud-slinging, and ugly name-calling.

He’s such a hypocrite. He throws out dehumanising insults like “homonazi” and “homosexual jackboot” on a regular basis. A tad insensitive perhaps, after the Nazi extermination of gay people during the Holocaust? Hypocrisy, as ever, the bedfellow of the religionist.

He adds his usual sanctimonious:

But despite your sentiments, we will continue to keep you folks in prayer.

Which basically means, “I hate you and deny your right to exist: but I'm the good guy here. I continue in my wishful thinking that you will think exactly as I think, or I’ll continue to fight to exterminate you”.

You can see Bill’s scary thinking in his comment about gay people:

Of course they feel guilty – because they are guilty... they need to flee from it.

Um, no, most gay people don’t feel in the least guilty for being true to themselves! The only ones I’ve ever known to feel guilty are those with residual religious brainwashing they have yet to overcome. In Bill’s eyes they deserve any level of abuse because they are guilty – just as a murderer is guilty.

Guilty. Wow, sometimes the bigotry of this man still surprises even me.

In light of this, I anonymously added a comment that politely challenged what Bill had written. I offered him reason and evidence in the hope that it would elicit a debate. Here’s the evidence of what I posted:

Do you think Bill allowed my comment to stand? No, he censored it and binned it. Why? Was I rude? Belligerent? No – I simply disagreed with him and illustrated the paucity of his thinking, as you can see for yourself.

Time and time again we see that Bill Muehlenberg simply won’t allow any truth to appear on his blog, and he will censor anyone who challenges his views. So anyone who only reads Bill’s blog will think that his critics are only rude and abusive and offer no arguments. You can clearly see here that it’s only Bill’s outrageous deception that such an illusion can be maintained.

I have caught out Muehlenberg lying like this time and time again, and avoiding reasoned debate time and time again. He is simply not interested. He’s solely concerned with pushing his agenda of whipping up hatred against LGBT people and fighting to remove them from political discourse, and also from the planet. Make no mistake, as far as Muehlenberg is concerned, LGBT people have no right to exist. His definition of “love” is to be and think exactly like him or relinquish your rights to exist. Muehlenberg is an extremist fascist and his true intentions deserve full scrutiny.

Loving homosexuals means telling them they don’t have to be gay.

Telling them. No explanation as to how this switching of sexualities is to occur – according to Bill they just need to be told, “Stop being gay, or you’ll go to hell, and you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh, and stop being tall and blue-eyed too. That’s not Jeebus’ plan for you. I know how you should feel and think better than you do.” The only love is to force them to be what they cannot be. What compassion. What tolerance. What love. There's a place Muehlenberg can stick such "love" - love that comes packaged in angry rants and insults.

Of course, it’s far easier for Muehlenberg to delude himself, and try to delude others into thinking that sexuality can just be changed, because it’s no more than a conscious choice. That way, he can live with himself that gay people who continue to be, um, gay, are doing it on purpose, just to spite good honest Xtians, and therefore bring on themselves the torrent of abuse he unleashes every day.

Perhaps Muehlenberg, who is very well aware of this blog, would care to explain how “reparative” “therapy” works? Perhaps he’d care to explain why the vast majority of “cured” “ex-gays” end up devastating their new families by returning to same-sex relationships? Perhaps he’d like to explain why other people’s sex lives are any of his business?

No, Bill Muehlenberg won’t come over here because, as I’ve repeatedly demonstrated, he is not interested in debate, only in his own dogma. And LGBT people have no right to exist according to his dogma. What he and his ilk are after is special rights to legally discriminate against gay people on the basis of their sexuality. Being told he can’t legally discriminate in such a way he equates with persecution.

Check out Chris Dark’s comment about gay people:

Would it not be a wonderful thing to see all these people return to their full power, as real men and real women, instead of the distorted forms they are currently in?

Imagine he was talking about Xtians and see how he’d feel about that!

