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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bigoted Bill - Censorship and his anti-gay agenda

First of all, apologies for the wholesale lack of posts in recent weeks. That's nothing to do with Muehlenberg becoming more of a human being, but simply lack of time on my part. Thankfully, a few days in bed with a cold have given me ample scope to catch up and keep an eye on the vipers' nest known as Culturewatch.

A few quick posts to show the kind of "loving" comment Muehlenberg allows to be posted concerning gay people. The first follows Bill's article endorsing the new pope - and who would have thought that an elderly virginal reactionary bigot could have been found in Vatican TM? Bill knows the Papa Francis must be a decent sort because at least he hates the gays too (a surefire sign of good morals in Bill's warped mind). He gleefully posts the new pope's phrase ranting against equal marriage:

‘We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.’
Bill allows this comment through:

What an odd sense of humour this strange woman has for a start! But someone who laughts "all day long" at homophobic abuse is very welcome at Bill's table. Check out the comment that "awaited moderation" before, as Bigoted Bill would put it, "going straight in the bin":

 The crucial part of the quote is:

Do you ever engage in dialogue with gay people?
I have previously asked Muehlenberg how many gay people he knows, or how many gay friends he has. Ask him these questions, and you will be censored.

The reason is that there's no room for gay people to even exist in Muehlenberg's worldview. His agenda is to claim that they oughtn't exist and should have no rights. Simply ask him a polite and straightforward question about gay people and he will run a mile. The only gay people he admits to associating with are the so-called "ex-gays", gays who hate themselves so deeply, because of twisted religious pressure, they pretend they're straight and have been "cured" of their "affliction". If Bill, or people like him ever had political power, he would be rounding up the gays for "ex-gay" "therapy", and no doubt those who "failed" to live up to Bill's sick vision of humanity would end their lives in another Holocaust.  

Here's another polite comment that he refused to post. Could it be because it calls him up on his bullshit?:

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