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Monday, 21 October 2013

Muehlenberg is now censoring his Youtube Gay Hate videos

I posted a few responses to people on Bill's Youtube homophobic crusade (the short version is found here):

I had a terse discussion with Jane Munro, who on another video had described gay people as "evil".

Within days, all but one of my comments had been deleted. I looked into this, and apparently on Youtube the owner of a video is allowed to delete comments they don't like.

So once again, Bill Muehlenberg is revealing himself to be obsessed with censorship and only concerned with pushing his homophobic agenda. He will allow no other point of view to even appear in the public domain. After the countless examples of censorship and stifling of free, honest and open debate on his Culturewatch blog, he has now extended his disdain for other people's free speech to his antigay videos.

It's breathtaking hypocrisy that sees Muehlenberg regularly whining that "liberals" and "lefties" constantly censor him and stifle free speech. He proves again and again that he is the worse offender of the lot when it comes to censorship.

Here's a little challenge to Jackboot Bill: I've posted another comment on his hate campaign video, exposing his censorship. A screenshot is below. Let's see how long it lasts:

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