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Friday, 19 April 2013

Why Muehlenberg and the right-wing bullies are losing the equal marriage argument.

According to Muehlenberg, his objection to gay marriage is:
...two guys basing their relationship on sodomy do not a family make – nor a marriage.
According to gay people, they want to marry so that they have the same tax breaks, inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights etc as straight people.

Bill can't separate the act of gay sex from a gay relationship. Laughter, tears, compassion, shared experiences and memories, families, good times and bad times: as far as Muehlenberg is concerned none of this exists in gay relationships.

It's all just sex.

If he was right, he might actually have a point and gay marriage wouldn't even be considered by any government anywhere in the world.

But thankfully he's a hateful, deluded, bigoted old cunt who doesn't even try to understand the people he regularly degrades, lies about and fights to keep oppressed. So the majority of governments don't agree with his idiotic assessment and are happy for gay people to have their relationships recognised. 

Muehlenberg thinks it's "loving" to tell people they shouldn't exist

Poor old Bigoted Billy has been giving himself indigestion over at Culturewatch thanks to an article in the Age that fails to condemn homosexuals.

He says:
There was a piece in the Sunday Age which was so repulsive and reprehensible that I just closed the site after reading it and thought, ‘OK, no more’. I am just so sick of the propaganda and outright deception the Age is constantly involved in, especially on the issue of homosexuality.
Replusive and reprehensible, eh? The article that's sent flatulent Bill scurrying to void his bowels is here:

You can decide for yourself what is "repulsive" and "reprehensible" about pointing out the simple truth that gay people are not made welcome by the majority of Xtian religious leaders. Billy doesn't want to hear it, and the reason he wants to close his ears, have a temper tantrum and shit his pants is made clear shortly afterwards:
The most loving thing we can do for a homosexual is to tell him the truth: ‘you don’t have to be homosexual’. That is why Christ came, to set the prisoner free, not to allow him to wallow in his sin, degradation and misery. Christ is in the business of totally transforming lost and broken lives.
This Xtian idea of love is a little peculiar to me. It amounts to saying, "I'm not going to accept you for who you are. You have to change a facet of your character in order for me to accept you. If you tell me it's an immutable part of your character that you cannot change I'll insist that believing in my mumbo-jumbo will set you "free". When this doesn't work, and you tell me you're still gay, despite all my voodoo, I'll tell you it's your fault for not trying hard enough and reject you some more. It's loving of me to tell you: YOU SHOULD NOT EXIST."

Yeah, really loving and compassionate. It's just as well that gay people aren't so tasteless, obscene and bigoted when it comes to dealing with Xtian bullies like Muehlenberg. I can't name any gay people who tell Xtian thugs that they oughn't exist. If only the same respect and consideration was shown the other way. But it's all one-way traffic with the Jeebus brigade.

Bill's still banging the drum for the hucksterish, quack "reparative therapy", the obscene Xtian practice of "praying away the gay". He's not interested in hearing the simple truth that it's damaging and ineffective. Here's a posting I made that "went straight in the bin". (Clue: I didn't agree with Muehlenberg's lies.)

And note Bill's assessment of gay people as being "lost", "broken", "degraded" and "miserable". That description doesn't match any gay people I know, many of whom are well-educated, rich, with busy social lives and movers and shakers in the arts scene. And Bill thinks that they should be more like him? Because "Christ's love" has done wonders for his life, hasn't it?

Yes gays, give up your enjoyment of life and become a fat, angry, bigoted, dull, science-denying Xtian like Bill.

It's hard to understand why Bill's message isn't getting through. Perhaps he should hand out some of his snazzy jumpers to gays in the hope of converting them?