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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Muehlenberg's deranged rant against his own

Check out the comments under On Pope Francis for the best indication yet of ol' Bigoted Bill going completely off his rocker!

A commentor called Andrew Williams posts. I'll quote the relevant bits:
A nice write-up, giving good background information and context, and yet, when you get right down to the essentials of it, in a long-winded way you are essentially saying once again that the most important issues in Christianity are homosexuality and abortion. I am orthodox in my beliefs about them, I expect I believe pretty much identical to you, and they are important issues. But I am tired of the constant focus on these two issues, to the detriment of covering other issues.
What's interesting about this post is that Andrew Williams clearly agrees with Muehlenberg, he's a homophobe too, but he just doesn't see it as a major issue of his faith. He even commends Bill for a "nice write up". The last part of his comment is VERY revealing:
I have commented once before on your blog, giving a polite reasoned response to a post, and you refused to allow it to be posted. You say that “this site is meant to express my point of view” as if others should not get to post theirs, and yet you decry Labor’s War on Freedom of Speech. If a comment is polite, you should post it. Will you post this one, or like I saw on the last post I commented on, do you only approve comments that agree with your article, or that commend it?
Even Christians who happen not to hold extremist fascist views aren't allowed to post on Culturewatch!

Check out Bill's response though! Bearing in mind the poster hasn't said anything controversial, inflammatory, impolite...
That is not to your liking, evidently because of your leftism... And I have nearly 2500 articles here. Have you read them all Andrew? I write about all sorts of topics all the time.

And the fact that you are really not on the same page here, even though you pretend to be, is your imbecilic line used all the time by the homosexual revisionists: Jesus “never mentioned homosexuality once”. Spare me. Jesus of course never mentioned rape once, or sexual trafficking, or environmental degradation. Obviously then, according to your tortured “reasoning,” he did not give a rip about those matters either. But I fully deal with this lame furphy in my book.

Also, this my site and I will post what I like. I of course have thousands of comments here by my critics. And when I have a clear inkling that I have an annoying troll on my hands, I will certainly give him the flick every time.

And guess what: if you don’t like what I cover, no one is pointing a gun at your head, forcing here to stay here and get so bent out of shape. So feel free to go elsewhere and do your complaining.

Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch
Jesus H. Fucking Christ!

So Bill, who of course hates name-calling that "the other side" engages in, immediately denounces Andrew Williams as a leftist, an imbecile, a complainer and a troll incapable of reasoned thought. As usual, what a fucking hypocrite Muehlenberg reveals himself to be.

All for not licking Bill's fat hairy asshole.

It's hardly any wonder with an attitude and a temper like that that Muehlenberg fails to win friends and influence people, and the flies that his shit attract are as equally irate, pompous, self-righteous and judgemental as he is! 

UPDATE: As for Bill saying,  "I have nearly 2500 articles here. Have you read them all Andrew? I write about all sorts of topics all the time," - who the fuck is he trying to delude? He has 395 articles tagged with 'homosexuality', and um, a whopping 7 on Africa, and 24 on 'difficult bible passages'. Any idiot can see that his priority is to maintain a gay-hating website. He's even written a book, published only by Xtian publishers, which is a piece of anti-gay propaganda. He is obsessed with the gays to the exclusion of almost everything else. Why hasn't he written a book about Jesus or the gospels? He's far more interested in spreading poison and lies about a minority, that's why.


  1. Not really that much out of character for bigoted Bill. If you have any thoughts that don't correspond with his then you become the enemy.

    The one thing I've long noted about religious zealots of ANY persuasion is that they seem to hate each other more than they hate Atheists. It's much easier to mock someone else's interpretation of God than to have a civil debate with someone that rejects all the superstitious claptrap and just looks for a rational explanation.

    So much for these so-called "Christian values".

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  3. Kind of reminded of this John Cleese sketch....

  4. Thanks for the list of Muehlenberg's buddies.

    And lol! Love that sketch!