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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Muehlenberg's "gay=paedophile" tactics. Again.

Bill Muehlenberg's antigay modus operandi is clear once again for all to see.

Whenever and wherever gay rights gain further ground, Muehlenberg resorts to a smear campaign and fear tactics.

His favourite smear campaign against LGBT people is that they're all pro-paedophilia or actively paedophiles themselves. He repeats this egregious lie time and time again each time hard-won freedoms are afforded to the minority. I've previously documented such example here and here.

This time he reports the story of the sexual abuse of a young child fostered by a gay couple who have now been convicted and imprisoned.

Bill himself suggests in his article, which he delightfully calls "Don’t Mention the H and P Words Together" (why would anyone apart from a liar with a hate-fuelled agenda like you, Bill?) that:
just think if it was a Christian couple – heterosexual – who was caught doing this demonic abuse. The headlines would be massive.   
I'm not sure how he thinks he can justify that. Yet it's clear he's aggrieved that the media hasn't seized on the story as a way to propagate hatred towards LGBT people - the precise tactic he has adopted.
He goes on:
If it were a Christian crime, we would see that word used plenty of times even in a short article.   
Thus revealing his rank double standards or deliberate deceit. Because the child was abused by a gay couple, Muehlenberg is inferring that, by proxy, ALL gay people share a portion of the blame. But imagine if it were a Christian couple who had abused the child, there have after all been plenty of such cases; what would Bill's response be to someone who suggested to him that it were a "Christian crime"? He would quite rightly say that it was nothing to do with Christianity; but it doesn't serve his hate-fuelled antigay agenda to acknowledge the same must be true in this case. No, if one single gay couple is guilty of abuse, it must, in Bill's eyes, be symptomatic of gay people in general.

What a despicable double-standard, all to support his antigay propaganda.

He even admits his double standard later in the article:
Thankfully most homosexuals are not involved in such activities. But sadly enough are that we must continue to sound the alarm here.
His subtext is clear. Some gay folk may be safe around kids, but enough of them want to rape kids that we should smear them all with the paedophile label.

Well, Bill, it's an established fact that over the last few centuries the vast majority of paedophilic abuse has come from the clergy of every religion, and from school teachers. Should we smear all clerics and teachers (who have positions of authority over children) with the paedophile label?

In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, who was aware of the depths of depravity of its child rape epidemic, moved abusive priests from parish to parish, silenced or excommunicated anyone who spoke out against its crimes and did its utmost to conceal them from the civil authorities and protect its offending priests, I would argue they have earned the right to be wholly distrusted when it comes to children. The whole institution through and through has discredited its claim to act in the interests of children of its parishioners.

However, it is a disgusting lie to suggest one gay couple abusing a child in any way reflects on LGBT people in general, and it's a shame there's no hell for Bill to go to for deliberately whipping up such hatred against a minority for such a vicious smear campaign.

As usual, the comments are well worth a look.

Julia Marks is worth quoting in more or less in full:
I think what is most notable about this phenomenon is that in the homosexualist community, this is very acceptable behavior. Yes, it does happen in the heterosexual community. But NO-ONE in that community ever tells himself that this behavior is anything except weird and abhorrent. In the homosexual community, however, this type of treatment of children is felt to be what is due them, what is owed them, what is a “natural” part of their lives. In fact, in writing up the “rites” for SSM, they make sure that the concept of monogamy is written out of their vows.
My jaw is on the floor reading such fantasy. How many gay people does she know, or has spoken to? Or does she get this bigoted garbage from her pastor? As usual, Bill's quite happy to let pass such outright lies, completely unchallenged, since it serves his antigay agenda and, as it's the first comment, is proof his plot to whip up hatred against gay people amongst his brethren is starting to work.

Christine Watson says:
When the Catholic church pedophile and pederasty abuse was going on, liberal lunatics tried to blame heterosexual men for the abuse. They must think we are stupid!
Yes, heterosexual men never abuse kids, Christine. Of course you're not stupid. Who could possibly think you're stupid, my love?

She goes on:
Since the “normalization” of homosexuality is gaining ground, the next step is to normalize sexual abuse of children.
Oh yawn, the idiotic "slippery slope" argument. Actually, I hear the gays are after rights to marry uninhabited Greek Islands next. Yes, obviously now that gays can marry and are treated with respect and dignity by rational people then the next step will be normalising the rape of children. How inherently logical. It's why I so admire the religious mind.

