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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Muehlenberg Jerks Off Over Tony Abbott

Bill Muehlenberg has been creaming his pants over the election victory of Catholic conservative Tony Abbott, replacing the Labour led pro-equal marriage Kevin Rudd. So it looks like Bill's adopted country will remain more socially conservative than much of northern Europe. That's not much surprise, it has often been the case. Labour had six years to introduce equal marriage and didn't bother. Now it will have to wait until next time they're voted in.

Bill claims:
Kevin Rudd... talked about himself incessantly, while not even once congratulating Tony Abbott.
This is an outright lie. As I document time and time again on this blog, Muehlenberg is very happy to lie to serve his agenda. Almost all the news stories covering this mention that Kevin Rudd has congratulated Tony Abbott on his election victory. Here are just three:

Bill's disciples must be stupid, and lazy enough to not bother checking the facts for themselves.
His real gloating is saved for the issue of equal marriage, which will of course happen in Australia one day, and sooner rather than later. Not wanting to call it "equal marriage" or even "same sex marriage", Bill coins a new term to describe it:

Kevin’s promise to ram sodomite marriage down our throats

Get that? Sodomite marriage. Oh, the Xtian love just pours out of this guy. The politeness, the willingness to adopt reasoned debate. I thought it was just "the other side" that resorted to name-calling, Bill?

He reduces gay love and relationships to the act of anal sex, and in a single stroke, like so many other male theocrats, ignores the existence of lesbians altogether. Bill's bigoted attitude and offensive rhetoric is precisely why equal marriage has become a necessity, and why most countries in the West are seeking to offer its LGBT citizens the same level of protection and acknowledge the equal status of their relationships.

This from simpering Dawn McGregor:
I have always had problems using the illegitimate expression “g.. marriage”. Thank you for supplying a better alternative.

I'd suggest you have other problems too, Dawn my love.

Bill's nauseating gloating continues in a further article, "More On The Abbott Victory, in which he says:
A hostile, and now very upset lamestream media, and the new Labor opposition will not cut Abbott and the Coalition any slack whatsoever. They, like so many others devastated at what Australia decided last night, are proving to be real whiners and sore losers.

Hmmm. Just like Bill and his cronies when Obama was re-elected? What's that word that starts with h and ends with ypocrisy? As ever, Bill is full of it.

But if he really wants to live in a world where gay people are treated like criminals for even existing then I suggests he moves to Russia or Africa. The pendulum has swung, and it won't swing back. It's only a matter of time before Australia adopts equal marriage. So it's time for you to leave, Bill. I'll come and wave you off at the pier.

Still a wall of silence from Ross McPhee as to what he "admires" about homophobe-in-chief Muehlenberg. I'm a patient man.