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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Muehlenberg equates being gay to being a smoker

Poor old Bill Muehlenberg has his knickers in a twist again (When Vice Becomes Virtue), and just for a change it's those evil gays who are making him foam at the mouth. What's next on the unstoppable juggernaut of the homosexual agenda?

It seems that the enlightened city of Sydney now has a museum devoted to the glories of homosexuality.

Yes, as we all know, gay people are utterly irrelevant to the course of human history and culture. I can't think of any great artists, scientists, politicians or military leaders who were gay.... Surely this museum must be empty? Is that Muehlenberg's concern?

So our boys went overseas and shed their blood so we can openly promote and celebrate sodomy? That is why they suffered and died?

When I think of a museum for gay history and culture, I imagine features on Alan Turing, Harvey Milk, Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, and many other gay people who have shaped human history. I think of the Stonewall riots, the history of the rainbow flag, and so on. Bill's tiny and tawdry imagination jumps to one thing and one thing only - anal sex. He's utterly unable to distinguish being gay from the act of anal intercourse. For him, the sum experience of being gay is anal sex, and that's it. What a narrow-minded, ignorant fool.

As for his comment about "our boys" going overseas to "shed their blood" - actually YES, Bill, the Allies did give or risk their lives to defend liberty and democracy, and to keep the western world a safe place. They certainly didn't give their lives so that theocrats like you could enforce your far-right ideology on everyone. That's what they were fighting against, you ignoramus. Plenty of gay people fought and died in the war too, you know. 

Muehlenberg further proves his lack of knowledge of history in this extraordinary rant:

So what will our ruling elites next dream of? Will all Australians have to salute the rainbow flag each morning, and pledge allegiance to the new religion of homosexualism? Will they have to swear to support this activist agenda to the max, or risk being deported from the country, or rounded up and herded into concentration camps for re-education?

Apart from wondering if Muehlenberg's been on the sauce again, the belly laugh at his utter absurdity turns to the nasty taste in the mouth he leaves with his quip about the concentration camp. You mean the sort of place tens of thousands of homosexuals were murdered by far-right bastards like you during WWII, Bill? How utterly insensitive he is, and what a sick-minded individual to make a comparison like that. To further ram the point home, he talks about the "gaystapo". Try making concentration camp jokes about Israelis, Bill. See where that gets you.

Despite his utter contempt for gay people, and his belief that this huge minority of the population should be entirely invisible in society (why else would he object to a museum?) Bill often remains bewildered as to why reasonable people call him out on his bigotry:

Those who still seek to uphold moral values are denigrated, mocked, vilified and treated as pariah.

Quite why "moral values" equates to wanting to extinguish all gay people from existence is and maintaining a hate-blog is a mystery to me. And yes, Bill is mocked for his idiotic beliefs, such as that evolution is a myth, genesis is historical fact - oh, and homosexuality is just a "habit" that a bit of "prayer" can "cure":

Just imagine if the city of Sydney, complete with full tax-payer funding, set up a museum to extol other lifestyles like this? What about a tobacco and smoking museum, celebrating this lifestyle?

I left a polite comment pointing out the fallaciousness of this comparison. Naturally, since I wasn't kissing Muehlenberg's fat arse and pointed out the error in his thinking, my comment was censored from public view. Smoking is a habit that may be hard to overcome, but it can be done with relative ease. However, humans (and most creatures) are sexual beings, and no amount of praying can relinquish perfectly natural and normal sexual urges. Only castration, biological aging or hormonal imbalance, or being born asexual result in no sexual feelings, and even then it's nothing to do with habit. It's utterly preposterous and downright insulting to suggest being gay is just the same as being a smoker.

Having already played most of his greatest hits, Muehlenberg ends with his familiar calling card of playing the victim:

These laws only apply to those criticising the homosexual activists. Christians and conservatives are the real target of these laws, while the other side can get away with murder here, and nobody utters a peep or gives a rip.

He mourns the fact that he can no longer actively discriminate against gay people on the basis of their sexuality, and is forced to content himself with spreading hatred towards them and lies about them instead. Big man.

Check out some of the comments Muehlenberg does allow to see the light of day:

3.2.13 / 3pm Supporters of homosexuals are the true Homophobics – they are man-pleasers and scared to stand up for truth & righteousness. They are responsible for leading people to an eternity in hell, where there is no exit door!!!

How nice. So Barb's god creates people so that he can burn them for eternity if they don't worship his son, who is also himself. What a lovely being. Naturally Barb, a grade A bigot, will be amongst the "saved". What a smug religionist, thinking the universe was created with her in mind.

Mrs Jane Byrne, whose not at all lesbian "darling" (female) friend has lent her a book called "Sense and Sexuality" (the mind boggles). 

“The rectum is an exit, not an entrance. Anal penetration is hazardous. Don’t do it!” Straight away I thought of Bill and how for so long he has been trying to expose the evil of “sodomy” – Simple as that! Call it same-sex marriage, call it whatever you like! But at the end of the day it is just plain evil! God bless you Bill for your amazing witness to all of us!! I can’t imagine what we would do without you! We would be so watered down to the point of complacency! May God love and bless you for courage and persistence in your work!!"

Well Jane Byrne!! Why the constant use of exclamation marks!!!? Are you really excited all the time?!! What about the straight couples who have anal sex?!!! What about the lesbian couples who don't?!!! What about the gay couples who don't because they prefer oral?!!! How nice of you to conclude that all gay people are "evil" because some of them have sex. Most gay men I know have perfectly functional rectums. What a pathetic individual you are. Perhaps you should get off the internet, since computing was made possible by a gay atheist.

But yes, where would we be without Muehlenberg spreading his intolerance, lies and bullshit?

A more tolerant and more truthful world, that's where.

It's a wonder Muehlenberg doesn't drown in his own bile.

I can't wait for his seizure over the UK passing gay marriage under a right-wing government! See, Bill, even right-wingers can overcome their bigotry.