Michael Cox agrees:
Yes. When I saw the news, I made the same connection. We’re opening the floodgate to many kinds of sexual evils; Rev Fred Nile predicted that in 10 years, pedofiles would be walking hand in hand with their prodige in New York.
The same connection being, "they're gay! No wonder they're raping a child! All gays are up to it." And once again Fred Nile's prediction is as insane as the swivel-eyed Armageddon peddling clerics. I love Michael Cox's spellings of "paedophile" and "protégé" too - someone clearly in desperate need of an education.

So there you have it. DOMA and Prop8 out, gays marrying in France, California and soon the UK, so Bill, not to be outdone and accept that his life has been dedicated to nasty and hateful bigotry against gay people, whips up a frenzy of fear by extrapolating one case of two gay men abusing a child to everyone who is gay, without a single shred of evidence; and allowing comments that contain the most outrageous lies to be posted, again without a scrap of evidence to support them.

No evidence. Hmmm. I wonder why that is?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Muehlenberg caught concealing the truth about the "ex-gay" myth.

A screengrab has recently been brought to my attention by Lawrence Meckan, who posted on Bill's article "On Exodus".

Bill has been fulminating about the demise of Exodus International, the Christian organisation that has for thirty years been at the forefront of the "ex-gay" racket, peddling the myth that sexuality can be "changed" through prayer and cod psychology. The actions of this appalling organisation have had desperate and sometimes fatal consequences on the lives of gay religious folk, who have often blamed themselves when their sexuality hasn't changed.

Muehlenberg regularly peddles the lie that he knows "thousands" of "former homosexuals" who have "walked away from" homosexuality. Anyone looking at this objectively will know that these poor duped souls are simply creating a crisis for themselves further down the line when they find that - lo! - they're still gay and living a lie.

Muehlenberg says that the comments he refuses to post on CultureWatch are angry ad hominem attacks. Here's Meckan's post in full. Perhaps one of Bill's admirers can explain why he didn't wish for his readers to see the truth?

Dear Bill,
 Why do you not acknowledge the chronic failure rate of ex-gay ministries? I did a longitudinal analysis from 1993 to 2003 and most, if not all, ex-gay ministries were failing to achieve “change” with 99% failure rate.
 Not to mention the fact that “change” was consistently & repeatedly redefined by ex-gay ministries, ranging from ”getting a house to live” to “being part of a community”, which isn’t anything even related to sexual identity or behaviour.
 Exodus was wise to publically acknowledge their failure rate (99% failure), contrary to their own marketing over the last few decades (stated at anywhere between 20% & 40% success) since it helps balance the unjust scales set by fundamentalist ideology.
 This will be your testament to the injustice you perpetuate. By not acknowledging the chronic failure of such ministries & associated theology / ideas, you end up perpetuating psychosocial & psychological harm onto innocent people.

In case you are in any doubt that this comment was genuinely posted on CultureWatch and censored by Bill, here is a screenshot to prove it:

As you can see, it should have appeared underneath David Skinner's comment, but is instead nowhere to be seen because Muehlenberg refused to allow it to be posted. It does make you wonder what rabid homophobes like Skinner are doing watching Gay Pride videos on YouTube though, doesn't it? I wonder what drew his attention to the video with fit young men parading around wearing nothing but speedoes? DISGUSTING! *Where's the replay button so I can be disgusted all over again?*

The fact of the matter is, Muehlenberg once again reveals his dishonesty about issues like human sexuality. It doesn't serve his extremist religious agenda to allow the truth about the chronic failure of "ex-gay" ministries and the widespread damage they do to be revealed. He, and other religious extremists, have simply backed themselves into a corner about this, where they have told so many lies and spread so much hateful antigay propaganda that the truth is hugely problematic. He simply can't defend his position when faced with reason and evidence.

I look forward to hearing from Bill's supporters as to why they think he censored the above comment, and why he continues to lie about the "ex-gay" racket.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bill on "Biblical Truths"

In "Biblical Truths Confirmed", Muehlenberg asserts:
One good way to establish the veracity of Christianity is to simply see how people respond to it.
Um, not really sure how "the way people react" gives any indication to the truth of a proposition. If I were to tell someone that I was my own grandmother and they looked at me like I was crazy, that wouldn't entitle me to conclude that my claim must therefore be true. But Bill's never been one for backing up his assertions for a simple reason: they're not true.

