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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Further Proof Muehlenberg is a Censoring Hypocrite

As if further proof were even needed, Muehlenberg shows yet again that he will censor anyone who disagrees with him, stifle debate and shut down free speech.

He has removed almost all of my comments from his gay-hate anti-equality video:

This includes the comment in my previous post pointing out that he was engaging in such censorship. Having replied to a "Jane Munro" (a bit of investigation reveals her to be an uneducated gun-toting redneck - just the sort of person Muehlenberg admires) Muehlenberg has deleted all of my posts, effectively denying any right of reply.

Here are some further screen grabs of my posts, before Muehlenberg decided to censor them:

And finally, Jane Munro's licence to shoot. I wonder if she's taken out any of 'dem pesky gays yet?

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