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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bill "Charisma" Muehlenberg in action on YouTube!

Insomnia? Try watching Bill Muehlenberg talk homophobia for half an hour. You'll be comatose within minutes:

God almighty, it's enough to bore you into submission. I'd end up agreeing with him just to make him stop talking. His attempts to be down with the kids are just painful. And a few more unsubtle attempts to plug his book.

Apparently the West is engaged in a "war", just like WWII, in which good decent Christians are being hurt and oppressed by (the mere existence of) gay people in a way that is "just as bad" as what happened in WWII. Check out the video. Bill's happy to use footage of a bombed out St Paul's Cathedral, blitzed by Nazis, and claim this is exactly what equality legislation is doing now. And he wonders why sane people consider him a deranged angry bigot.

Because he and his Christofascist buddies can no longer actively discriminate against minorities. Boo-hoo.

I doubt you'll make it through the whole half-hour. That poor audience. I don't care what they believe, nobody deserves that fate.

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