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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Muehlenberg’s Approval of Russian Antigay Violence and Murder

Bill Muehlenberg continues to peddle lies and misinformation against the LGBT community. In a recent article, Pagans in the Pulpits and Pews, Muehlenberg was ranting and raving against Gosford Anglican Church which has posted the following message:
That simple message of tolerance and acceptance is enough to leave Muehlenberg stamping his feet in rage.

"They are of course simply calling God a liar," he rages.

Then the threats of hellfire start: "Bearing false witness is a big time sin, and it does not get much bigger than this."

To illustrate his point, Muehlenberg coopts his favourite logical fallacy of switching words as if that somehow proves his point:
Dear Christians, some Christians are murderers, get over it, love God
Dear Christians, some Christians are rapists, get over it, love God
Gosford Church must have been kicking themselves if they read Bill's post. It completely stands to reason that men who have consensual sex with other men, or women with women, are every bit as immoral as murderers, rapists and arsonists. LOL.

It's the sort of thing where at once you can see the warped and twisted priorities of Muehlenberg and his extremist buddies.

Bill's antigay posts always attract the most comments, which just goes to show that the foaming-at-the-mouth Xtians don't give a shit about their superstitions, and the ones Bill attracts are in it just for justification for their bitter hatred of gay people.

I posted offering a little perspective politely asking Bill if he has ever read Mel White's remarkable book, "Stranger at the Gate, to be Gay and Christian in America". In it, Dr White, a former darling of the religious right and ghost writer for the likes of Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, talks about his long and disastrous struggle to "overcome" his homosexuality, and his final acceptance of it as (as he sees it) a gift from god.

Here is a screenshot of my comment:

It "awaited moderation" for several days before disappearing!

Bill simply doesn't like anyone to present a point of view he disagrees with on his site, most especially not if they bring evidence that Bill is wrong. Honest debate? Forget it, Bill is interested in one thing and one thing alone: pushing antigay propaganda.

Bill Muehlenberg will not allow the truth onto his blog or ever speak the truth about homosexuality because it fatally damages his case, it destroys his worldview, and it threatens his income, which is made from inflicting misery, violence and oppression against LGBT people through the deliberate spread of intolerance, hate, lies and distortion. This is why I have no hesitation in stating as a fact that Bill Muehlenberg is a liar and deeply evil.

Whilst much of the Western world has looked on in horror at the oppression of LGBT people in Russia, with draconian legislation forcing gay people out of their jobs, rented accommodation etc simply for their sexuality, where hundreds of organised vigilante groups are going about torturing, beating and murdering gay or even suspected gay people, many of them teenagers, with the government tacitly approviny by turning a giant blind eye, Muehlenberg has this to say:
Yes Russia is looking better and better lately.
Antigay violence and murder is a situation that is "better and better" according to Muehlenberg. Here's a screenshot of him using those words:

Make no mistake: Muehlenberg campains for the right to wipe LGBT people from the face of the planet. Nor does he think that anybody has a right to object:
We are in a war folks. And the various battles are all of a piece: whether it is fighting for the right to proclaim the gospel, or the right to life, we must stand for all these things simultaneously.
There is no right, as far as Muehlenberg is concerned, to not have his version of the gospel inflicted upon you.

Thank goodness Muehlenberg has no political power. He would be the worst kind of tyrant, especially as he wholeheartedly approves of Putin.

I maintain this blog to reveal what an evil man Muehlenberg is, and as somewhere where the truth he is so desperate to conceal can be found. It's my contribution to ensuring Muehlenberg and his ilk never gain a political foothold so that they can bully, oppress, intimidate and murder those who don't subscribe to their lunatic beliefs.

There has been an overwhelming silence from Bill's mate Ross as to what exactly it is about Muehlenberg he admires. I wonder why? Perhaps he'd like to explain?


  1. I have to say that Bill Muehlenberg is the most vile homophobe out there along with Scott Lively and Peter Labarbera. They all bring these views against LGBT people, demonize them, vilify them etc. Because of what they have been doing i think they are all assholes.

  2. I actually forgot to add one more person who is also a vile Homophobe Bryan Fischer the AFA hate group radio host.

    1. Many thanks for your comments CJC. Muehlenberg is certainly a rabid homophobe and an asshole. Alas he's far from being the only one, as you rightly point out...

  3. Guglielmo Marinaro2 August 2013 at 09:29

    I've posted the following comment on his blog, although I doubt it will survive his "moderation":

    Dear Christians, some Christians are anti-gay abusers and even peddle fraudulent and pernicious “ex-gay” nonsense, get over it, love God.

    1. Great work Guglielmo. Naturally your comment didn't make it through Bill's censorship. The truth is anathema to religious bullies.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment here.

  4. So someone stated that they wanted to apply for political asylum in Russia. Personally I find this comment odd given that this person has presumably had all the advantages and benefits of living in Australia and yet for some reason believes that they are somehow being politically persecuted and that Russia is a better alternative.

    Why exactly does this person think life in Russia would be better than life in Australia. I don't know much about Russia but I have heard that it's frozen for half the year, it has a high poverty rate than Australia and a much lower wage rate and the economy is struggling due to the falling oil price.

    Would Russia even accept a person claiming political asylum from a country in which they are not persecuted. My guess is not given only 14 people have applied in the last five years and the Federal Migration service does not report any successful applications.

    What's ironic is that Russia has also introduced policies that restrict the freedom of Evangelical and baptist christian groups, but the religious elements supporting at anti-gay laws seem to have overlooked this:

    I personally find it slightly weird the affinity that certain right wing figures have for Vladimir Putin. From what I can tell it seems to be based more or less around 1) the introduction of a flat tax rate, 2) Putin's cozying up to the Russian orthodox church and 3) the anti-gay propaganda laws.

    What's kind of ironic is that Putin has also overseen the introduction of policies that are not right wing particularly. check out this article

    Russia's plan for economy recovery seems highly focused on government intervention and control of the banking sector something which is normally anathema to conservatives.

    Russia nationalised it's oil, gas and natural resources, is moving to nationalise private businesses - can you imagine the reaction of Mr. Meulenberg if the ALP was to suggest that happen in Australia (the ALP has historically favoured socialisation of the means of production but abandoned any trace of that post Whitlam). My guess is he would be opposed and decry it as creeping socialism.

    The Russian Government has also asserted greater control of the media including requiring bloggers to register and preventing non-government media outlets from accessing advertisement revenue. From what I've heard nearly all of Russia's media is state controlled - If the ALP adopted any of those policies I thing culture watch would exploded given how often Mr Meulenberg has expressed dislike for the ABC!

    1. Many thanks Julia for such an insightful comment. My apologies it has taken me so long to post your comment - been hectic of late planning the kind of pagan events Muehlenberg would consider from hell!