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Friday, 28 June 2013

Muehlenberg caught concealing the truth about the "ex-gay" myth.

A screengrab has recently been brought to my attention by Lawrence Meckan, who posted on Bill's article "On Exodus".

Bill has been fulminating about the demise of Exodus International, the Christian organisation that has for thirty years been at the forefront of the "ex-gay" racket, peddling the myth that sexuality can be "changed" through prayer and cod psychology. The actions of this appalling organisation have had desperate and sometimes fatal consequences on the lives of gay religious folk, who have often blamed themselves when their sexuality hasn't changed.

Muehlenberg regularly peddles the lie that he knows "thousands" of "former homosexuals" who have "walked away from" homosexuality. Anyone looking at this objectively will know that these poor duped souls are simply creating a crisis for themselves further down the line when they find that - lo! - they're still gay and living a lie.

Muehlenberg says that the comments he refuses to post on CultureWatch are angry ad hominem attacks. Here's Meckan's post in full. Perhaps one of Bill's admirers can explain why he didn't wish for his readers to see the truth?

Dear Bill,
 Why do you not acknowledge the chronic failure rate of ex-gay ministries? I did a longitudinal analysis from 1993 to 2003 and most, if not all, ex-gay ministries were failing to achieve “change” with 99% failure rate.
 Not to mention the fact that “change” was consistently & repeatedly redefined by ex-gay ministries, ranging from ”getting a house to live” to “being part of a community”, which isn’t anything even related to sexual identity or behaviour.
 Exodus was wise to publically acknowledge their failure rate (99% failure), contrary to their own marketing over the last few decades (stated at anywhere between 20% & 40% success) since it helps balance the unjust scales set by fundamentalist ideology.
 This will be your testament to the injustice you perpetuate. By not acknowledging the chronic failure of such ministries & associated theology / ideas, you end up perpetuating psychosocial & psychological harm onto innocent people.

In case you are in any doubt that this comment was genuinely posted on CultureWatch and censored by Bill, here is a screenshot to prove it:

As you can see, it should have appeared underneath David Skinner's comment, but is instead nowhere to be seen because Muehlenberg refused to allow it to be posted. It does make you wonder what rabid homophobes like Skinner are doing watching Gay Pride videos on YouTube though, doesn't it? I wonder what drew his attention to the video with fit young men parading around wearing nothing but speedoes? DISGUSTING! *Where's the replay button so I can be disgusted all over again?*

The fact of the matter is, Muehlenberg once again reveals his dishonesty about issues like human sexuality. It doesn't serve his extremist religious agenda to allow the truth about the chronic failure of "ex-gay" ministries and the widespread damage they do to be revealed. He, and other religious extremists, have simply backed themselves into a corner about this, where they have told so many lies and spread so much hateful antigay propaganda that the truth is hugely problematic. He simply can't defend his position when faced with reason and evidence.

I look forward to hearing from Bill's supporters as to why they think he censored the above comment, and why he continues to lie about the "ex-gay" racket.

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