People are usually repulsed by it, and for very good reason: it cuts right across human pride and autonomy.
OK, we can more or less agree here. Christianity is repulsive. It's extremely damaging to dismantle people's self-respect and ability to think for themselves, but for the poison of religion to work, it must do both. Thus, yes, rational people are profoundly repulsed by religionists wanting to force this sort of rubbish upon impressionable children, telling them they are worthless sinners. How fucked up is that?

You see, the Christian gospel is quite plain about the human condition. It tells us that we are all lost sinners who are at enmity with God and under his just wrath. Unless we repent and turn from self and sin, we are headed for a lost eternity.  
So according to Bill, "god" created humans expressly in order to be pissed off with them, and assume they're guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Unless we kiss this tyrant's ass he'll spurn us and torture us after we die for an eternity.

How much clearer can Xtians like Bill be that their religion is nothing to do with morality, love or compassion; and solely to do with the selfish need to make propitiations towards an imaginary monster whose personality is worse than all the human tyrants combined?

Bill, people don't want nothing to do with your religion because they're angry at "god", they want nothing to do with it because it's warped, anti-social, self-evidently not true and an extremely detrimental ideology. No wonder Bill is such an angry man. He models himself on his imaginary friend.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Muehlenberg and his hatred of LGBT people

One thing that is very clear about Bill Muehlenberg, and that nobody can accuse him of ever lying about, is his absolute and overwhelming hatred for gay people.

In Muehlenberg's ideology, they shouldn't exist at all, but should be forced to live lies as "straight" people, like his "ex-gay" buddies (the only gay people Muehlenberg has ever spoken to).

After his article, "More Born That Way Baloney", I took it apart in this post and showed it up for the lies, distortion and denial of scientific reality it is - to overwhelming silence from his defenders who usually stop by to leave a comment - why nothing on that article guys? - I guess you just have to ignore it when Muehlenberg's ignorance and bigotry is revealed?

One of Muehlenberg's comments that has subsequently appeared is highly illuminating:

He says:

Oh, and by the way, my disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle is also genetic. I was born that way, I can’t help it, and I did not choose this lifestyle – and I certainly cannot leave it. So stop your bigotry and intolerance toward me, and accept me for who I am. My genes made me do it. Stop forcing me to become who I cannot be. Learn to embrace diversity John.

Obviously anyone with a functioning brain cell can see this for the fallacy it is. Bigotry is not genetic. It is a choice to be actively hostile towards a minority. And no gay people are saying that Muehlenberg oughtn't be allowed to exist, which is not a tolerance you see in the other direction. As far as Muehlenberg is concerned, there simply isn't an excuse for gay people to exist.

Muehlenberg is also happy to publish comments like this on his article "Love is not the same as Acceptance":

Michael Ejercito 17.6.13 / 1am 
People who commit sodomy and buggery curse themselves through their choices and conduct.

Wow - I mean just feel the Christ-like love, dignity and acceptance oozing out of people like Bill and his cohort.

This week Exodus International, after thirty years of screwing up vulnerable gay people's lives with lies that they can "pray away the gay" - have finally announced that they are to close their doors. Alan Chambers, the director, issued a full and heartfelt apology to the gay community for the decades of damage, torture and abuse the ex-gay scam has perpetrated upon gay people. Muehlenberg's response? Ignore the apology and continue with this blatant lie:

Change is indeed possible, and it happens all the time. God bless all the ex-homosexual ministries that have remained true to Christ, to God’s Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit to radically change lives. They are doing tremendous work, as countless former homosexuals can attest to.

Why believe the man who has spearheaded the whole "ex-gay" racket for decades who has finally seen the light, when you have Bill Muehlenberg, who has never spoken to a single gay person and refuses to acknowledge their personhood, to ask?

And finally, Muehlenberg has been gushing with praise for Putin, who has established laws that will imprison and fine anyone for so much as forming a gay support group. Muehlenberg overwhelmingly endorses such tyrannical and oppressive policies. I posted on CultureWatch to point out that violence, murder and hate crimes against homosexuals is at an all-time high in Russia. Naturally, that doesn't support his agenda, so he didn't post it.

Frankly, he doesn't care. He thinks gay people deserved to be tortured (through "ex-gay" therapy), denied human rights (his stance against any form of equality) and he shows no concern whatsoever for the high rates of violence and murder against gay people worldwide.

And yet he thinks he's the moral one.

