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Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Childish Arrogance of Muehlenberg

I haven't posted for a while but I've continued to keep an eye on Bill's angry hate blog Culturewatch. You can get the measure of a man by his words. Bill recently said this:
The truth is, there are people who are God’s enemies. They should be, in a sense, our enemies as well.
He's talking about anyone who isn't a right-wing Xtian fundamentalist. You know, like him. Because obviously Bill Muehlenberg is "saved" and his god is really, really pleased with him. But anyone who doesn't think exactly like Bill?
they are heading for a lost eternity
You can see at once the childish thinking. Anyone who doesn't think exactly like me is wrong and should be punished for not being exactly like me. It explains why right-wing people are often arrogant and judgemental with irrational beliefs like "intelligent design" and religion, with an strong cognitive dissonance to ignore reality, such as scientific truth.

But Bill comforts himself thinking that everyone who disagrees with him will be punished for eternity by the god he's convinced is exactly like him. This includes Xtians who aren't as foaming-at-the-mouth irate as loveable old Bill. He hates their guts too:
The amount of unbiblical thinking most Christians are engaged in is really quite appalling. One suspects that large swathes of the Christian community have never even opened the book they claim is so vital to their faith. 
Really, Bill? Tell us what happens when you chat to fellow Xtian folk.
...when you quote Scripture to them, or share with them some biblical truths, many of them will actually take offence and get angry with you. Go figure! 
Go figure indeed! You can't possibly mean that you piss people off with your arrogance, priggishness and obsession with the gays?
I get this happening to me all the time. I expect non-believers to treat me this way of course. But the real shocker is when so many who claim to be believers treat me this way. 
Wow! It really is a shocker! Even your fellow Xtians think you're a cunt. Extraordinary. Perhaps you should learn from this and be less of a cunt?
But this is not true just of me. Jesus of course had the same problem.
No. Instead you compare yourself to Jesus. Such humility.
As an example, I am often rebuked for pointing out sinful activities or clearly evil people doing clearly evil things. I am told I must not judge and I dare not look down on anyone or anything.
It's called living in a society, Bill. Everyone's different. Not many people want to be an arrogant, judgemental prick like you. Most people are happy to live and let live.
Well, Scripture takes a different approach to these matters. The Bible is never shy about calling a spade a spade...
That's a borderline racist phrase, but OK... Bill goes on to say that his deity "laughs at the wicked". He claims to know this from a bit he's cherry-picked from the bibble. He goes on to quote a fellow right-wing nutter in an attempt to justify his rabid hatred of everyone different to himself:
To ‘hate’ them is to desire with equal ardour that, if they stubbornly refuse to repent and believe, they will incur God’s judgment.
Right, so it's fine to hate the gays, Muslims, atheists, left-wing Xtians, Jews, feminists, Hindus etc. Your god hates them too, so you're essentially doing god's work by hating everyone who doesn't think exactly like you. So it's all alright then. He quotes from the same bedfellow nutter:
It might sound ‘unloving’ to say God laughs at the wicked. Well, is it any more ‘unloving’ than sending the wicked to hell? God’s love is offered to all….and received only by some. God’s justice is handed down to those who reject the Lord’s love and grace. If God wants to laugh at those who oppose Him, who are we to question the Almighty?
Exactly, Bill. Don't think about what you're doing or question the fact that virtually everyone you meet, including your fellow Xtians, think you're an utter cunt. It must just mean that you're more virtuous than everyone around you. So you go right ahead being a cunt and angrily denouncing everybody else. How many converts have you won in this way?
He loves and seeks out the sinner. So should we. But he will not tolerate rank rebellion and opposition to himself. Neither should we.
If Bill is really interested in "saving" the "sinner", do you really think the best way to go about it is to maintain a hate-blog and ministry that daily denounces minorities? How many gay people, Muslims or atheists have read his work and thought, "Shit, he's right. I'm going to hell. Best repent and get with the lord?" I'd guess zero. Does Bill care about this? No. He couldn't give a shit about anyone who doesn't already agree with him. He's not in it for "saving souls". His whole ministry is just an ego trip for him.

Bill often claims that it's only people who disagree with him (sane, rational people) who go in for name-calling. Google "Bill Muehlenberg homofascists" and see how many hits come up. He's now coined "Brown Shirts" to refer to gay people too. Given the tens of thousands of gay people exterminated by the Nazis during WWII you would think that even Bill would consider such language offensive and insensitive? It gets worse:
...allowing sodomites to “marry” is the most pressing issue of our time.
In the same article:
either they support sodomite marriage or they should look for another political party
Sodomite marriage. No doubt this is Muehlenberg "calling a spade a spade". You have to pity someone so pathetic he's willing to reduce gay relationships to the sexual act. Nobody rational would call straight marriage "monastery position marriage". That he thinks gay relationships are entirely about sex reveals a lot about his warped, twisted, poisonous little mind. But fear not, because Muehlenberg has revealed when he intends to stop being an utter cunt:
when everyone is fully convicted and living the way God wants them to, then I will stop!
Let people decide for themselves the best way to live their own lives, you arrogant fool.

I will stop writing this blog when Muehlenberg stops political lobbying to fulfil his aims of demonizing minorities, blocking their rights and encouraging their laws that will justify silencing them, by whatever draconian methods. Bill is a big supporter of Putin's Russia, where gay people are silenced, tortured, murdered and forbidden from engaging in public debate. Let's not forget that this is exactly what Bill Muehlenberg and Xtians like him want to see in the West.

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