Oh, and Ross and Anonymous continue to be silent, and haven’t answered any of the questions I put to them, not leadt of which is: why do you admire Muehlenberg exactly?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Muehlenberg’s Approval of Russian Antigay Violence and Murder

Bill Muehlenberg continues to peddle lies and misinformation against the LGBT community. In a recent article, Pagans in the Pulpits and Pews, Muehlenberg was ranting and raving against Gosford Anglican Church which has posted the following message:
That simple message of tolerance and acceptance is enough to leave Muehlenberg stamping his feet in rage.

"They are of course simply calling God a liar," he rages.

Then the threats of hellfire start: "Bearing false witness is a big time sin, and it does not get much bigger than this."

To illustrate his point, Muehlenberg coopts his favourite logical fallacy of switching words as if that somehow proves his point:
Dear Christians, some Christians are murderers, get over it, love God
Dear Christians, some Christians are rapists, get over it, love God
Gosford Church must have been kicking themselves if they read Bill's post. It completely stands to reason that men who have consensual sex with other men, or women with women, are every bit as immoral as murderers, rapists and arsonists. LOL.

It's the sort of thing where at once you can see the warped and twisted priorities of Muehlenberg and his extremist buddies.

Bill's antigay posts always attract the most comments, which just goes to show that the foaming-at-the-mouth Xtians don't give a shit about their superstitions, and the ones Bill attracts are in it just for justification for their bitter hatred of gay people.

I posted offering a little perspective politely asking Bill if he has ever read Mel White's remarkable book, "Stranger at the Gate, to be Gay and Christian in America". In it, Dr White, a former darling of the religious right and ghost writer for the likes of Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, talks about his long and disastrous struggle to "overcome" his homosexuality, and his final acceptance of it as (as he sees it) a gift from god.

Here is a screenshot of my comment:

It "awaited moderation" for several days before disappearing!

Bill simply doesn't like anyone to present a point of view he disagrees with on his site, most especially not if they bring evidence that Bill is wrong. Honest debate? Forget it, Bill is interested in one thing and one thing alone: pushing antigay propaganda.

Bill Muehlenberg will not allow the truth onto his blog or ever speak the truth about homosexuality because it fatally damages his case, it destroys his worldview, and it threatens his income, which is made from inflicting misery, violence and oppression against LGBT people through the deliberate spread of intolerance, hate, lies and distortion. This is why I have no hesitation in stating as a fact that Bill Muehlenberg is a liar and deeply evil.

Whilst much of the Western world has looked on in horror at the oppression of LGBT people in Russia, with draconian legislation forcing gay people out of their jobs, rented accommodation etc simply for their sexuality, where hundreds of organised vigilante groups are going about torturing, beating and murdering gay or even suspected gay people, many of them teenagers, with the government tacitly approviny by turning a giant blind eye, Muehlenberg has this to say:
Yes Russia is looking better and better lately.
Antigay violence and murder is a situation that is "better and better" according to Muehlenberg. Here's a screenshot of him using those words:

Make no mistake: Muehlenberg campains for the right to wipe LGBT people from the face of the planet. Nor does he think that anybody has a right to object:
We are in a war folks. And the various battles are all of a piece: whether it is fighting for the right to proclaim the gospel, or the right to life, we must stand for all these things simultaneously.
There is no right, as far as Muehlenberg is concerned, to not have his version of the gospel inflicted upon you.

Thank goodness Muehlenberg has no political power. He would be the worst kind of tyrant, especially as he wholeheartedly approves of Putin.

I maintain this blog to reveal what an evil man Muehlenberg is, and as somewhere where the truth he is so desperate to conceal can be found. It's my contribution to ensuring Muehlenberg and his ilk never gain a political foothold so that they can bully, oppress, intimidate and murder those who don't subscribe to their lunatic beliefs.

There has been an overwhelming silence from Bill's mate Ross as to what exactly it is about Muehlenberg he admires. I wonder why? Perhaps he'd like to explain?

Friday, 19 July 2013

So Bill... is it possible to be an Xtian *and* accept evolution?

