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Friday, 19 April 2013

Why Muehlenberg and the right-wing bullies are losing the equal marriage argument.

According to Muehlenberg, his objection to gay marriage is:
...two guys basing their relationship on sodomy do not a family make – nor a marriage.
According to gay people, they want to marry so that they have the same tax breaks, inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights etc as straight people.

Bill can't separate the act of gay sex from a gay relationship. Laughter, tears, compassion, shared experiences and memories, families, good times and bad times: as far as Muehlenberg is concerned none of this exists in gay relationships.

It's all just sex.

If he was right, he might actually have a point and gay marriage wouldn't even be considered by any government anywhere in the world.

But thankfully he's a hateful, deluded, bigoted old cunt who doesn't even try to understand the people he regularly degrades, lies about and fights to keep oppressed. So the majority of governments don't agree with his idiotic assessment and are happy for gay people to have their relationships recognised. 


  1. Wow, you are still spreading your nonsense on this website? I thought you would have realised by now that no one cares as evidenced by your masses of followers. Give up.

  2. An interesting comment from someone who regularly visits this blog and post anonymous invective. Have you seen the reports of the numbers of unique visits each post has? You may be interested to know that this blog has been viewed in every major continent.

    What your real issue is that you don't like the fact that I continue to expose Muehlenberg's lies, bigotry and hatred for what it really is. So you come over here and post pathetic comments.

    As usual, you don't even bother trying to point out what you consider to be "nonsense", so once again, a dialogue with you is impossible.

    As usual, the irony seems to be lost on you that you continue to post whilst claiming "no one cares". Evidently you do!

    You're simply revealing yourself to be a nasty individual. Like most followers of your nasty little cult.

  3. Censorship on Bill's website means that blogs like this are necessary for a balanced response. At least debate here is welcome; so "anonymous" why don't you enlighten us and point out the nonsense?

    Having said that, I think ARB would get some more members by replacing that Google Friend Connect API - which was retired in March 2012. I know that it doesn't work for Twitter.