UPDATE: I have received a post from a tiresome troll who humbly goes by the name "Anonymous" throwing this quote at me:

As a Harvard University study states, “New scientific research shows that environmental influences can actually affect whether and how genes are expressed. Thus, the old ideas that genes are ‘set in stone’ or that they alone determine development have been disproven. In fact, scientists have discovered that early experiences can determine how genes are turned on and off and even whether some are expressed at all. Therefore, the experiences children have early in life—and the environments in which they have them—shape their developing brain architecture and strongly affect [them].” But maybe Harvard studies aren't enough evidence for you?
Yes, perfectly good enough for me. You don't seem to understand that the quote makes my point for me!  In what way does it support your case? If you want to respond please do so on the appropriate post, not this one.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bill "Charisma" Muehlenberg in action on YouTube!

Insomnia? Try watching Bill Muehlenberg talk homophobia for half an hour. You'll be comatose within minutes:

God almighty, it's enough to bore you into submission. I'd end up agreeing with him just to make him stop talking. His attempts to be down with the kids are just painful. And a few more unsubtle attempts to plug his book.

Apparently the West is engaged in a "war", just like WWII, in which good decent Christians are being hurt and oppressed by (the mere existence of) gay people in a way that is "just as bad" as what happened in WWII. Check out the video. Bill's happy to use footage of a bombed out St Paul's Cathedral, blitzed by Nazis, and claim this is exactly what equality legislation is doing now. And he wonders why sane people consider him a deranged angry bigot.

Because he and his Christofascist buddies can no longer actively discriminate against minorities. Boo-hoo.

I doubt you'll make it through the whole half-hour. That poor audience. I don't care what they believe, nobody deserves that fate.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Muehlenberg is now a genetics expert! Lol...

Muehlenberg is raging again about the overwhelming majority of gay people who say that their sexuality is not a choice and calling them liars.

Check out "More 'Born That Way' Baloney" in which Muehlenberg is giving himself apoplexy because an advert dares to affirm the scientific consensus that sexuality is an immutable trait.

Players of "Muehlenberg Bingo" will hit the jackpot and yell "House!" from the very first paragraph, since we have:
  • radical social engineers. Check.
  • telling lies. Check.
  • push their agenda. Check.
  • militant homosexual lobby. Check.
  • Hitler. Check
  • Goebbels. Check.
Six Muehlenberg clichés in one opening paragraph! That's surely a record even for Mr Biogotry-By-Numbers himself.

Muehlenberg presses on:
One of the biggest lies coming out of their camp is the myth that homosexuality is genetic, that you are born that way, and that you can never change.
I have no idea what he means by "their camp". Do gay people communicate to the rest of the world via spokespeople? Does he just mean what gay people say? And note that he's setting up a false dichotomy from the off. Homosexuality may be genetic, and possible to change. Or you may not be born that way and it's not possible to change. The three don't necessarily predict one another. As usual, lazy writing and an issue not understood by Muehlenberg.

It gets worse.

I of course deal extensively with these falsehoods in my book 
Has Bill mentioned he's written a book? I think he's a bit shy about trying to flog it. It was published by a tiny publisher that deals exclusively with religious tomes and is probably run out of somebody's back bedroom. It sank without trace. I bet even swivel-eyed Margaret Court ("the greatest tennis player ever" as Muehlenberg gushes to remind us) hasn't read it.

But you really should buy Billy's book because:

There I cite plenty of medical and scientific journals 
This is all starting to look a bit suspect. All reputable scientific bodies who have researched homosexuality have found:
  • it is naturally occurring in thousands of species
  • it is partly genetic and partly environmental
  • it may be linked to conditions in the womb
  • it is harmless
  • it is unchangeable
But Billy has always been a complete hypocrite when it comes to science. Notice how he gleefully latches on to any scientist or research paper he (mistakenly, as I'll show) thinks supports his preconceived ideas about homosexuality, that it's a choice. Yet when the very same scientific bodies tell him:
  • the world is billions of years old
  • species evolve
  • humans evolved from non-human ancestors
  • the universe as we know it started from a big bang
all of a sudden he's stuffing his fingers in his ears and screaming "la, la, la, la, laaaa". He consistently and repeatedly posts anti-scientific propaganda on his website. He unashamedly supports creationism and denies evolution is true and that the universe exploded from a single point. On these scientific findings and truths, he claims to know better than all the scientific bodies, research groups and theorists in the world and tell them they're wrong and claim to the world that they are lying.