This is a question congenital liar and evader Bill Muehlenberg is unwilling to answer or give his view on.

We all know that Bill's a reality- and history-denier, and a fundamentalist who believes, despite the fact it makes him barking mad, that "Adam" and "Eve" were actual real people and the first humans who lives a few thousand years ago (remind me, where did Cain's wife come from again, and exactly how did he found a city?)

But of course when the Polish Pope, the UK's Archbishop of Canterbury and better-educated religionists like them accept the reality of evolution, Bill and his ilk back themselves further and further into a corner in holding out denying it.

The fact of the matter is that anyone with a functioning brain cell can see the obvious truth of evolution and the overwhelming evidence that supports it. Even religious leaders now concede that they have to accept it and try to twist their beliefs around it.

So when Muehlenberg posts implying you can only be an Xtian if you deny evolution (see A Tale of Two Women - Of Faith), then simply asking if the two are mutually exclusive is enough to have you censored. Good honest Bill, who's always seeking to engage in "the truth", runs a mile from the question. He runs because he has to, because he has no credible defence for his views.

If you don't believe me, ask him yourself. Muehlenberg is intellectually dishonest. This is what I asked, for which I received no reply and was censored:

Monday, 8 July 2013

Muehlenberg wants War with LGBT People, not Peace

Muehlenberg’s recent piece (there’s never any point in saying “latest” piece, since he churns out antigay hate posts at an impressively prolific rate) “On Being Provocative In Christian Ministry” is an interesting one, because it reveals the startling depths of his antagonism towards gay people. He calls all Christians (as usual he ignores the fact that there are gay Christians) to be provocative. Not in a sexual way – I doubt anybody wishes to see Muehlenberg in nipple tassels and a g-string – but in terms of attending Gay Pride events and stirring up trouble, or peddling a religious agenda –whichever definition you prefer.

I posted as “Tim Grice”, an anodyne comment, stating that the Archbishop of Canterbury in the UK is seeking peace with gay people – and stood back and watched the hostile firework display I was expecting.

Bill’s response intrigued me, because it set me wondering what would it take for him to show the grace, tolerance and compassion of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and cease his hate-fuelled homophobic campaign?

I posted again, basically asking that question. Naturally, “what would it take for you to stop your homophobic campaign and live peaceably with gay people?” is not a question Muehlenberg is willing to answer. If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself. I captured a screenshot of the perfectly reasonable and harmless and non-provocative comment which you can see for yourself below. I ask him, "I would genuinely like to know why you believe than all-out war against homosexuals is preferable to seeking to make peace?" Bill censored the comment and did not respond.
 Of course this stands completely to reason. After all, if he were to decide to peacefully co-exist with gay people, what would be left of his antigay ministry? He lines his pockets with his homophobic lies and propaganda. He makes his living from peddling hatred and suspicion against innocent gay people. If there was some way he could come to accept the presence of LGBT in an open and pluralistic society he would cease to serve any purpose.

Muehlenberg is nothing without his hatred of homosexuals.

I’m reminded of the truly chilling words of David Skinner which Muehlenberg allowed to be posted under this article:

And if we do not want those consequences we have no option but to say to our out proud friends. “I love you dearly, but if I have to choose between you and the survival of my family and my nation, I am afraid you have to go.” We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.
One of us has to go. This is something Bill agrees with. He truly believes he is engaged in a “war” against gay people, and has said so many times. He is so utterly unreasonable and fundamentalist in his views that no peace is possible – unless gay people submit to his demands and cease to exist. I wrote up about this here

If I’m wrong about the frightening depths of Muehlenberg’s antigay agenda, let him correct me, or let one of his followers put the same innocent question to him. 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Muehlenberg's "gay=paedophile" tactics. Again.

Bill Muehlenberg's antigay modus operandi is clear once again for all to see.

Whenever and wherever gay rights gain further ground, Muehlenberg resorts to a smear campaign and fear tactics.

