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Monday, 27 May 2013

Muehlenberg lies again as he seeks to speak for the LGBT community

In the past few weeks we’ve seen France and the UK (well, almost in the latter) legalise equal marriage, and serious discussion start about it in Australia now that Kevin Rudd has shown his support.

Predictably, as Christofascist Muehlenberg and his hate-fuelled right-wing buddies have lost the argument on equality, and no mainstream political parties any longer support their bigoted views; they have turned to outright lies, scaremongering and a renewed witch-hunt against gay people.

Thus Muehlenberg pens an article, in his usual inflammatory and melodramatic way entitled “Death of the Boy Scouts” – why? Because *shock horror* they have voted overwhelmingly to stop excluding gay boys on the grounds of their sexuality. Always one to conflate homosexuality with paedophilia and seek to make a connection and a moral equivalence where there is none, Muehlenberg ends his piece:
The big winners here are the militant homosexual activists, and very soon, the very excited paedophile community.
Nice. Here we have Muehlenberg still refusing to accept that some people are naturally born gay; that it isn’t a choice, nor the result of abuse, grooming or bad parenting. Thankfully the BSA have accepted this reality, unlike Muehlenberg, who declares himself an expert on homosexuality despite not knowing a single gay person. He allows this comment to pass too, as it serves his scaremongering agenda:
I wonder how many of those who would condemn the catholic priests for molesting children under their care would appreciate that this could put children in the scouts in exactly the same danger.
Exactly the same danger? So children are in danger from gay people? Gay people and all Catholic priests want to rape children? What a vile lie from a vile bigot. This is exactly the kind of hate-mongering nonsense Muehlenberg loves to peddle.

He follows up this article with Kate, Sex, Lies and the Truth, which is probably his most hate-fuelled anti-gay lie to date. The story is that an 18 year old bright student, Kaitlyn Hunt, faces charges (presumably statutory rape) after the parents of her 14 year-old girlfriend reported her to the police. Consequently, Kate faces jail time and a lifetime on the sex offenders’ register, where her promising life will be ruined the moment she has turned adult.

The grounds for compassion in her case seem to be that she is only a few years older than her former girlfriend; that the relationship was consensual, and that they were peers, moving in the same circle of friends. Thus Kate’s parents and many of her friends are setting up a campaign to pay her legal fees in an attempt to avoid criminal prosecution. Whether or not they succeed, as Kate has clearly broken the law, is a moot point, and the trial will have to run its course.

If you read Muehlenberg’s angle on it, you would think that gay people were screaming for the legalisation of paedophilia as part of their wicked “agenda”. Let me quote from the bigot-in-chief himself:
"...the homosexual activists have turned Kate into a poster girl – and even a victim – for their cause."
Erm, no they haven’t Bill. What “cause”? What are you even talking about? Evidence that anybody is saying this is a gay rights issue?
“But because this is a lesbian affair, the media as a whole and a homosexuality-drenched West is having trouble finding anything wrong with this. Thus we have yet another clear indication that the granting of special rights to homosexuals simply opens the door to every other sort of sexual perversion – in this case paedophilia.”
What utter drivel and outright lies. Note Bill’s scaremongering tactics in full force: If they let gays marry they’ll legalise sex with your children next. A vicious lie.
“Kate’s own mother has come out wholeheartedly defending the actions of her daughter.”
Kate’s mother a militant LGBT activist, is she then, Muehlenberg? No, thought not.

But as far as Muehlenberg is concerned, this case proves that:
And the lefties and homosexual activists insist that paedophilia has nothing to do with their agenda. Yeah right.
Maybe he’s so blinkered by all-consuming hatred for gay people he simply can’t see that his article has proved nothing of the sort. The “Twitter storm” he talks about has a whole range of people from all walks of life asking for compassion in the sentencing of Kate, because they don’t want to see a young woman’s promising life ruined over an illegal consensual relationship.

Where, Muehlenberg, is there anyone claiming this is a gay rights issue?

Where, Muehlenberg, is there anyone, particularly gay rights groups, using this story to campaign for the decriminalisation of paedophilia?

I am expecting an overwhelming silence to those questions, from Muehlenberg and his coven of bigots; but there will be no retraction. If Muehlenberg retracted all his lies there’d be virtually nothing left on his website.

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