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Monday, 8 July 2013

Muehlenberg wants War with LGBT People, not Peace

Muehlenberg’s recent piece (there’s never any point in saying “latest” piece, since he churns out antigay hate posts at an impressively prolific rate) “On Being Provocative In Christian Ministry” is an interesting one, because it reveals the startling depths of his antagonism towards gay people. He calls all Christians (as usual he ignores the fact that there are gay Christians) to be provocative. Not in a sexual way – I doubt anybody wishes to see Muehlenberg in nipple tassels and a g-string – but in terms of attending Gay Pride events and stirring up trouble, or peddling a religious agenda –whichever definition you prefer.

I posted as “Tim Grice”, an anodyne comment, stating that the Archbishop of Canterbury in the UK is seeking peace with gay people – and stood back and watched the hostile firework display I was expecting.

Bill’s response intrigued me, because it set me wondering what would it take for him to show the grace, tolerance and compassion of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and cease his hate-fuelled homophobic campaign?

I posted again, basically asking that question. Naturally, “what would it take for you to stop your homophobic campaign and live peaceably with gay people?” is not a question Muehlenberg is willing to answer. If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself. I captured a screenshot of the perfectly reasonable and harmless and non-provocative comment which you can see for yourself below. I ask him, "I would genuinely like to know why you believe than all-out war against homosexuals is preferable to seeking to make peace?" Bill censored the comment and did not respond.
 Of course this stands completely to reason. After all, if he were to decide to peacefully co-exist with gay people, what would be left of his antigay ministry? He lines his pockets with his homophobic lies and propaganda. He makes his living from peddling hatred and suspicion against innocent gay people. If there was some way he could come to accept the presence of LGBT in an open and pluralistic society he would cease to serve any purpose.

Muehlenberg is nothing without his hatred of homosexuals.

I’m reminded of the truly chilling words of David Skinner which Muehlenberg allowed to be posted under this article:

And if we do not want those consequences we have no option but to say to our out proud friends. “I love you dearly, but if I have to choose between you and the survival of my family and my nation, I am afraid you have to go.” We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.
One of us has to go. This is something Bill agrees with. He truly believes he is engaged in a “war” against gay people, and has said so many times. He is so utterly unreasonable and fundamentalist in his views that no peace is possible – unless gay people submit to his demands and cease to exist. I wrote up about this here

If I’m wrong about the frightening depths of Muehlenberg’s antigay agenda, let him correct me, or let one of his followers put the same innocent question to him. 


  1. How he can get through a day is beyond me.

    1. I'm with you there Mikey. I'd love to know where his vicious hatred of everyone not exactly like him comes from.