His favourite smear campaign against LGBT people is that they're all pro-paedophilia or actively paedophiles themselves. He repeats this egregious lie time and time again each time hard-won freedoms are afforded to the minority. I've previously documented such example here and here.

This time he reports the story of the sexual abuse of a young child fostered by a gay couple who have now been convicted and imprisoned.

Bill himself suggests in his article, which he delightfully calls "Don’t Mention the H and P Words Together" (why would anyone apart from a liar with a hate-fuelled agenda like you, Bill?) that:
just think if it was a Christian couple – heterosexual – who was caught doing this demonic abuse. The headlines would be massive.   
I'm not sure how he thinks he can justify that. Yet it's clear he's aggrieved that the media hasn't seized on the story as a way to propagate hatred towards LGBT people - the precise tactic he has adopted.
He goes on:
If it were a Christian crime, we would see that word used plenty of times even in a short article.   
Thus revealing his rank double standards or deliberate deceit. Because the child was abused by a gay couple, Muehlenberg is inferring that, by proxy, ALL gay people share a portion of the blame. But imagine if it were a Christian couple who had abused the child, there have after all been plenty of such cases; what would Bill's response be to someone who suggested to him that it were a "Christian crime"? He would quite rightly say that it was nothing to do with Christianity; but it doesn't serve his hate-fuelled antigay agenda to acknowledge the same must be true in this case. No, if one single gay couple is guilty of abuse, it must, in Bill's eyes, be symptomatic of gay people in general.

What a despicable double-standard, all to support his antigay propaganda.

He even admits his double standard later in the article:
Thankfully most homosexuals are not involved in such activities. But sadly enough are that we must continue to sound the alarm here.
His subtext is clear. Some gay folk may be safe around kids, but enough of them want to rape kids that we should smear them all with the paedophile label.

Well, Bill, it's an established fact that over the last few centuries the vast majority of paedophilic abuse has come from the clergy of every religion, and from school teachers. Should we smear all clerics and teachers (who have positions of authority over children) with the paedophile label?

In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, who was aware of the depths of depravity of its child rape epidemic, moved abusive priests from parish to parish, silenced or excommunicated anyone who spoke out against its crimes and did its utmost to conceal them from the civil authorities and protect its offending priests, I would argue they have earned the right to be wholly distrusted when it comes to children. The whole institution through and through has discredited its claim to act in the interests of children of its parishioners.

However, it is a disgusting lie to suggest one gay couple abusing a child in any way reflects on LGBT people in general, and it's a shame there's no hell for Bill to go to for deliberately whipping up such hatred against a minority for such a vicious smear campaign.

As usual, the comments are well worth a look.

Julia Marks is worth quoting in more or less in full:
I think what is most notable about this phenomenon is that in the homosexualist community, this is very acceptable behavior. Yes, it does happen in the heterosexual community. But NO-ONE in that community ever tells himself that this behavior is anything except weird and abhorrent. In the homosexual community, however, this type of treatment of children is felt to be what is due them, what is owed them, what is a “natural” part of their lives. In fact, in writing up the “rites” for SSM, they make sure that the concept of monogamy is written out of their vows.
My jaw is on the floor reading such fantasy. How many gay people does she know, or has spoken to? Or does she get this bigoted garbage from her pastor? As usual, Bill's quite happy to let pass such outright lies, completely unchallenged, since it serves his antigay agenda and, as it's the first comment, is proof his plot to whip up hatred against gay people amongst his brethren is starting to work.

Christine Watson says:
When the Catholic church pedophile and pederasty abuse was going on, liberal lunatics tried to blame heterosexual men for the abuse. They must think we are stupid!
Yes, heterosexual men never abuse kids, Christine. Of course you're not stupid. Who could possibly think you're stupid, my love?

She goes on:
Since the “normalization” of homosexuality is gaining ground, the next step is to normalize sexual abuse of children.
Oh yawn, the idiotic "slippery slope" argument. Actually, I hear the gays are after rights to marry uninhabited Greek Islands next. Yes, obviously now that gays can marry and are treated with respect and dignity by rational people then the next step will be normalising the rape of children. How inherently logical. It's why I so admire the religious mind.

