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Monday, 28 October 2013

Bill Muehlenberg's hypocrisy goes off the scale!

In his article "Running on Lies and Hatred", Muehlenberg whinges that the "militant homosexual lobby" (whatever that is):
...refuse to engage in proper debate (you know, dealing in facts, evidence, proper reasoning and logic) but instead rely almost exclusively on ad hominem attacks (call your opponents every foul and disgusting name under the sun) and simply lie a lot.  
So after moaning about people who disagree with him calling him by a "disgusting name" he then calls them the "gaystapo" - a grotesque slur he throws out very often.

Does he even see the hypocrisy?
And they do that by dishing out a never-ending supply of intimidation, hatred, bullying, provocation, and invective. They seek to wear you down by non-stop abuse and nasty bullying.

This from a man who spends his life maintaining a gay-hate blog. Does he even see the hypocrisy?
These guys of course are not interested in debate and proper argument. They are interested in only one thing: shutting us down altogether.
This from a man who doesn't think LGBT people should have any rights, or even be allowed to exist. Does he even see the hypocrisy?

He then talks about his gay-hating videos on Youtube, which I posted about recently (see below for examples of his censorship). He says of the negative comments:
One serial pester and hyper-troll I have had to delete as spam already, but all the others I have allowed to remain.
Oooh, that's me he's talking about. Having presented "facts, evidence, proper reasoning and logic", you know, the kind of thing Muehlenberg whinges those who dare to disagree with him can't and won't supply, his response has been to mark all of my comments as "spam" and delete them. See the recent blog posts for evidence of his censorship and need to shut down free speech and honest debate. As I have repeatedly said, I only maintain this blog because Muehlenberg censors comments, denies the right of reply and closes down free speech and honest debate wherever and whenever he can.

Does he even see the hypocrisy?

He is welcome to come here and engage in debate if he so wishes. He won't, because he can't censor or control what those who disagree with him will say.

To repeat what Muehlenberg has said:
These guys of course are not interested in debate and proper argument. They are interested in only one thing: shutting us down altogether.
Does he even see the hypocrisy?
Forget the facts and data – just throw out ugly and demonic slurs and heap plenty of dirt on your opponents. And then just shout “lies” when in fact the only ones actually lying are those who cannot bear to face the facts.
Amazingly, Muehlenberg isn't talking about himself there. Does he even see the hypocrisy?

So having released two videos on a public site in which he spreads lies, bigotry and intolerance towards gay people, and seeks to deny gay people the same rights that he enjoys, he then moans:

With all this hatred, bullying and abuse thrown at you, it is pretty daunting to say the least. 
Does he really expect to bully and abuse people and that nobody will disagree with him or point out his foolishness? What does he expect? All non-Xtian nutters to say, "You know what, you're dead right Bill. Let's get those nasty homos." Stop attacking gay people all the time, Bill, and you won't receive hostile comments. I'll even stop maintaining this blog. Keep attacking gay people and seeking to deny them rights, and reasonable people will fight you over it. Simples.

He ends with yet more arrogant bigotry:
Many of these folk had a Christian upbringing, but have since rejected it to enjoy and wallow in their sin. 
Yeah, what gay people really need is theocratic nonsense. What Bill's saying here is that he'll stop attacking gay people just as soon as they agree he's been right all along and stop, you know, being gay, which is something the bigot Muehlenberg dismisses as "wallowing in sin". Such an angry, intolerant and foolish man is hardly a ringing endorsement of Christianity, is he?

If you want to leave a comment and see if it gets treated as "spam", have a go:

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