Yet when a "scientist" purports to support his view on homosexuality, he latches on to them and uses the argument from authority.

You can't have it both ways, you hypocrite!

Even more embarrassingly for Muehlenberg, he's entirely mistaken. He plays his trump card - that if sexuality were genetic, then identical twins should have the same sexuality - but (wait for it...) they don't! Therefore sexuality can't be genetic. Therefore it's a choice. Therefore any gays who tell you they didn't choose to be gay are big fat liars and I win. Ha!

That, in a nutshell, is (hard to believe) the depth (or should that be shallowness? Yes, yes it should) of Muehlenberg's argument.

The fact that 38% of identical twins are both gay is overwhelmingly high, and a clear indicator of a genetic foundation. However, Muehlenberg misunderstands genetics (of course he does. It's impossible to understand genetics if you don't understand the foundation of the biological sciences - evolution - and he is staggeringly ignorant on that subject).

Muehlenberg seems to think that all genes are as deterministic as ones that influence eye colour. He simply doesn't understand that genes interact in subtle ways, and that genes are "switched on" and "switched off" at different times during development and throughout an organism's life. Identical twins certainly have the same genome - the same DNA sequence - but they do not have the same phenotype.

Hormones also play a part in shaping personality and traits. Young men awash with testosterone can be prone to fits of rage. Hormones influence the phenotype. The hormone levels in identical twins will not be the same.

Bill also quotes from his favourite "scientist" (you know, the one not involved in spreading a Marxist conspiracy):

They [identical twins] are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions
This clearly isn't true, since the twins may have shared the same womb, but one of them will have had more food through the placenta, and conditions on one side of a womb are not exactly the same as on the other. One would have been the "runt" of the litter.

A little research on Bill's favourite scientist reveals him to be Dr Neil Whitehead. No, I'd never heard of him either. A quick Google search reveals: virtually nothing. Except that he's a "Christian writer". So he clearly has an anti-gay agenda to pursue. But let's not let scientific objectivity get in the way when you have an agenda to push, eh, Bill?

The man Bill Muehlenberg entirely dishonestly presents as an "expert" who has written an "important book" is nothing of the sort. Whitehead hasn't published any scientific papers that I can see. He hasn't done any research or been published in scientific journals. He's simply a "Christian writer". A man with a point of view about homosexuality that he has written about in a non-scientific context.

In what way, please Bill, does that make him an "expert"? Or are you happy to just brazenly lie about this?

Dr Whitehead's PhD is in "biochemistry and statistics". So clearly he's at the cutting edge of genetic research then, isn't he? Lol. That's like me having a PhD in Fine Arts and claiming I'm an expert in building suspension bridges.

Dr Whitehead's book that Bill is gleefully quoting from is published by Harvest House. Again, you ask, who? They are (as they describe themselves) publishers of "high quality Christian books". They do not publish science papers or scientific research.  So why did Whitehead go to them and not to, say, The Lancet? Maybe because he has no scientific evidence? You know, because he isn't a geneticist?

Again, Bill Muehlenberg, are you seriously going to claim you're not being selective as to your sources? After all, when you are pushing a radical agenda, you can’t let mere trifles like truth and biology get in your way, can you, Bill?

I look forward to Bill reading and then quoting on non-Christian geneticists on the subject of human sexuality. I am not holding my breath. I'm also looking forward to the day Muehlenberg reads Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene" and then stops spouting ignorance about genetics, genetic determinism and evolution. Again, I'm not holding my breath.

As usual, the comments are worth a look. The illiterate Damien Spillane actually comes dangerously close to disproving Bill's rant - but doesn't even realise it! Alex Sagin has the lovely:
we have good news for you, your child will be normal, it won’t be a gay or a lesbian or a transgender.
What, normal like you, you Jesus freak?

And Chris Dark confesses that he "once knew" some actual gay people (unlike Bill, or anyone else who contributes to his site) but that,

I never felt at ease with these people 
Note the dehumanising use of "these people". He goes on:
I do wonder now whether The Lord purposefully created this situation for me, so that I would experience their existence and thus be able to relate it, some thirty years later, to help understand what is happening today.
Yes, you arrogant prick. The creator of the universe made those gays and put them in your life just so you could comment on a fundamentalist blog. It's all about you.

If you think I've satisfactorily skewered Muehlenberg with this post, please feel free to share it around.