Michael Cox agrees:
Yes. When I saw the news, I made the same connection. We’re opening the floodgate to many kinds of sexual evils; Rev Fred Nile predicted that in 10 years, pedofiles would be walking hand in hand with their prodige in New York.
The same connection being, "they're gay! No wonder they're raping a child! All gays are up to it." And once again Fred Nile's prediction is as insane as the swivel-eyed Armageddon peddling clerics. I love Michael Cox's spellings of "paedophile" and "protégé" too - someone clearly in desperate need of an education.

So there you have it. DOMA and Prop8 out, gays marrying in France, California and soon the UK, so Bill, not to be outdone and accept that his life has been dedicated to nasty and hateful bigotry against gay people, whips up a frenzy of fear by extrapolating one case of two gay men abusing a child to everyone who is gay, without a single shred of evidence; and allowing comments that contain the most outrageous lies to be posted, again without a scrap of evidence to support them.

No evidence. Hmmm. I wonder why that is?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Muehlenberg caught concealing the truth about the "ex-gay" myth.

A screengrab has recently been brought to my attention by Lawrence Meckan, who posted on Bill's article "On Exodus".

Bill has been fulminating about the demise of Exodus International, the Christian organisation that has for thirty years been at the forefront of the "ex-gay" racket, peddling the myth that sexuality can be "changed" through prayer and cod psychology. The actions of this appalling organisation have had desperate and sometimes fatal consequences on the lives of gay religious folk, who have often blamed themselves when their sexuality hasn't changed.

Muehlenberg regularly peddles the lie that he knows "thousands" of "former homosexuals" who have "walked away from" homosexuality. Anyone looking at this objectively will know that these poor duped souls are simply creating a crisis for themselves further down the line when they find that - lo! - they're still gay and living a lie.

Muehlenberg says that the comments he refuses to post on CultureWatch are angry ad hominem attacks. Here's Meckan's post in full. Perhaps one of Bill's admirers can explain why he didn't wish for his readers to see the truth?

Dear Bill,
 Why do you not acknowledge the chronic failure rate of ex-gay ministries? I did a longitudinal analysis from 1993 to 2003 and most, if not all, ex-gay ministries were failing to achieve “change” with 99% failure rate.
 Not to mention the fact that “change” was consistently & repeatedly redefined by ex-gay ministries, ranging from ”getting a house to live” to “being part of a community”, which isn’t anything even related to sexual identity or behaviour.
 Exodus was wise to publically acknowledge their failure rate (99% failure), contrary to their own marketing over the last few decades (stated at anywhere between 20% & 40% success) since it helps balance the unjust scales set by fundamentalist ideology.
 This will be your testament to the injustice you perpetuate. By not acknowledging the chronic failure of such ministries & associated theology / ideas, you end up perpetuating psychosocial & psychological harm onto innocent people.

In case you are in any doubt that this comment was genuinely posted on CultureWatch and censored by Bill, here is a screenshot to prove it:

As you can see, it should have appeared underneath David Skinner's comment, but is instead nowhere to be seen because Muehlenberg refused to allow it to be posted. It does make you wonder what rabid homophobes like Skinner are doing watching Gay Pride videos on YouTube though, doesn't it? I wonder what drew his attention to the video with fit young men parading around wearing nothing but speedoes? DISGUSTING! *Where's the replay button so I can be disgusted all over again?*

The fact of the matter is, Muehlenberg once again reveals his dishonesty about issues like human sexuality. It doesn't serve his extremist religious agenda to allow the truth about the chronic failure of "ex-gay" ministries and the widespread damage they do to be revealed. He, and other religious extremists, have simply backed themselves into a corner about this, where they have told so many lies and spread so much hateful antigay propaganda that the truth is hugely problematic. He simply can't defend his position when faced with reason and evidence.

I look forward to hearing from Bill's supporters as to why they think he censored the above comment, and why he continues to lie about the "ex-gay" racket.